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Do Not Expect Syntel to Reimburse Your Expenses

By: | Apr 23, 2011 10:59 PM

If you have the option to work for a firm other than Syntel Inc., you would be wise to take that other option.  Syntel is more of a "body shop" than a place for career growth.  I suspected that going into the job so that is NOT my complaint here.

My issue here is with the administrative function.  I have worked for several other professional consulting firms, but none of them cheated me out of my legitimate business expenses like Syntel.  Expense reports are a profit center for Syntel.  In my case my expenses were reported by me to Syntel and billed by Syntel to the client.  Six months later I receive reimbursement for only a portion of my legitimate expenses.  However, months before that the client has already paid Syntel for the FULL amount of my expense claim.  Very unethical and it happened every time.

Even if your work is commendable, you file your expense reports, and keep your receipts, Syntel WILL find excuses or "computer software problems" that prevent you from receiving your money.

Many of Syntel's expense reimbursement policies defy common sense.  This is but one example.  While working on assignment out of the country, I was required to mail my original receipts back to Syntel.  Syntel disallowed as a reimbursable expense the$15 it cost each time for me to ship my receipts to them!  Another - your daily meal reimbursements are capped at$25.  This amount might be managable when you are living at home but not when you are on the road in a large city.

Also, be careful about travel expense advances.  You'll end up owing them money after they process your expense reports - and they WILL dock you payroll for the money they say they are owed.

If you want to work for Syntel, I recommend that you take a job where you will incur NO travel or business expenses - otherwise you will become very angry and frustrated with their system.

I should have known I was in trouble when my manager tried to console my frustration by letting me know that my situation was not unusual.  He told me that it took more than a year for him to get reimbursed for the expenses he incurred while working in another country!  Wow!

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