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Life Is Beautiful Review

By: | Sep 14, 2012 02:48 PM

Life Is Beautiful Review Life is Beautiful review

Film : Life Is Beautiful

Producer : Sekhar Kammula

Director : Sekhar Kammula     Star Cast : 6 New comers, Amala, Shriya, Anjali Zaveri

Music Director : Mickey J Meyer

Rating : 3.25

Life is beautiful (LIB) is an youthful entertainer, enlightening the circle of life. The theme is neatly sculpted around six youngsters who traverse through the various stages of life. LIB is well etched out into an whole some entertainer.  Life Is Beautiful Review takes you down the memory lines and somewhere one is sure to strike a chord, with the narration and that is a point that is worth viewing. Especially the way the six try to bond and change their worlds, while enjoying every moment off it, is awesome. Hats of to Shekar Kammula for his thorough cynosure fair.

Story LIB marks Shekar Kammula's signature style of introduction of characters as the camera slowly rolls on. LIB could be called as an extension of Shekar's earlier Happy days, where the adolescence takes the center stage. But here the transformation from teen age to adulthood, is deftly dealt in the ploy that needs to be commended. Six youngsters from a middle class backdrop are visibly transforming from students to adults and the way life takes various paths is what proceeds, and that needs to be watched.

Analysis : Life is Beautiful review The story line is on a slower gear in the first half, but exquisite work of the camera and screenplay compensate the loss in momentum. This is mainly due to the introduction of all the prominent characters of the film coupled with building up the story line. People who have also watched Shekar's Happy Days are definitely going to feel similarity between the two, in the first half. In reality if you keenly watch, the entire proceedings are about youth but circumstances and narration are totally different. The only similarity is that both films are centered around youth, a trademark of Amigo creations.

However the second half is entirely different and narration builds momentum as the film progresses. Dialogues have struck chords with public and applause after each scene becomes a part of the film. After the phenomenal success of Antyakshari in Gabbar Singh, LIB is also smitten by this bug. But the difference is that it is more melodiously shot amidst the leads of the film.

The climax is melodramatic, but shoots a subtle message that needs to be seen on the big screen. Performance : Life is Beautiful review All the six new faces, Abijeet, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun, Zara, Rashmi, Kavya, Naveen, Vijay, Sanjeev and Sriram, are well balanced. The girls are gorgeous and the boys are suave. Amala steals the show with sentimental display. Her re-entry in the second half, awakens the natural star in her that was dormant for quite sometime.

Shriya is hot and her usual self, while Anjala Jhaveri is quite glamorous defying age. Her rain song in the first half is awesome. Handling all the departments of story telling, Shekar Kammula excels. In a Nutshell: LIB is a youthful fresh film in the not-to-miss category. A mixed treat to youth and their parents, as well. LIB follows the youth through their journey of life in all seasons.

That includes festive celebrations combined with roller coaster romances. From the street fights to the duties towards the family after attaining adulthood, are well depicted. These are sure to receive applause from one and all.

Final Word: Life Is Beautiful Review Shekar Kammula, as a director is on a hat trick, LIB is sure to be a youth anthem in addition to being a whole some family entertainer. (AW-AarKay)

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