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No never again

By: | Nov 11, 2002 03:22 PM

Yummy, Malibu Rum.

This was one of my favorite drinks, every time we went to the pub, it would be Malibu and ice, or a Malibu and pineapple(pina colada).

Malibu Rum, comes in a white bottle with a loverly picture of Palm trees and a warm orange sun.

Very welcoming.

The taste is very distinctively coconut, when you sip it ,the smooth liquid warms your tongue and rolls down the back of your throat.....Delicious..

The price of a bottle will set you back around a tenner or cheaper if there's an offer on at the supermarket. This is for a 700ml bottle.

Now come closer and I will tell you a little tale of why I don,t drink it any more.

One night my hubby, me and two of his mate's decided to go down to the pub.

It was a nice village pub and as soon as we got there we ordered our drinks.

Mine of course was a Malibu and pineapple, now I,m not really a drinker and can only have two Malibu's or three at a push.But every now and again I will have a few.

This was one of those night's.

We were sat chatting with the locals and everyone was buying rounds. I was counting my drinks, as I knew if I had three or four that would be enough.

There at the end of the night sat four empty glasses on the table. Cool, thinks I, may have a bit of a hangover but nothing much.

When it was time to go we got in a taxi and off we went home.

At the time, we were living on a farm which was being built, so we were living in a caravan.

The toilet was an outside one.

Anyway ,we get home ,all is well and off I go to bed.

In the middle of the night I wake up and I am bursting to go to the loo, so off I trot.Get to the loo and have a wee.

Sometime later I can hear someone shouting, Diane, Diane ,where are you?.

All I can think is, who the hell is Diane and why is my pillow wet?

The shouting continue's and I open my eyes.

I am only lying outside in a puddle

I get up sort myself out and head back to the caravan.

My hubby, who is still at the door shouting of me, see's me and asks what's happened.

I have only been to the loo, stood up to pull my knickers up and fallen flat on my face, knocked myself out and landed in a puddle outside the loo.

I have hit a wall as I fell and scraped all the skin off my face.I am bruised, swollen and wet.

The next day,the friends who we'd been to the pub with came to visit and I was so embarrased.I sat there scarfaced, after a drunken night out.

It was then, one of my mate's decided to confess that they had been buying me doubles all night.

So the four Malibu's I thought I'd had was infact eight.

I have never drank Malibu since, so if you do go on a spree remember. I'd recommend this to you but go steady.


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