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Acer does not solve manufacturing defect

By: | Sep 22, 2012 04:22 PM

I bought an Acer laptop on 18th Aug 2012. It came with a manufacturing defect with keyboard. Some of the keys were getting stuck because the keys are rubbing the side when pressed. I gave the laptop back to the vendor (Binary World, Bangalore, bwindia.net) the same day I bought it. They kept it with them for a week and returned the laptop, unable to fix the problem, Asked me to call Acer Support.

So I gave the laptop to Acer-Support  (Compherals, Langford Road, Bangalore) for repair on 25th August. Case ID: 082512-664. The laptop is still note repaired, returned nor replaced. (As of 22-Sep-2012)

I had written about this all acer support personnel in India and no replies.

The list of peopel I have sent the emails to:

root@acer.co.in, chairman@acer.co.in, support@acer.co.in, service@acer.co.in, info@acer.co.in, sales@acer.co.in, president@acer.co.in, md@acer.co.in, cmd@acer.co.in, emd@acer.co.in, abdul_ghani@acer.co.in, arun_bhattacharya@acer.co.in, Vinod_Gaonkar@acer.co.in, amrish_mahajan@acer.co.in, debabrata_acharya@acer.co.in, Satish_Sharma@acer.co.in, vv_mohan@acer.co.in, kaushik_chakraborty@acer.co.in, abhijit_sarkar@acer.co.in, rr_himanshu@acer.co.in, rajkishore_gouda@acer.co.in, ck_rao@acer.co.in, Vinoda_Jaina@acer.co.in, dipankar_saha@acer.co.in, pritesh_joshi@acer.co.in, Abhay_Kumar@acer.co.in, uday_phokmare@acer.co.in, Swati_Phadatare@acer.co.in, sourav_ganguly@acer.co.in, Santhosh_Pai@acer.co.in, nayan_das@acer.co.in, reshma_tantry@acer.co.in, Vinod_karunakaran@acer.co.in, blessy_antony@acer.co.in, Naba_Deka@acer.co.in, mahesh_sharma@acer.co.in, samaresh_c@acer.co.in, sonia_sharma@acer.co.in, shubha_sharma@acer.co.in, rajesh_kumar@acer.co.in, jitendra_kaneria@acer.co.in, Paresh_Nathani@acer.co.in, jackson_tj@acer.co.in, rozario_I@acer.co.in, Hemali_Sehgal@acer.co.in, Nirmali_Burman@acer.co.in, a_karthikeyan@acer.co.in, n_vedhavalli@acer.co.in, sita_sitaraman@acer.co.in, vaneet_soni@acer.co.in, deepa_pandey@acer.co.in, sharad_dubey@acer.co.in, praveen_bisht@acer.co.in, tushar_ghosh@acer.co.in, suresh_kumar@acer.co.in, jitendra_chopra@acer.co.in, sibu_vb@acer.co.in, atul_joshi@acer.co.in, complaints@consumerforum.com, Kevin_CA_Lu@acer.com.tw, Vina_Chang@acer.com.tw, stockaffairs@acer.com.tw, maximilianlieber@acer.com.tw, ailintouch_blr@acer.co.in, ail_easycare@acer.co.in, ailenquiries@acer.co.in, Rudi_Schmidleithner@acer.com, Clarence_Worthington@acer.com, Gregg_Prenergast@acer.com, Lenny_Pollak@acer.com, Joe_Castillo@acer.com, mark_hill@acer.com, alison_williams@acer.com, Mark_Groveunder@acer.com, Terry_Tomecek@acer.com, ming_wang@acer.com, Adam_Gault@acer.com.tw, LaurenSwartz@acer.com.tw, Stella_th_chou@acer.com.tw, Erica_hao@acer.com.tw, EugeneHwang@acer.com.tw, JTWang@acer.com.tw, Gianfranco_Lanci@acer-euro.com, sumit_agnihotry@acer.com, richard_black@acer.com, Clarence_Worthington@acer.com, Gregg_Prendergast@acer.com, Lenny_Pollak@acer.com, mark_hill@acer.com, mario.teuffer@acla.acer.com, Mark_Groveunder@acer.com, alan_wang@acer.com

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