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Hindustan Unilever Pureit

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By: | Apr 30, 2007 08:33 PM
(Updated Nov 19, 2007 02:13 PM)

Hindustan Unilever Limited Cares

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Pureit Water Purifier

Iam Sriniwas.T from bangalore. Iam staying in Banashakri 3rd Stage and we have some water problem during hot summer.

We have borewell  and corporation water(kavary water) in my house. I have kid and worried about water that we get from both sources (corporation and borewell). So, I used to order 20 Liters of water container availabe in my area. We are 3 person and generally I used to order 3- 4times (420=100 litres of water) every month which costs around(4 Rs 40)=Rs 160/-.

My dealer from where I ordered the water changed the brand and started selling some other local brand. My wife did't like that water at all. So, I decided to go for Water purifier which should be cheap and free from maintenance and does not require plumbing and continous flow of water.

I tried to use ZeroB which just have to be attached to  your tap and  the water that come out from ZeroB is bacteria free but the taste of water changes as IODINE is added to water and it is  painful  to take the water which contains high level of iodine. I went for Thyoriod Testing at Manipal Hospital and found that high Iodine in my body. So I decided not used any purifer which contains Iodine.

Then I tried to check Eureka Forbes but found that cost is around 1500/- but not having anything new in it. To be frank the quality/material used was not good. So, I dropped the idea to purchase it , irony is that 8yrs back I worked for Eureak Forbes in Vaccum cleaner division as sales representative, but now shifted to Software Line.

Finally I heard Pureit from Hindusation Lever Limited which we already know from our childhood (Surf is the product generally used by Indians for very very long time). This purifier contains chlorine in place of Iodine. The most important thing which is unique to this filter is the Polisher which removes the chlorine from the water which it has mixed.

I poured the  borewell water(ground water) and tried to taste it and was surprise that I did't have any smell of chlorine and water taste also changed. The taste water was good  than direct water that was comming from borewell(ground water).

As far my conclusion is concerened you people can go and purchase it. My model number is M05 (latest model available in bangalore). One thing that it will not remove hardness of the hard water. If your water contains high level of Salt (saline water) then go for RO System (reverse osmosis).

Please check the website hllpureit.com

I hope I have given my honest comments.


Capgemini Consulting Pvt. Ltd


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By: Pureit Corporate Member | Sep 30, 2011  11:00 AM

Dear Sir, We are writing to express our immense pleasure in thanking you for your feedback on our ‘Pureit ‘. You are our esteeemed customer and we appreciate your invaluable feedback. We would like to inform you that recently HUL Pureit has tied up with MouthShut_Official.com and is closely working

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