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New FM Entrants In Delhi

Feb 13, 2004 07:15 PM 157041 views

(Updated Nov 15, 2004 01:59 PM)

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The emergence of new FM radio stations in Delhi

The Marketing strategy of the various new FM entrants.

Radio as a medium is aimed at the broadest audiences as possible. Anyone with a pair of ears is an audience.

Radio broadcasting , nowdays is experiencing a complete metamorphosis. The launch of Private FM radio stations and the burgeoning competition among them has had a sea change in the quality of radio programming .The launch of new FM stations is not accidental but is backed by research based on regional information. As such the new entrants are all geared up to create a brand name , a space of their own , their intention is quite clear - to serve in for a long time.

In India, radio has always been under the care of government, right from the days of Binaca geet mala by the inimitable voice of Ameen Sayani. Till recently, medium, short wave and the fm1, 2 held the roost, but now the things have begun to change. The governments second opinion on opening the gates to private parties has brought smiles on the lips of listeners as well as the private firms. Earlier when the government had decided to privatise the fm, Times FM came into being but was later stopped as a result of Prasar Bharti Bill. Private radio stations have again been given the go ahead, as a result nation wide radio station launch is taking place.

Delhi recently witnessed the launch of FM majors viz; Radio Mirchi, RED FM, Radiocity. Radio mirchi is the renamed form of Times FM by the Times group. They started with smaller cites like Indore and then moved on to bigger cities like Ahemdabad, Mumbai Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai. Radio mirchi has been described as hot and boasts of superior reception and sound quality.

Red FM now operates in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Apparently, Radio today has spent close to Rs 17.87 cr as licence fee for the three centres of Delhi. Mumbai, Kolkata for the first year. An additional Rs 20 cr has been invested in infrastructure etc in these three cities. RED FM has been described as bright, energetic and passionate. It is a radio station with an attitude. Red is the color on your mind.


Red FM chalks out its listeners in the age group of 18 to 35 years depending on the type of program in SEC A or B. Nischint Chawla, COO, Radio Today promises '' RED FM is tuned to every need of its listeners. '' The programming structure is focussed and we would stay close to listeners through the day. As such RED FM has lot to offer to its listeners. Besides non stop music there shall be regular weather, traffic and city specific information upadates-keeping the citizens up its toes. This is meant to create '' Apnapann'' with the channel. A name to identify with.

Advertisement campaigns are being carried out through the city. Aaj tak promotes the redfm on its channels. Bus stops, motor vehicles hoardings and catchy slogans display the Red FM. City is all being painted in the color of red- in the mind. Red FM believes that connecting with the listeners live and entertaining them is a win - win situation for everyone involved. But not everyone can deliver quality content. To deliver what the listeners need is the basic aim of RED FM. As such research based reaching out is stressed upon.

Thus the station plans to introduce programs based on regional sensibilities. Mumbaiwallahas have different tastebuds than the Delhites or the Kolkatans. These tastebuds have to be identified and applied in music programming.


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