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Serial No. 1

By: | May 02, 2003 07:50 AM

Family No. 1 is a story of 6 kids. 3 are from differnt families and the other 3 form another although they stay in the same house. 1 set consists of Rahul, Rashmi, and Guddu and they have a father. Rahul is a fan of Mogambo and even does his pooja everyday. Rashmi is a one who does make-up all the time and can't wait to lay her hands on the latest cosmetics in town. Guddu is a small boy who goes to school and is very clever and shrewd. Their rival are the Potias who are Bharti, Tufan, Dev. Dev, the oldest is very innocent, gullible, and is fond of Karate. Bharti, younger to Dev is very smart and a good cook. Tufan is very fat and loves eating. He goes to the same school as Guddu. bHARTI, tUFAN, and Dev have a mother. These two sets are the biggest fighters in town. They even have a rope to seperate the house in two. The parents are always upset with their human version of cats and dogs.

Pros: The serial will keep you glued to the scene and is a fun, entertaining serial which is much better than Hum Paanch. It also a break again from soap operas and is very cute. It is fun for people to watch at all ages. The best part is how they managed to keep the fights and plots going on in such a great way.

Cons: After sometime in the serail both the parents marry which is shown somehow like a copy of the English show- brady bunch but if they hadn't done that it would have been always such a good and original plot.

Acting wise: Every body does great acting in this serial especially Bharthi, Rashmi, Tufan, guddu, Dev,and Rahul- ya all the children are the best. The parents- MR. Sharma(Sukwinder Singh)- he is good and is his usual self who has to be a typical father. Ms. Shalini Potia who late on becomes to be Mrs. Sharma is also very good.

On the whole this is one of my favourite serials and I give it a 10/10.

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