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"The Five Foolish Virgins" is a spellbinder

By: | Jul 24, 2013 03:59 PM
(Updated Jul 25, 2013 11:08 AM)

To be honest, even when I thought of the cons as I reviewed Mohan Deep's "The Five Foolish Virgins", I could think of'Ruthless exposure of Bollywood' - positively. It is a writer's job to be honest and if an image suffers so be it! I loved the novel.and would recommend it to everyone.

"The Five Foolish Virgins" is an absorbing saga which takes you through three generations and bring to life the changes and the growth while narrating the stories of:

Sita and Yuvraj.

Sam and Sheila.

Krish and Nafisa.

This story has to be read at several levels. On the one hand is how the uprooting robbed the Sindhis and Punjabis of their security and forced them to struggle, transforming them into ambitious, ruthless achievers who would do anything for success and on the other hand is the effort to retain the innocence.

Sita's quiet, undisclosed desire to avenge the murder of her mother and scores of others is a contrast with the loving mother who brings up her son with love.

Her story chronicles the suffering of the refugees and how they grow in an alien and hostile society. Her relationship with Yuvraj which borders on sublime elevates this part of the story to the level of an epic.

As sensitive is the love story of Sam and Sheila.

You fall in love with the characters.

It will defeat the very purpose of the review if I paraphrased the entire story. But I must say that Mohan Deep has the magical touch.He is the storyteller!

Bollywood and the media comes alive in "The Five Foolish Virgins". Maybe because he is an insider, the depiction is realistic and interesting. The web of story is woven in such a way that you come across something new, unexpected as you continue to read.

The story that is spread into six decades uses real incidents and even scandals as a part of timeline. Admirable is the way the author has handled intimate scenes and I must not neglect to praise the apt one-liners spread in the book.

Like happens in all epic stories, "The Five Foolish Virgins" climaxes with a bang.and you wish that someone would make a movie or a TV serial of it. Mohan Deep has once again proved himself a giant among the Indian writers.

However, you will be disappointed if you looked for a similarity between his bisexual A-rank star Aman Kumar and some real star or between Nafisa or Nancy or Sheila and the real Bollywood actresses. Therein lies the greatness of a creative mind.

"The Five Foolish Virgins" is a must read for those who love fiction.

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