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Bollywood's Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey Combined

By: | Nov 06, 2006 01:10 PM

If Hollywood has Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey, Bollywood has Govinda. This guy can take an ordinary situation and make it funny. He is the all-round entertainer. Govinda for me is above Sandler and Carrey, give him the most pathetic of scripts (and directors have given him a few) and he is still able to make it watch able, make it funny. Sandler tends to rely a lot on gags while Carrey is more situational and uses facial expression a lot in his comedy. It would nice to see Govinda do a Sandler type of role.

A film full of crazy situations because I bet he can still make it watch able and funny whereas Sandler at times can get annoying. I guess in Bollywood, Govinda trying a Sandler type of role would be deemed too crazy or too unbelievable with few directors willing to make such movies. Yes Govinda's best Era was the late 80's and the early 90's. During this era he was recognized as an actor who could do action, drama, comedy, emotions, and everything. He gave many hits & super hits in that era which were all great due to his excellent dancing.

After the early 90's he got stuck with the title of the Comedian. Not taking the fact that he also has excellent comic timings he is also a great actor. But now directors want to sign him in comedies only. He tries to change his image a little in Shikari, Andolan & Naseeb but they all flopped miserably. It is sad to hear that an actor, who at one point in his career had queues of producers outside his doorstep, now is avoided by them. Sad to see that he has not had a hit since Jodi no.1 in 2002/03. It shows how you can turn hot or cold in a matter of a few films and it is a point Govinda has made throughout his career.

He always felt happy being in the middle but never top because there is only one place you can go from the top and that is down. He is a much better actor than his box-office failures show and it is sad to see people turning his back on him and not willing to star or make a film with him. Even his home production, “Sukh" failed, and that was after a delay of a year. There are people who now criticise him more about his weight, his dress-sense, his comedy films, but talent is what makes an actor and he has that. To hear he is in a financial mess hurts a lot as well.

I hope he gets out of it and finds success in Bollywood to prove those doubters wrong again like he has throughout his career. He perhaps doesn't have a fan base like Shah Rukh Khan or Sallu, but he has many well-wishers. I wish and hope he bounces back from where he is now like he has done in past. Govinda is not just a comedian & dancer like Sallu or an over actor like SRK, Govinda is true actor. Yes he got more appreciated in comedy as his comic timing is arguably the best in Bollywood. But give him any character and he will show you what acting is.

He is also one of the best dancers in Bollywood. Govinda will easily get back in the position he was & the films that he has signed will prove it. He just needs one hit to get back in the game. Salam-e-Ishq, Bhagam Bhaag, and Partners are just some big projects that he has signed and could prove to be a money spinner at the box office. I can't wait to see him head-to-head against Akshay Kumar in the movie. I am sure this time he will be pickier with his roles. I think Govinda is awesome and his movies are always entertaining.

He'll never get his due in Indian Cinema, but when it comes to comedy, nobody comes close. He should have thinked more about his career then helping others! Now when he is on his comeback turn with Partner, Salaam-E-Ishq, and Bhagam Bhaag should only work with good producers and directors! I have been a Govinda fan since the 90s and yes, like many of his fans I enjoyed all of his comedy films. It is therefore sad to see where he is now in Bollywood. Govinda has worked with nearly everyone in the Bollywood Industry including top guys like Amitabh Bachchan.

Dilip Kumar, and Rajesh Khanna & Dharmendra. I respect him a lot because he is not one of those actors i.e. SRK who works for the fame and money, he works out of enjoyment. Just look at how many films he's done, most of them being comedy films, something he is very good at. He's also a very simple and light-hearted human being, and I have always been extremely fond of I hope he works in a different film that changes his image and also works at the box office. Yes Govinda is an extremely talented actor. Its a shame that he is only associated with comedies.

No doubt his comic timings is perfect and he is one of the best actor in comedies. His acting can be seen in movies like Hatya, Jaan Se Pyara, Muqabla, Khuddar etc. His movie "Pardesi Babu" was also a perfect romantic movie but God knows why it didn't hit the box office. He should've won the award for best villain for his villainous performance in "Shikari". The filmfare award for best actor should have been given to him for his portrayal of the mentally challenged brother in "Jaan Se Pyara". Without a doubt he has been one of the most under rated actors in the history of Indian cinema.

I mean, just look at his performance in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998) where many believe that he performed better than the gr8 Amitabh Bachchan himself even Amitabh Bachchan acknowledged it in 1 of the interviews he gave 2 the Filmfare Magazine in late 2000 that he hadn't seen a more complete actor than Govinda. But I hope that Govinda bounces back and comes back with a vengeance. BEST OF LUCK GOVINDAJI.

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