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By: | Sep 05, 2003 11:48 PM
(Updated Sep 11, 2003 11:19 PM)

I DON’T WATCH SOAPS BUT I DID COZ OF SO MUCH BUGGING ADS BY SAHARA IN NEWSPAPER & COZ I HAD A curiosity to Watch Karishma on small screen, & I felt Pity on Sahara coz they have spent so much & after all they have won the Case from Supreme Court.. Our Highest court of Justice is so Faltu ki it spends time seeking Daily Soaps away from Reality

Well Barbara Taylor seems to be very BAD of a Writer if this Soap is some what based on her plot.

It has been so much to every one's notice that Karishma the Miracles of Destiny ...is finally on AIR... Well I wonder why all that controversy was actually there may it was just another attempt to create all the Excitement for the Soap…. so the Sahara people cud have attracted all the Saas’ & Bahus away from Tulsi, Parvati. Ne ways Karishma is a Story of a women’s journey from being a small town girl to a Women that makes her own Destiny. It includes a massive star cast …..infact it looks like just another Bollywood Flick. Star Cast Includes….. Karishma ofcourse , Irritating and always popping Arshad Warsi, Jugal Hansraj, Sanjay Kapoor , Arbaaz Khan etc etc…..

Ok so Karishma is called affectionately DEV Ma……in the Serial & immediately as I started to watch the Serial , there were a Few Dance Sequences including Karishma.. Now I was wondering how can a 70 yr old lady dance like that ….only to be cut short of this thought by my mother who said that the Serial is going in Flashback……

As far as plot goes it mainly revolves around Karishma’s Miracles that shaped her destiny… But to add to her woes her family is now disorienting themselves with her Ideas….. So Bit of Women Empowerment, Bit of Family Saga, More of Stars & KARISHMA ofcourse , I watched this serial for one whole Week (4Days) Well to say Frankly it really didn’t Excited me enough…..

The Major Problems with this is ……..

1) The Serial looks quite larger then life filled with quite Ok names if not Big from Bollywood accompanying Karishma, so it looks like I am watching a Pirated CD in My home of a Movie that has flopped miserably in Theatres.

2) Production Values are too good for a serial like this, TV has to be more authentic Media that’s why people like it , but u cant find ne of those in this Serial with a Budget of 60 Crores.

3) Karishma & the Story well one can not identify with the character at all …..which one can do with Tulsi, Parvati.

4) Karishma is not looking old at all in her portray of 70 yr old… Umm despite spending 60 crore Make up is BAD……

5) Karishma boasts star that are absolute FLOPS in Bollywood so why wud sensible Guys like me Tolerate them in our TV also….

So Overall u will watch it only for KARISHMA & no one else, like I did but now I wont watch it. Infact I wud Prefer watching News ……….

© cticize 2003

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