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Ben 10 Reviews

Awesome show on television

4 days ago 66 Views (via Android App)

Ben 10 in which we come to know about amazing things through the cartoon. In each of its episode there is some new came to know. Every child was fan of this show and I am also one of them. In this Ben saves earth from various aliens attacking on earth. Every characters in the show have very impo...Read More

I wonder why people said only for kids

Nov 04, 2016 10:24 PM 85 Views (via Android App)

I'm 22 and watching cartoon since 1999. well I loved all cartoon, spcly was pokemon and now is ben10. ben 10 sems like awesome cartoon series I ve watched. thet are talking about science and gives proof atleast how they convert in alien. all have dna based system not for a fool to watching. I lo...Read More


Faridabad, India

2 Reviews

Best foever

Nov 04, 2016 10:16 PM 99 Views (via Android App)

Ben 10 is a serial cartoon for kids. It was very popular among kids in 2000. It is very good and nice cartoon for action loving kids. It is based on a kid name ben tennyson. He want to do some intresting in his life. When his summer holidays started he want with his grand father Max Tennyson and...Read More

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Nice programme

Nov 01, 2016 01:58 PM 116 Views (via Android App)

Ben10 programme one of the biggest Indian television programme It is a story of a boy Ben he got watch then he became ben10 There are ten different aliens so it is called ben10 The ben10 watches are available in market Childrens are soo interested to see this programme Ben10 watch...Read More


Delhi , India

4 Reviews

Ben 10 is my favorite

Aug 25, 2016 06:28 PM 158 Views (via Android App)

Hello guys my name is pawan kumar and I am big fan of ben 10 tv cartoon show .guys I am a comman man and I belong to india in rajdhani delhi ok and guys my life start from ben10 tv cartoon show and guys this is my favorite super hero ok guys and yeah guys this tv toon show of mean actor yeah ben...Read More


Alipurduar, India

2 Reviews

Ben 10 is 10 year old boy Achivment story.

Jul 13, 2016 03:25 AM 278 Views

Ben 10 is show of kids. Ben Tennyson turns from zero to hero when he chances upon a paranormal wristwach, the Omnitrix, as it crashes to earth in a meteorite .Morphing him into once of 10 different alien super heroes, Ben and his voice of reason cousin Gwen make it their mission to save the worl...Read More


Lucknow, India, India

28 Reviews


Very Addictive and Intresting

Jun 14, 2016 02:30 AM 328 Views

Ben 10, Ben 10 alien force, Ben 10 Ultimate alien and Ben 10 omniverse, A cartoon series which runs on cartoon network,the basic story is that a boy named Ben gets an omnitrix and he saves the whole universe and try maintaining peace in the world.Any age group can see this, and I am sure you wil...Read More

Ben 10 - Review

May 28, 2016 07:43 AM 340 Views

Well here i'm writing concerning Popeye, the movie. though I selected a wrong catagory to put in writing concerning it, i'm positive it'd be less tedious to only write it somewhere rather than suggesting a brand new product. I'm sturdy to the finish'coz I chow Pine Tree State Spinach . I am P...Read More

My hero ben 10

Feb 27, 2016 11:31 AM 386 Views (via Android App)

I like your episode very much.At the age of 7 I started to watching your episode.Ben 10 season 1 is good for the starter for the young child.this show is one of the popular show in Indai as well as other countries.All younger child like to watch ben 10 very much they feel to watch very happy to ...Read More

Very good cartoon

Jan 03, 2016 05:17 PM 461 Views

Ben 10 is very good cartoon tv show for kids it has good charcters, ben 10 is one of the favrite tv show of mine in this tv show a boy named ben found a watch that watch has power trasfrom him to 10 alians he has cosin named gwen and a grandpa gwen dont have any super powers till 10th episode...Read More

Ben 10

Dec 30, 2015 12:48 AM 470 Views (via Android App)

Ben 10 is the most watched cartoon of all time it is very famous it was started when I was in 8th standard and when I watched its first episode I became the fan of it I watch every episode of it my favourie alien was Xlr8 his ability was super speed and four arms with the ability of super streng...Read More


Mumbai, India

35 Reviews

Ben10 the hero

Oct 03, 2015 04:31 PM 526 Views (via Android App)

This cartoon was a life saver for everyone. This cartoon has hole new concept, new power, new gadgets and a hole new story line. The only show I would prefer anyone to watch over cartoon network. This cartoon is all about alien attack and where ben tenison receives an omnitrix the universe's ...Read More

BEN 10

Jun 08, 2015 11:50 AM 575 Views

The most popular, amazing, famous, entertaining, cartoon all over the world is Ben 10 which comes on cartoon network I HAD been watching this cartoon from my childhood now also I watch this cartoon ad daily I watch this cartoon  on cartoon network After watching this cartoon everyday I think's t...Read More

Ben 10 is kids as well as my hero also

Apr 18, 2015 07:37 PM 1718 Views (via Mobile)

I love to watch cartoons a lot. I know I am an adult  but still I love to watch cartoon  as it freshens my mood. Ben 10 is one of my favorite  cartoons. Ben 10 plays a wonderful role. And his omni tricks does full justice to the show. His numerous alien looks are just fabulous. My favourite a...Read More

Toonami..... Need I say more ?

Feb 11, 2013 10:35 PM 3499 Views

It's the 2000's an awesome time period for ANY kid! Life was simple.... the slowly Cartoon Network begun Airing something magical.. shows that were like never before Digimon Adventure  ( THE ENDING MADE ME CRY T_T) Pokemon SEASON 1 (Nowadays Pokemon is so bad..) Tin-Tin (It still airs o...Read More


Aug 04, 2011 10:39 AM 5685 Views

Cartoon Network is a American TV channel which shows animated serials. Cartoon network was not first channel to have relied on cartoon to attract an audience.Initially, the channel would broadcast cartoons 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The network's first theme was the. Checkerboard them...Read More


Bombay, India

1 Review

Ben 10 Cartoon

Sep 19, 2008 09:37 AM 3846 Views

Its about a 10-year old kid who on vacation with his cousin & Grandpa, finds a watch like instrument which sticks on his hand. It turns out that its called the OMNITRIX and it is the most powerful thing in the whole Universe.  With the power of the Omnitrix, Ben can turn into many different ...Read More


Herndon, United States of America

113 Reviews


Sober ... Popeye The Movie !

Apr 28, 2007 10:27 AM 5677 Views

Well here I am writing about Popeye, the movie. Although I chose a wrong catagory to write about it, I am sure it would be less tedious to just write it somewhere instead of suggesting a new product. *I'm Strong to the finish'coz I eats me Spinach . I'm Popeye the sailor man . toot toot! *...Read More

I love Cartoon Network

Dec 20, 2006 08:47 PM 5335 Views

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