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Best of T A Shahid

By: | Aug 03, 2005 05:00 PM
(Updated Aug 10, 2005 11:07 AM)


Directed by JOSHI

Script - T A SHAHID

Producer - M MANI

I'm a bit confused how to start this review. The highlights of the movie are its dialogues (not exactly screenplay) and MohanLal. I rate Mambazhakkalam as TA Shahid's best work, ahead of Balettan and Natturajavu. Eventhough the theme is similar to many of the hit family movies we have seen over the years, Mambazhakkalam will touch your heart at some moments as it progresses. I think that is the result of some good set of dialogues and a fine performance by MohanLal. But consistency is lacking and some sequences meant to add humour to the proceedings actually creates repulsion, and spoils the overall mood of the film. The first hour is pretty ordinary. But towards the end of the first half the story suddenly turns serious from a jolly mood, from there I strongly recommend the movie.

Story line - A big family (3 brothers, 1 sister, their families and the mother) summon the eldest son of the family, Chandrettan (MohanLal, who else?) who is working abroad, to get him married! Yes, he is around 40 and still unmarried, while his younger siblings already have their own families. All these years he had been working hard to bring up the family, which was in chaos after the suicide of his father. He comes, sings and dances with the kids.... then agrees to marry a girl of their choice. Just before marriage the mother objects as she finds the bride was a widow and it was her second marriage. Chandrettan who was excited about the new life, now plans the return grief-stricken. The whole family cries with him. On the way to airport Chandrettan unexpectedly finds his childhood love and her daughter. This is the turning point of the movie. He decides not to return and tries to find about her present. From here onwards I like Mambazhakkalam. The come back of Sobhana as the heroine is apt for the role.

Don't think the story ends here, a whole tearful second half is to follow. The emotional scenes were acted so convincingly by MohanLal. My big surprise was kalabhavan mani's cameo, as I hadn't ever watched a movie where he didnt overact - be it comedy or sentiments. The music department is fairly good. A couple of melodies and two other foot-tapping numbers. Among the songs, 'paranjilla njan..' by Jesudas is my favourite. But the costumes used in the movie are awful and cinematography too doesn't appeal. I rate Joshi as a director capable of doing much better.

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