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Did U just say Thanx 2me...(No ThanksGiving plz.)

By: | Sep 26, 2006 09:17 PM
(Updated Nov 26, 2006 01:14 PM)

Stalin is Directed by Murugadoss, and produced by Megastar’s very own Banner Anjana Productions under the fine supervision of Mega Borther-cum-Producer Nagababu. For the first time Trisha plays the female lead opposite the Megastar. One more attraction is Actress Khushboo(I guess, after a long long time, she started acting in a Telugu Movie) who plays DIDI to Chiru. LOLz...actually speaking Khushboo's Age is faarrrr less than Chiru's...It may be recalled that the Mega Star has recently been bestowed the prestigious PADMABHUSHAN award by the Government of India. STALIN is his first release after winning this coveted honor. In fact, STALIN has surpassed all previous popular and box office records after openin in a spectacular, unprecedented fashion on the 20th September’2006.

Let me start with the Rating given by Times of India to this Movie...

It is just 2 *(STAR)s...I really don't like the Rating given to any Movie by Times coz they always rate the Movies wrongly & Incorrectly except for few Movies...They don't rate a Movie thinking on the General public perspective...They shud & ought to rate a Movie based on a collective thinking of the ppl, their rating will be more like based on just a single person's orthodoxy thinking...

Moreover, Times wrote that the First Half is made for Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust. They got it wrong...First of all, this Movie was Director-Murugadoss' idea& not Chiru's.

Now comin to the story of the Movie...

If a SEED grows into a big TREE, the GARDENER wud be on CLOUD-9, the same happens when we help others in Distress (or) otherwise, when our mind is Eleemosynary...The Movie also goes on the same kinda Track with a little different approach called "Help-THREE thoery" i.e, I helped U, but don't thank me, pay me back by helping three others & ensure they in turn help three others & that is wat Protagonist preaches to others...Stalin runs on the same Track on which the Kevin Spaceystarrer "Pay It Forward" moved 6 years ago...Specifically sayin, Director Murugadoss specially made this Movie for CHIRU...

The help-THREE-thoery idea gets invigorated in his mind after an unforeseen event happens to a Handicapped(Moreover, I should say Physically Challenged & not Handicapped) Girl who doesn't have both the Hands & commits suicide coz of a reason that nobdy helps her to write her PUBLIC(Final) Exam(In fact, she didn't commit suicide when she lost her both the Hands)...Actually speaking, Stalin usually writes all her EXAMS by sittin' Next-to-Her & writes whatevr she says in the Examination Hall, but when it came to the PUBLIC(Final) exam, it happens like, this girl tells Stalin that her Uncle is gonna come, so U help the other girl in her Lab Exam who doesn't have both her Eyes...So Stalin helps the other girl(Blind) instead of this Regular girl...& Stalin goes inside the Lab Hall with the Blind girl...Suddenly, Uncle calls the first girl from a Hospital sayin' he won't be make it to the Exam as he met with an Accident, so this girl tries to call Stalin who is already writin' the Lab Exam with the other girl, so in vain & returns to the ROAD & asks literally everybdy on the Road to help her write her Exam, but in vain, nobdy helps her...So she just commits Suicide from the Top of the College Building...

After the Exam, Stalin comes to know abt this Incident & scolds the Public who has grouped around the Dead Handicapped girl...& after that onwards, he conveys his help-THREE-thoery to THREE ppl & in turn asks them to help THREE others which can become a Chain-Raction kinda thng...

I think, I need to stop it here as I explained almost at least 30% of the Movie...If I explian everythng, this Review would become verry lengthy one...

The Rest of the Story goes like, Stalin Clashes with scheming Home Minister "MudhuKrishna"(played by Prakash Raj)...@ first Stalin clashes with his Daughter(played by Ravali) which leads to a clash with Prakash Raj...This is kinda regular story which we see in all the Movies...So, M not explainin' it...

One more thng I forgot to say here is that, Till the End, Stalin thinks that his idea of "help-THREE-thoery" is not being followed by a single one he helped, but without his knowledge, it grows like a Banian Tree...

Trisha looks Pretty, but has not much scope for histrionics, but whatever the little portion of Character she has, delivers a good performance...One thng I like about Trisha is that, though she is a Tamilian, she can deliver good performance no matter whatvr the Alien Language is...Unlike Aishwarya Rai who doesn't know Acting but only beauty...I mean Aishwarya is beauty without Brainz & Trisha is Beauty with Brainz...Anushka who does an Item Number, is sensuous...

Comedians Sunil & Brahmanandam are a kinda little time characters...Actor SUMAN acts as a Doctor who performs a Surgery to Stalin @ the End...Bollywood imports Pradeep Rawat & Mukesh Rishi are also wasted...

And comin' to the Music, I liked only the First Two songs(Hope, it would be same with everybdy who watched the Movie) called "Paraare Paraare" & "Go Go Goa Maguvaa"...Rest of the Songs are mere wastes I felt as those are not melodious...

I should say, the film did atleast 70% justice to his present stature and to the expectations of audiences from him...

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