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Jay Vijay Motors - Pune Address

110 / 5-6, Shivaji Nagar, Opp. PMC, Shivaji Road, Pune 411005, MH
Tel: +91-20-41424344, +91-8888855588

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+91-20-41424344, +91-8888855588

Maruti & pune dealer Jay-vijay cheated in car buy

By: | Apr 11, 2009 08:55 PM
(Updated Apr 12, 2009 01:31 PM)

Pune based Maruti dealer Jay-vijay cheated me in SX4 purchase. I am launching the case in Consumer court and with police. Even I have already launched a complaint to Maruti . If you been cheated by Jay Vijay Motor, Pune while purchasing a car, Please let me know the details ) or post it here.This will help me in adding references to my case in the court.Six month back he was Fiat Dealer, from last six months he was Maruti Dealer and now he is Volkswagan dealer……

While buying the vehicle the sale person of Dealer Jay-Vijay motors gave me following promises,

  1. The car is new and manufactured in the current year.

  2. There will not be any problems in car I will personally make sure of it while delivery.

  3. Ours is new dealership and the mechanics that do the servicing are directly deputed Maruti Service engineers and for next two years they will be with us providing the service at JaiVijay Motor, Pune.

In reality,

  1. The car’s manufacturing date is June 2008, 10 months old car. I was repeatedly asking him about the manufacturing date but he deliberately avoided answering it.

All the time sales person was said that Sir, please trust me the car is new and of current year. Any problem later please comes to me. We at Maruti are best known for customer care. Keep trust in us.

  1. While taking the delivery,

  2. The car was having 4 to 5 scratches all over its body. I have taken the photos

  3. Color of the vehicle was faded and plastic was looking old.

  4. The manufacturing date is 10 months old against the promised current year.

Tomorrow I will update the details how Maruti and the dealer has handled the issue.

Here is the details:

Details of what happened from delivery date to till date,

  1. On 7th March 2009, after looking at the condition of the car I doubted about older manufacturing date and so I refused to accept the delivery. I repeatedly asked about the manufacturing date but sales executive avoided answering it by various excuses time to time as already stated above.

  2. On 8th March 2009, I complained to Maruti Suzuki India on their toll free number with all details. I had been promised that they will look into it on priority basis.

  3. on 10th March 2009, Mr. Ankoor, the Maruti Suzuki Company representative called me and I updated him the issue. He promised me that he will look into the resolution saying that I am their valued customer as SX4 is their entry in premium segment.

  4. Third time on 13th March 2009, I visited JaiVijay Motors. Their customer care manager and sales leader met us. Initially the sales leader gave an excuse that they never tell the manufacturing date to the customer unless customer asks for it. Then I asked that why it was deliberately not told to me even if I repeatedly have asked for it and just been told that the car is of current year. That’s all. Then the customer care manager told us that she understand our situation but do not have authority to take decision and so called us again next day.

  5. Fourth time on 14th March 2009, I met JaiVijay Motors's General Manager Mr. Jadeja. He said it is mistake on their side and the staff was not aware of the vehicle manufacturing date. He told us to wait for his actions. He said he will cancel the registration and will update us.

  6. On 19th march 2009, the sales representative Sagar Shinde called me and said that he has been terminated by JaiVijay. Banned by Maruti at all its sales and service outlets. He tried to convince me emotionally saying it was not his mistake but the person who do registration and he is suffering for that.

  7. On 20th March 2009, I called Mr.Ankoor from Maruti Suzuki Company. Who earlier talked once about this issue. He updated me that the dealer is planning to return my money after un-registering the vehicle.

  8. After not getting update for almost 3/4 days, on 24th march 2009 I again called Mr. Ankoor of Maruti Suzuki Company for update. He himself was not having any the update about the issue. Immediately he did a conference call with Mr.Jadeja and discussed the issue with him again. He told that unrgistration is not possible and They offered rupee twenty six thousand(26, 000) discount and Maruti True Value certificate of valuation. I denied it and asked my money back. Mr. Ankoor of Maruti Suzuki Company has told that he will update me on the same.

  9. Since my last call on this issue on 24th march 2009 with the dealer and the Maruti Suzuki company representative, I have no updates on this issue. No mail, no call.

  10. The dealership JaiVijay Pune has cheated me and Maruti Suzuki India has remain ignorant on the issue made by its departing dealer who is selling of reaming old stock under such possible means the way it is sold to me. They provided me defective, old product in place of brand new good product by falsely playing with the trust I showed in Maruti Suzuki Company and its dealership in JaiVijay, Pune.

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