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AV Max- the Indian Music, Audio & Video Mag

By: | Mar 13, 2003 11:20 PM

I am afraid I have gone and done it again...posted a review against another head--but then all the CHIP fans(like me) will know that CHIP died some time back and DIGIT was born! So my persistence to post a review somehow....reason is very simple, there is no way else as the people at MS have not had the time to include the name of AV Max in the category! So my apologies are in order. Here goes...

For all you Indian audiophiles out there, if you have'nt come across this magazine, then I am afraid that there is something that is missing in your life! AV Max was born a little over 3 years ago and was the first genuine attempt to get some decent stuff about the audio/video industry in this country.

There have been some wishy washy products passed on as high end products all these years and the entry of so many classy brands over the past decade brought about the need for information about them. The magazine rates the products and also provides in depth information about them. They have something called the Recommended and the AV Max Best Buy option about any specific product which signifies value for money, even if it is not the cheapest in the category.

They take up a particular category in each issue and then club all the available products in it, compare them and then give their verdict. Needless to say, when it comes from the experts, it does carry its authority. This month they have concentrated on the High End products and man, I envy the people who can afford to buy such stuff..for example, can one think of buying a CD player...a plain old CD player (no amplifier, no speakers etc- just the player) from Electrocompaniet the EMC1 Mk II...for Rs 2,55,000/- plus taxes??!! I would love to after reading all the specs, maybe once I win the Lotto!! After all, one can buy a decent new car in that much money! Well, the list goes on. I am afraid I don't have enough words to go on raving about their system of reviewing....MS could probably take a hint or two from them!

The quality of paper used is superb and they have a classified section too. The photos get one drooling and they also have a great bunch of guys reviewing the latest in the music and video/DVD scene, these also being rated. Helps one buy the good stuff, as they separate the wheat from the chaff. Every issue also carries a separate section on all the hardware that is available in the market as the Buyers Guide and this database is simply awesome, so if one wants to know, for example, details for a personal CD Player..it will list it out with the specs, details, price etc.... In a very convenient package.

So how much does this all cost? Well well, Nothing! Amazing no? Actually in this world of freebies, this also comes free! The cover price of the magazine is Rs 50/- and they throw in the courier/registration charges free. Right now they have a deal going on where on taking a 3 year subscription, one lands up paying Rs 1800/- , that is the cover price..but wait, they will send you a Caller ID telephone, with a speakerphone and an answering machine worth Rs 1800/- !! Amazing, but true, so the actual magazine is free. I would urge you all to pick up a copy of this magazine from and decide for yourself if it is worth it. I truly feel so. And no! I do not work in the circulation department of AV Max, though I would appreciate a thank you from them if I do manage to get some MS regulars to become their clients! Mr Rahul Shah (Editor) are you listening? Thanks for your patience and keep smiling....may I request you to let me what you guys think about the magazine once you lay your hands on it. have a nice day!

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