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Naturally yours

By: | May 22, 2009 01:26 PM

We all know how the movie will progress, we all know how the movie will end but we would not have expected such an end to the movie. And this very thought, the idea of ending the movie very differently, makes the viewer leave the cinema hall in a bit of confused and unsatisfied state of mind.

The movie is about a bunch of village rustics, who go about doing their usual business but enjoy themselves with a well fought game of our national sport "KABADDI".

Things are moving smooth, with the Vennila kabadi kuzhu(menaing team) not winning many matches, they go out of town, participate in tournaments, lose and come back. One point they decide to invitie the neighbouring village's kabaddi team, which is the only team they have defeated in the past, for a match during the annual fair in the village.

The match comes, is well fought and ends with a fight between the key players of the team. Stop

In between we also have the mandatory love sequence between our hero and heroine, The love sequence was a bit out of place and context and a major tempo killer.

Now back to the story, our team looks at a poster about a tournament in madurai. The team members decide to go there and try their hand only to learn that pre-entry is a must and that they cant participate. With the help of a former State coach(who also happens to be friend of our hero's boss), they participate in the tournament, in course of which they also get the same individual as their coach. What happens to the tournament, what happens to the lead pair, whether they win or not All this in silver screen!:)

The music for the movie is by Selvaganesh, son of the renowned Ghatam vidwan, shri vikku vinayakram. Selvaganesh himself is a renowned ghatam player. The songs of the movie are very fresh and soothing to listen to. The title song rocks. Background score sufficiently reflects the mood of the movie.

The camera work is very crisp and the color tint aptly set to capture the beauty of a Village in Tamil nadu.

Performance by the cast is worth mentioning. The hero, in his first movie, has done pretty well, be it the sporty move, love sequence or emotional sequence, his expressions and body language seem relaxed( not stiff, for a first timer). The role of the coach has been done by Kishore, the upcoming bad guy of tamil movies( Polladhavan, jeyam kondan etc). Rest of the cast, sply the team members, have done a fine job, with couple of them giving us the comic relief in the movie.

Overall, a very entertaining movie, worth watching once with the family. Could have been a bit more short, without the songs and the love sequence.

Note: no comparison with any other sports movie, all I would say is this is yet another "underdog's rise to fame" movie, of course with an unnecessary sorrow twist in the end.

Disclaimer: The contents of the above review are purely the opinion of the reviewer, readers may have their own opinion. No harm/attack, intentional or accidental, meant through the above review:)

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