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David Storey - ''Home''...and dry.

Nov 29, 2004 05:13 PM 4528 views

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David Storey - ''Home''... and dry.

Review : A play written by David Storey in a quasi-absurdist style, heavily influenced by Samuel Becket.

''Home'' is a snap-shot of life set in the grounds of an asylum. This mis-en-scene however is only gradually revealed through the course of the play and through the gentle eccentricities of the characters. Harry is a seemingly benign chap, happy to wear rose tinted glasses and to exist in a genteel world.

Jack is more opinionated, but his sharp dress and manner is a front to what he would call human failings. The dynamics of the play (and of this slice of life) change with the introduction of marjorie and Kathleen - one a cynic, the other an uncontrollable flirt - but it is here that we see Storey's ideology.

All characters are in the same boat, yet their delusions and pretensions allude to the same conditions that are present in society as a whole and of the outside world.

The humour is dry and laconic - occasionally puerile. The effects of the institution is reminiscent of a commonly shared institutional experience - school. It is a stroll in the park with the human condition.

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