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By: | Feb 11, 2003 03:25 PM
(Updated Feb 12, 2003 12:05 PM)

During my trip to Mtius, I was surprised that to see a channel for Tamil films. In sparetime, I watched this film with english subtitles. This is my first regional film review & I missed the names of the hero/director. Please bear :)


The Story:

The hero, Ashok, is introduced in the opening shot in a superb fight scene. Soon, we learn that Ashok is helping a lover to unite with his girlfriend & this is the 24th couple that he has helped out. He is now on lookout for a Silver Jubilee - wherein he would help a 25th couple & celebrate it as a achievement. [Very interesting concept indeed! ].

What's even more interesting is the fact that for someone who advises others in matters of love & always has some wooing tricks to offer, Ashok himself is very hesitant to confess his love for Mahi(Richa Pallod), she isn't even aware of his existence & he only keeps dreaming about her.

Enters his friend Raja who wants Ashok's his help to woo a girl he likes. Not realising that it is the same girl Mahi for whom he is nurturing a soft corner, Ashok does his best to help Raja wins her love. When Raja & Mahi want to get married, her father is against it. So Ashok helps Raja to get Mahi away from her father & also arranges for their marriage.

It is only on the wedding day that Ashok discovers Mahi is the same girl he had set his heart on. But as he is acting as one the witnesses to the marriage, he has no time to cry & a broken hearted Ashok gets the couple - his 25th couple - married. To escape Mahi's father's wrath the couple is leaving town but her father's chasing goons follow them to the railway station & Ashok fights his best to get the couple away. In the fight he is stabbed but he managed to push the duo into a departing train.

We see a dying Ashok & are filled with sadness, when he is helped to his feet by a friend, who then asks Ashok to help him in his love problems ! Even though he is heartbroken & stabbed, Ashok is back to his normal self - as he laughs out & winks at the camera................


My Word:

Though he ain't a good-looking choco-hero, the actor playing Ashok lives his character in the film & is superb in the fight scenes. In the shot where he realises that the girl of his dreams is the same one whom he has helped to get married, is excellent. Richa Pallod looks cute & has a lovely smile, she is suitable to her role, which didn't need her to do anything much except look pretty. The other actor Raja is a cast perfectly as the wimpy lover who alwayz looks upto Ashok for help.

I liked this film coz it had a very different fresh subject & also was curious to know whether Ashok would win the girl of his dreams or not. Of course, as with most timepass films, there is some sick crappy comedy in this film too. But overall, its a good watchable film.

What I didn't understand in the film was what's the purpose of title - Shahjahan? Is it coz shahjahan was a failure in love too? me still wonderg.......... if anyone knows, let me know too :)

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