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Tips on saving electricity

By: | Jun 01, 2003 01:04 AM
(Updated Jan 11, 2009 06:38 PM)

Tips on saving electricityIf you wish to save some money on your electricity bills, (Well, everybody desires to save money, but what I mean is, 'If you are struck with a unusually high electricity bill this summer,) I have some tips for you.

The biggest monster that eats away your units is your heater. If possible, have all your family members bathe one after another so that all the water is heated at one go, instead of the metal casing getting heated again and again every-time you switch on your heater. If you live in a bungalow you should think seriously about having a solar heater installed, not just for the humanity's sake, but for yours too.

Having fixed up the things that heat up, we turn our focus to the cooling. If your house is air conditioned, make sure that your room is well insulated from outside heat. If you feel that the area near the windows is especially hotter than inside the room, consider closing the curtains or having them installed, if aren't already. And while buying curtains for air conditioned rooms, buy the thick ones as they provide additional insulation to your cool room.Next comes the fridge. In many houses, there isn't enough room between the back of your refrigerator and the wall. It should be at least 6 inches (about a palm size) so that there is air circulation around the cooling coils.Also, if you open the door of your refrigerator too frequently because you have to drink the cold water, consider placing a thermo-flask at the dining table and store the cold water in it so that you don't have to open your fridge-door every time you drink water.

If you still use those age-old bulky fan regulators, have them replaced, if possible, by the electronic dimmers which are more efficient. Of course, if you run your fan at it's full speed (unregulated), you need not worry about it.Surprisingly, the lighting doesn't affect your electricity bill that much. But, if you one of those penny-pinching types, avoid yellow (incandescent) bulbs and switch to (on) tubelights. If you especially love the warm yellow light, you can get the latest technology made, CFLs. That's all for now... will add more as and when the tubelight flashes.

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