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Its laka laka laka time

By: | May 19, 2005 01:51 PM

The demi god of tamil filmdom is back......................

you should hear the uproar and whistling sound in the theatre when the graphic showing each letter of ''superstar rajni'' rolling out of the screen towards the viewers.........

he is back with a big bang.........but surely this wasn't the film we expected from him to be frank

30 to 40 days gone still running houseful.....i had to scramble for a ticket 3 rows b4 the screen and that too only a night show ......

i would like to review the movie in two different perspectives.....one reviewing the film as rajni's fan and second being the review on the movie as a critic...

shall I review first as a critic or as a fan ......ok let me first review the movie as critic first

review of movie as critic:

ok this is actually movie based on a fazil's malyalam film with suresh gopi,shobana in the lead and mohan lal in the guest role......the movie is supposed to be a cult movie in malyalam and shobana got her national award for the movie.


the director has credited the story to him......i believe he has fooled us....

consider something like this 'i take a sweet put it in my mouth ......then I take the sweet in a spoon and put in my mouth' if the former is the original movie the later is

chandramuki's story so very minute changes.....it is not ethical of the director to credit

the story to be his own.

to be frank the film has a bad direction..... the director has confused himself whether to take this movie as a thriller movie or as a comedy one....ploy to make it as an comedy film in the first half and thriller in the second half has affected the pace of the film....

performance in order ....

numero uno:

Rajni:has given a very good and powerful performance.........taking advantage of the

screenplay which was altered for him, rajni carries the pace of the film through out....

the scenes where he shouts over others voices to distract jothika, shows he still has the fire power.....his acting as vettayaraja is another treat for the viewers ..his mannerism of saying laka laka laka makes u hum that word after u come out of the theatre.....more about him in the review as rajni's fan

  1. jyothika: she has given a sterling performance.....quite unexpected of her...thanks to the person who has lended her voice to jo ....when jo turns into chandramuki and speaks in telugu she is really scary....if rajni carries the film through out...she has stolen the burden from rajni for last half an hour...

3.vadivelu: if its jo in second half then its vadivelu in first half of the film........man

he makes u laugh ,laugh and laugh.....there is one serious disadvantage with him in this film..this guy makes u laugh in scenes which are supposed to be scary.....

4.nayantara: seriously she has nothing to do in the movie except to dance with rajni....no more comments abt her....

then there r people like nassar,prabu,vijayakumar,k.r.vijaya,vineeth,malavika....who have very little to do or may be branded 'wasted' by the director.....


the original screenplay had shobona as the main character with suresh gopi playing the hero of the movie and mohan lal with a cameo......vasu has changed the screenplay making rajni the hero (mohan lal's character) ,jyothika coming in full movie(shobana's role) and prabhu literally in guest role(suresh gopi's character).....i guess vasu has got some success in converting a thriller movie into rajni's movie but in the process losing the ground of making one of greatest thriller movie


its passable .......devuda song and ra ra song are good and other songs ok...

back ground music is good in patches .....but when essential that is during last half an hour its really good....

all other departments have done the job perfectly alloted to them

review as rajni's fan:

to be frank it is quite a disappointment as a rajni's fan.........

there is no punch dialogue or scenes to show rajni as he has been for so many years......

but overall rajni has done well in the role given to him....

dances r good even though he struggles due to his age .......

fights r well choreographed a hats off to dalapathi dinesh....

rajni's comedy is great...his interludes with vadivelu's wife and vadivelu's reaction causes a laughter riot in theatre

rajni's movies r really for whole family...some double meaning scenes for comedy has spoilt it a bit....director to blame again.

final verdict:

the director has neither created a great thriller nor a great rajni movie......but has

landed to give a movie with great entertainment values....

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