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Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiing….goes the alarm clock on my bedside and I am  shaken back to the  realities of  the world……Gosh is it really 6 AM…You mean I really slept for five hours( after sitting up late to follow the English Premier League) …Could I sleep for a little longer …. Well what day is it…? Oh no! A Monday again…. Is there more than one Monday in a week. it sure seems to come around more often than Saturdays and Sundays? Can I call up and inform the office that I am not going to be well…. May be I am catching a cold….(Cold in April…no Migraine is more believable)…But wait am I not supposed to make the presentation today…. Holy Cow… I haven’t even arranged for the transparencies… what about the parent-teachers meet at 2:00 pm…I have to find a valid reason to be missing from the office…will the stodgy stupid Boss of mine let me go…. He never lets me go whereas Mrs. Shastri …she always finds a reason good enough to leave the office….who says it’s a man’s world…. Hey I was supposed to file my returns…pay the electricity bill…what about the visit to the dentist…can that wait.? Today is the finals…will Sachin play….will we win if he does not play…or will we ever win even if he plays….they should change Ganguly…he is not a good captain… Oh no its 7 AM…now I wont be ready in time for the 7:40 fast passenger….that means I will have to go to office on my bike… Thank God for Sinha Petrol is cheaper… but then he increased the rate of LPG …that stupid man…I should have been the Finance Minister …. Bike…traffic….jams …will I be late again… God I have to rush….I don’t want to stand apologetically in front of that stodgy, stupid boss …. I can go on…. “Sweetheart Where is my Coffee Yaar….?”

Perhaps the last thing that’s there on an average human being’s mind is that there are too many things on one’s mind. What we are actually doing is stretching ourselves too far…like most things in the world there is a limit beyond which we may just SNAP. Stress…now that’s the key word.

Stress Defined

“Stress seen in individuals, is defined as, any interference that disturbs a person’s healthy mental and physical well being. It occurs when body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities. A beneficial stress(yes there is some thing like that) can help drive a few of us to historic successes while harmful stress(the more commonly observed variety) can drive us to despair. A force as potent as this has to handled with respect “(Adapted from REDUCIING STRESS by TIM HINDLE)

There are a few interesting facts about stress and they are

Stress releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which on the short term helps us perform better but these can be extremely harmful to the body in the long run.

It is easier for family, friends or colleagues to spot symptoms of stress in a person than a person who is affected.

Physical signs of stress include fatigue, headache, skin rashes, digestive disorders, ulcers, colitis, loss of appetite, overeating cramps etc. These are mostly after effects. The more immediate physical reaction to stress can be in the form of nausea, dry mouth breathlessness etc.

Emotional signs can include irritability(at nothing in particular and everything in general), anxiety, lack of libido, loss of sense of humor, inability to concentrate  and even loss of interest in personal appearance.

Behavioral signsshow a craving for stimulants, increased intake of sugar, chocolates, coffee/tea, cigarettes, alcohol etc

Each individual reacts differently to factors causing stress and the actual stress itself. Though it’s believed that women generally tend to go into shell when extremely stressed, men on the contrary become more violent, irritable and develop addictions.

No individual can claim to be free from stress at all point of time. Stress cannot be completely eliminated. Stress can only be reduced. Stress is not a mental disability.

*What causes stress?

Increased competition at work, changes in work patterns(automation), stricter deadlines, accelerated work speeds(internet, fax, teleconferencing etc), mergers acquisitions, downsizing, privatization, almost anything and everything that takes place at the office.

Changing gender roles have ensured that women can do a so called mans job, but still in most societies there are still jobs which are considered a woman’s job which men aren’t ready to do.  This increases the workload on women who have to play a dual role. It also increases the blood pressure of men who can’t adjust to the fact that women can do what was considered a man’s job, with same degree of success if not more.

Certain events can suddenly disrupt the harmony that exists in life. Loss of a close family member or friend, misunderstandings with friends/colleagues/family, change of job, relocation to an unknown city,  legal problems, illness and why even a positive(supposed to be) event like marriage can increase stress in a person.

Dealing with Stress:

Firstly one has to admit that he/she is under stress if it needs to be tackled. This is more possible amongst friends and family than at work place. At work place Managers might not accept that they are stressed as they fear that such an acceptance will question their authority and leadership where as lower rankled employees don’t accept that they are stressed for the fear of their careers suffering or even losing the job.

Stress at work place can be reduced by getting your work setting remodeled with some thought. Try and create a balance between allowing easy contact and providing privacy. Reduce or eliminate noise and other pollution. Try and get in as much natural light as possible into the work area. Try to ensure enough storage and filing space. Have a back up plan for any electrical or electronic breakdown. Most importantly manage to keep your own table organized. It is believed that work can be relatively stress free when the waste basket is full and table is clean rather than the other way around.  Keep most used articles at easily accessible places. Have a photograph of someone who gives you a lot pleasure, I keep that of my daughter(my wife works in the same college).But then that photograph need not be of anyone related to you. You may even keep Pamela Anderson on your table….provided it is clothed enough to maintain the decorum of the office and of course you are sure no one will flick it from your table…that may lead to greater stress!

Kindly, Read the comments page for the continuation of this review. Sorry for the any undue STRESS caused…….

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