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Contest is just user gathering gimmick

By: | Nov 16, 2013 05:26 PM

These guys are a new e-commerce site. Obviously it is now a difficult game to compete with the likes of Flipkart etc. And there is a whole bunch of e-commerce portals coming up all across. So this guy named Surendra Gupta comes up with an intelligent idea. And the idea is titled - "Lets make people fools" because people are already fools, isn't it?

So now they run this contest where in they claim to give you fantastic products like Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or even a Macbook if you give answers to some real dumb questions as part of a survey like "What is your gender? " which runs on 1st and 16th day of every month. You may view more of the details here - http: // bigsop.com/contest-tc or http: // bigsop.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-pay-and-get-a-chance-to-win/sku/404. So now they offer you a product for nearly 1% of its price as part of the contest. Now you are really cheesy and feel that you are lucky contest winner.

They do not state all the terms clearly on their website. And since you just gave a survey you would feel that you are already a lucky winner. But then come on who can or would give an iPhone for Rs. 599. Well we as people now have this lucky draw phenomenon and go ahead and just pay. Lets just pay its just 599. Well you never make a donation worth that amount. After you pay you get the real story out.

All you get is BigSop points equivalent to whatever you have paid but when buying I did not order any BigSop points. I was shown an iPhone or an S4 in my cart. It felt that I was ordering a real one just like we order on any other site. Now that you have bought an BigSop points and got them delivered you are bound to use them. And where do you use them right on BigSop itself. Well thats a real marketing gimmick and you just fell for it - fraud marketing. You felt proud of buying a real iPhone or S4. Now happy sobbing with BigSop.

Well hats off to Surendra Gupta for such a wonderful idea. This seems like Surendra Gupta on Facebook - https: // facebook.com/surendra.gupta.923

Here's some more info which I was able to get of BigSop

This is their address and phone as registered on GoDaddy( the domain is from GoDaddy) .

scube solutions


bangalore, Karnataka 484110


Telephone: 919036609990

email - somgyc@gmail.com

And yeah the servers are hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud and this is the elastic IP they use as on Nov 16 2013 -

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