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Love in Shillong

By: | Aug 18, 2007 12:27 PM

Every author/poet wants to write something that is a complete representation of his personality, his style, his sensibilities, his epoch.A creation that is the ultimate in terms of language, expression and style.For Rabindranath Tagore 'Shesher Kobita' is close to the life he himself led.In other words its his story give or take some.The setting is picturesque Shillong.

Amit Ray is Oxford educated and a high society gent from Calcutta who has a way with words.Indeed he writes verse and passes it off in the name of one Nibaran Chakraborty.Labanya Dutt comes from an ordinary background and is highly educated.She is a strong-willed lady.

This novel is about the love between Amit and Labanya.They are in awe of each other but find their differences in status difficult to overcome.Its a very lyrical piece of writing completed on June 25, 1928 and published the next year.

The novel explores the realities of love as romance and marriage as a meeting of two mature minds.It questions the importance of the institution of marriage as the ultimate consequence of a love affair.Love it claims happens for the sake of love and not to precipitate mundane matrimony.Love is a beautiful thing that is a gift that can enrich our life for whatever its worth.

The story.Amit Ray is on holiday in Shillong.Amit comes from a wealthy Calcutta family.One day he meets Labanya Dutt after a car accident.The two fall in love.Their marriage is fixed by Labanya's employer.However Amit's former girlfriend from Oxford Katy Mitter appears on the scene.So does Labanya's former admirer Sobhanlal.The two lovers break up.After going back Amit sends Labanya a poem.Labanya replies with another poem.Hence the name 'Shesher Kobita' which means last poem.The novel, I may warn is in bengali.

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