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The Shashi Kapoor of Scooters.

By: | Jul 23, 2002 03:53 AM

Bajaj company is like Nirupa Roy of Deewar. The same mother who has produced a Devil (Kawasaki bajaj 4 S) and an Angel ( Bajaj Super FE , the Scooter). All the anger that errupts in me after I drive my Devil is cooled by the smooth drive on my Angel. As I would call it in BAMBAIYYA SLANG, ''Ekdum Maske ke maafit''. We (Me & my sensible father) purchased this scooter in 1993 at 23,500/-. I was infact against buying a scooter cuz as a teenager I had had the Khujli to drive a bike and I still remember insisting on buying a Kawasaki instead of a scooter. It was my father who decided on a scooter finally, saying a bike would be more expensive in terms of maintainence (Dads are always right, arent they?). That the fool in me ultimately commited the crime of buying a Kawasaki a couple of years later is a different story. Now back to my Angel:-

Zero maintainence:- After my Devil, ie my Melody Queen ditched me, I shifted to this scooter. And beleive me, my pocket was never happier. The only things I spent on after that was, regular servicing and I guess some petty repairs like, the Gear cable, and the Brake Wire a few times, Carborator cleaning etc. And ofcourse head & Tail Lights a few times which accounts to less than Rs 1000 in 3 years. (My father did spend some 4000/- on total over hauling & painting except for the engine before it came to me)

Mileage:- It may not give you the mileage of a four stroke bike, but its pretty decent with 35-38 Km/L. Some thing that most of the 2 stroke bikes give you.

Engine :- Its still a Virgin, ''Never been Touched'' as compared to my Kawasaki Engine (Which has been gangraped by almost every mechanic in town)....... and still going strong. No noise, no music, no singing .. smooth ''Jaise garmagaram parathe pe makhan oye''.

Good Shock Absorbers:- A bad suspension can deprive you of the driving pleasure even in a Mercedes, and for a small vehicle like a Scooter, its a must. Thankfully, with regular oil changes, the suspensions are still doing good and serve the purpose. Very comfortable.

Pickup:- Now this is something which will surprise many and am ready for a few brickbats ....... beleive it or not, it still beats Hero Honda at take offs on signals .....

Driving Comfort:- Very comfortable to drive. Reamains in total control.

Electronic parts:- Yes this is one department where I have faced a few problems with, like the Batli Tube (Thats what mechanics call it & I dont know its technical name), I guess its something that generates current. And ..... a had starting problems cuz of that. Had to change it quite often. Bt still, it was affordable in all respects.

Affordable Repair:- The parts are easily available and at affordable prices. An average Bajaj Super repair was always a light pat as compared to hard slaps and punches that my kawasaki gave me.

All this considering the fact that I drive a lot ....

And yes, another problem, the height is low. Should have been higher by atleast another 6'' (inches).

Thats it.. Arre what else do you look for in a scooter yaar? Yes it may not look cool, but its easier on pocket ... safer than a bike, and more useful for domestic purposes. I know its not supposed to be a Bike V/S Scooter review, but just made a point wrt my Queen. In all a good utility Scooter from the trusted mother of Two Wheeler Industry in India ..... Happy Driving.

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