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Truly the best - Australian Max

By: | Jun 27, 2004 01:14 PM

Guys...this is my frist review herre. I have been reading every one elses reviews for a while but never found a product that I can write a review on. Probably I did not agree with many reviews here or never found a product that deserved my comments. Ha...I need to tell you who I am to validate my statement. I am a Manager in the QC dept of a beverage company. We thrive for quality.

Anyways, recently (last week of April)i visited Hyderabad for a friend's marriage. All our friends from the College & work (about 20 of them) went to a Bar (dont remember the name) near Paradise area and sat down for few drinks. Some one in the group suggested that we try a sip of every brand of beer in that bar. so we ordered 5 brands in all. Haywards 5000, KF strong, Sand Piper, meakins 1000 & lastly Australian Max. all in the super strong category.

evry one of us got to try a sip (approx 90 ml) to test the quality of these beers. remember we are QC dept. after the first round, we decided to eliminate 2 beers since they tasted like piss. So Sand Piper & meakins 1000 were out. Out of the 3 left the next round was to eliminate 2 more beers so that we spend rest of the night with the winning brand. Sure you guessed it right...at the end of the second round Haywards & KF were out. So we had to spend our rest of the evening with Australian Max.

We started with one bottle each. so ordered about 20 bottles at once. Wow, there was the beer of our taste. Every one in the group was looking at the label to know more about it. We asked the bartender if that was a famous brand in AP, and the answer ''No sir it is a new brand. Launched in March''.

Now coming to the beer it self...a perfectly brewed, smooth tasting, great aroma, decent color, very smooth on throat, no bitter smell or taste...there was the beer I was waiting for. In fact everyone in the group said that it was a perfect beer. None of us had tasted this kind of beer before. That's probably why all of us together had 62 bottles of Australian Max.

The next day morning, every one of us woke up normal, no hangover, no after taste, no one was upset, every one was in their senses. It was as if nothing happend last night. Since most of us were from the QC group, we wanted to find out more about this beer and probably get to talk to the makers of this great beer.

By end of that day we found out that this was a Canadian Based Company Brewing locally. We were surprised that a locally brewed beer could be that perfect. They have a web site tooo... IBPL.org. also they are not Australian. But they got their name since they started in Australia and was bought over by some Australian brewery who later change the name. So they are not Australian.

We asked them how they could maintain that quality in India where very few manufactureres support quality. And here are interesting facts on their quality.

1 - every time they use a brand new bottle for filling. so no used/second hand bottles.

2 - they have a huge QC team which tastes beer from every barrel/tanker.

3 - their commitment to quality. infact a week earlier, they have poured a few barrells of beer down the drain in April for not acheibing the expected quality.

So folks, this is the first product that I wanted to write a review on and here it is. this has truly changed my world. my beer now is Australian Max beer. Hats off to their quality and care they put into their product.

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