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Eureka Forbes
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You could be The NEXT VICTIM of Aquaguard 39883333

By: | Oct 06, 2007 04:22 PM
(Updated Dec 30, 2007 01:13 AM)

Eureka Forbes Limited Cares

Eureka Forbes Limited is working closely with MouthShut.com to achieve customer satisfaction

This is what I wrote to the only email id listed on the Website: Before you DISCARD this email-READ IT (You could be the NEXT VICTIM)

RE:    Complaint # 42839 dated 25 Sep'07 STILL UNATTENDED

Mr Abhay: abhay@eurekaforbes.com

I'm not sure, if you are the right person, as your company is accustomed to claiming this dramatically and quite loudly to customers ailing from their Dis Servicing attitudes.   However, your's was the only email id available, in such a big website of the pioneers in Water Purification Industry?   To bring home the point let me cite u a liveREAL INCIDENT and then you can perhaps play "Housie" with your team members, on FM 104.

1) My father, a senior Citizen of INDIA @ 84, felt, he was one of the proud owners of your Aquaguard ST 2000.

2) So, he remained Loyal by buying the AMC every year for After Sales Service.

3) Around 1st week of August'07, he lodged a complaint with the Local Franchisee, Ms Anita Kapoor,who promptly sent an engineer. Unfortunately, that day, the call couldn't be attended and was rescheduled.

4) Thereafter, the system despite many trials didn't respond.

5) On 20 August, I returned to find, my parents both over 80 yrs, forced to drink packaged water, because, The Local Franchisee Engineer just woudn't FIX the Problem?

6) On 25 September, my father requested the Engineer to be sent again, and this is what he stated and did:

*Excerpts of Eureka Forbes Engineer (Attending Aquaguard ST 2000) on 25-9-07:

EngineerQuoted: The Relay is faulty, needs to be replaced.

Customer: Okay then Replace it! *

Engineer:** I'm not carrying the replaced part right now?

Customer: Then arrange to bring it along and then come & fix it.

Engineer:** For replacement of Relay The whole mother board of the system will have to be replaced.

Customer: Does it cover under AMC?

Engineer:** YES, But I'm not carrying it and YOU Don't need it? He then frisked out a pointed razer like object, cut the two wires connecting to the RELAY and REJOINED them by pasting it with a REGULAR TAPE?

Customer: Shocked, called your 39883333, lodged a compalint Number 42839, and was ASSURED that EUREKA FORBES will ensure, this is not the way it works and CUSTOMER will be attended by a Company Engineer to replace the RELAY within 48 Hours?

If u look at ur records, ** The Complaint # 42839 Registered on 25 Sep, elapses 48 Hours time, on 27 Sep? However, till date, 06-OCT-07, all I hear is FAKE PROMISES, one after the Other!

Customer:  Since, even the water quality is not good, Can u please change the candle & Carbon too?

Engineer:**    No, It's not required, Plus I'll do it only in November??

Customer:   Aha! So, I should be tuned to your engineers Whim & Fancy and PAY for it TOO? Wow!!

By The way, have you registered your company in the "What India Can Be" Campaign List?" Huh!


When I called your representative, Mr. Anoop Kapoor (9810349492), who claims himself to be the Area Sales Manager: What he did: He called the Franchisee of Lajpat Nagar - within my hearing in hindi:" Mrs. Kapur, mujhe ek customer pichle 10 din se pareshaan kar raha hai".When I objected to Anoop Kapoor's vocabulary: He exuded yet another Threat:     "Ms (me), u want to resolve the matter or Not, If yes, you HAVE to listen to me, ELSE DO Whatever you want to and Complain to whoever you can??"

Just note the VOCABULARY and tone of a EUREKA FORBES AREA SALES MANAGER? - I just want to understand: What and who Gives him the Right & Courage to exude his High Handedness on me, in this manner?

I'd like to know the name and designation of Anoop Kapoor's Supervisor, to come and personally GARLAND HIM, for this Attitude of Anoop Kapoor, which is nothing short of any "Goonda"

Now the Shock: After this, I called 39883333 Help Line, and narrated them the above: INTERESTINGLY, The Customer Care Officer stated:"There is no employee registered in Eureka Forbes, by the name of Mr Anoop Kapoor" !!!

What would you call this? Does any one of your employees realise, "IMPERSONATION" is PUNISHABLE under LAW? Or Am I missing a point in here, that "Your Company and Your Employees/ Including Franchisees" are ABOVE LAW?

And you claim "Customer family now numbers over 6 million - enduring relationships as ''Friends for Life'' - **How Ironical, Indeed :-( ?

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Best marketing - get money - no service  
By: iscx
Product Rating:
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By: Eureka_Forbes Corporate Member | Apr 09, 2009 02:39 PM  (Updated May 26, 2009 12:09 PM  )

Dear Ms. Rach, As a part of resolving customer complaints raised through mouthshut, we are currently in the process of clearing backlogs and recently came across your complaint dated October 06, 2007 posted on mouthshut. It’s our constant endeavor at Eureka Forbes to ensure customer satisfac

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