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By: | Nov 22, 2005 07:40 PM

Author Shashi Deshpande reveals an intriguing picture of an ordinary middle class educated women….The protagonist Jaya lives with her husband Mohan and two children rahul and Rati….

The story entirely revolves around jaya her married life and her role as a dutiful wife…affectionate mother…..”carefully being” dutiful to her in-laws….to Aai..Ajji…kaka and her relatives…

It gives a simple enchanting scenes solely expressed by the author……The travails of being a middle class educated yet confined to restrictions posed by the conservative society is well established ….According to the author husbands take in for granted their wives emotions ..likes and dislikes to be same like them and here author stresses, punctuates and reciprocates these emotions which is expressed in vivid detail….like that of love making…relationship with children…..

She ponders through out the story of her role clarity ….her life…is she living for her or for someone else…searching her identity as an individual……were her emotions getting subdued… but yet being present to the happiness of the family….

I .like the part in which husband and wife relation was given an offbeat…two individuals though very intimate but couldn’t relate each other in terms of feelings….understanding ..

As one reads through …one question ones own identity .Married women might find some instances similar in their every day lives….Author has done a good job in expressing intimacy. Sexual feelings… in its natural tone..

I recommend this book to all .but however don’t expect it to be like fictions or story. But relate it to be some one very close to you spilling her emotions..Irritations…. ,,,,,,,,,

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