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St Stephens Hospital - Delhi Address

Tis Hazari, Delhi 110054, DL

St. Stephens Hospital | Dr. Hafiz - Pediatrics

By: | Sep 12, 2012 06:55 PM
(Updated Jun 21, 2013 11:51 AM)

Given below is the feedback mail I sent to St.Stephen's staff after spending a gruelling 1 1/2 hour of expecting some support for my 2 year old daughter who had 3 vomits in previous 30 mins.

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: xxxxxxxxx

To: "mail@ststephenshospital.org"

Cc: "ssh@vsnl.com"

Sent: Saturday, September 8, 2012 12:06 AM

Subject: Complaint against Dr.Hafiz - paediatrics ward

Today - 7/9/12 - I brought daughter xxxxxx (Patient No. xxxxxxx) at Emergency - 10:05pm. She had vomited thrice in past 30 mins and was not even able to stand. After getting the file we were referred to paediatrics ward at 10:25- where Dr.Hafiz was on duty. We waited till he attended to his patient and then instead of checking my daughter sat on the computer. I and my wife waited patiently for next 20 mins , till my daughter started to cry asking us to take her home. We waited as he told us that it will take another 10 mins and he had to attend to his other serious ward patients. When asked why not see my daughter? he said that your daughter looks fine and the reason you have been sent here is that there's no emergency.

He asked for 10 mins and having no option we said ok. After a few mins he called us. I asked my wife to bring Anvi as they were at the end of corridor. Dr.Hafiz said that he is not there to wait for us. I told him that even we have been waiting for him for past 30 mins and my wife has only taken seconds to bring the kid. His behavior was rude and he told me that he is not there to argue and we will have to wait and went back to his computer ignoring my kid and wife. What kind of doctors do you employ?? besides being qualified as doctors, are they even human? I am disgusted by today's experience and wonder if I will ever walk into such a place.

No one attended to her till that time and I am pressed to say that you have no control over such situations. Not even a complaint register? The nurse came to the rescue and told us to wait as he was alone on duty. But may I ask.. is that patient's problem? If something had happened to my daughter due to your doctor's callous and unprofessional behavior, would you take responsibility?

I want to complain against Dr.Hafiz for bad conduct and sheer harassment. Just because a patient is helpless, he can not throw his weight around. Alone or not, he was busy on computer, even after repeat requests by my wife.

My kid finally got his attention at 11:10 pm. Now, is that what you call emergency response???I would like to know what action you will take against Dr.Hafiz. Please respond on my email id.

xxxxx xxxxxx



In response to my email, I got a call today from their PRO, a decent person, asking me about details and telling me that strict action will be taken against the doctor.

My Questions -

If your child is ill and needs immediate attention, what will you do if you come face to face with a doctor, who refuses to help? He has more time for reports than to take care of patient..

This MBBS qualified person is not even humane to attend to a 2 year old kid.. is he fit to be employed in a hospital?? He made us wait for 30 minutes and says, I am not here to wait when my wife is bringing the kid down the corridor, which took less than 20 seconds?

Is Emergency response of 1 hour acceptable ?? If something serious had happened, who would have taken responsibility? Writing Quotes from Bible on the walls everywhere and honking love slogans is easy. To genuinely care is difficult..

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