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ITC Infotech review

By: | Oct 18, 2010 08:14 AM

I would like to share my experience about ITC Infotech ltd . Please do consider these real facts before joining this company. I don't want to disclose my entity coz I don't trust itc infotech management. I joined itc infotech prior to the recession period in the infra 200 team ( Arcelor Mittal Project ) in the year 2008 . During my interview I was told that I will be put up in UK for 2 yrs minimum for this project which attracts me towards joining this company. Biggest disaster happens when recession came and the project didn't arrive to ITC infotech LTD. We are near about 60 people are in the bench with no clue from management about the clear visibility of the project , one fine day 80% of the new recruited guys were told to put down there paper (forced resignation ) since they don’t have project and if they are not doing so then they will be fired by the company. Among them I am the luckiest since there was an opening in the ITC datacenter kolkata where I have been put up after my initial round of interview screening.

I was literally very happy since I am getting an opportunity in my native place, with lots of hope and dream I went back to kolkata to join itc datacenter wintel ops team. Well not what I am explaining it may looks a fairy tales but this what happened in the itc infotech ltd.

I joined wintel ops team in the month of dec 2008 where I meet Mr Anindya Ghoshal a person of nearly 46 years old was introduced to me as a team lead of the same operation team, I was very happy to join such a wonderful team but the true fact is just the opposite, I was previously worked for an MNC in the same datacenter environment so technology was a piece of cake for me to grab. I tried picking up the things fast and deliver but the team members were not happy with me which was quite surprising. I later on get the information from the sources that they are including Anindya ghoshal was taken from the Vendor and they are not into the proper technical background. Hence forth they dont want anyone to grow up within the organization. Mr Anindya Ghoshal a cheap mentality guy who does not belongs to a culture family do all shorts of nonsense activity including Slang languages are his besic in nature while talking to an individual. The person is so third class he has put up a voice recorder to record employees voice secretly inside the operation room . Being from aculture family I was totally socked about his behavior and attitude towards his associate. I somehow survive the organization for one year as I was counting days for recession to get over and I can straight way jump in to my destination where I can achieve my career. Finally the Day comes where I have manage to get 5 offer letter from MNC and I put down my paper in itc infotech ltd. Now from here I get the full picture of itc infotech ltd. After I put down the paper I was not being given any acknowledgment of resignation acceptance letter which I was following up with Human resource team. It was socking my release date was over still no reply from the management hence I went to the next immediate boss Chrinjiv Tirumala and from there also I didnt get any reply I was told to speak with AGM Bhujay Bhatta. I called him over phone he advice me to become absconding which I was surprised and then I went to GM Mr Partha sengupta. He is the main culprit when I started interacting with him I understood. All this politics is played by him only he is controlling from top to bottom , his funda is to put all his relatives in itc infotech in senior position so that nobody can beat him in his career all associates are his from somewhere related to family in the Kolkata datacenter. Now here I was praying for my release but he is every day keep on prosponding the topic asking him abt the release he was communicating that he is busy so cant speak to me , I have limited period to hold the offer hence I escalate it to VVR BABU who is Parta Sengupta’s boss nothing works out there aswell. Then I have escalated the same to Anand Talwar the HR Head of operation no response from him aswell then escalated to the managing director B summant No response from him aswell. Then I don’t have option rater approaching YCD itc director whom I send the mail and went and meet his personal secretary Who was polite listen to me and then given me an assurance that I will be relived then I was sent back to Partha Senguta. I was getting threatening mail and verbal threatening that they will spoil my career since VVR BABU is member of NSR. And finally was released after having harassment. This is not the story of mine alone it’s the story of every individual who tries quit the organization. Harassment is for every one in ITC INFOTECH .

My suggestion if you know any of ur friend please before joining this organization do verify once.

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