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You Can Win - Shiv Khera Reviews

Very inspiring,can change ur life

1 day ago 17 Views (via Mobile)

Its an awesome book. I have read it many times.whenever I get nervous or demoralised and having littile confindence.i read this and trust me I got too much confidence from this book and I become confident every time I read this book. This book will let you know that u can achieve everything in t...Read More


New Delhi, India

35 Reviews

You can win

1 day ago 44 Views

The book written in very simple language and stories are practical easily understandable and interesting also.I flipped a few pages and randomly read one page and was carried with the simple lucid language very beautifully explained little lessons of life, it doesn't teach you anything different...Read More

' You can win ' only if you read this book .

3 days ago 50+ Views

The book' You Can Win' is simply an must read book for everyone. The book can be easily understandable for all and you can adopt great motivation from the stories in the book. It has been 4 years from now I read the book and still can't forget the stuff I read. My behavior definitely had some po...Read More

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Taught in practical way about life.

4 days ago 97 Views

You can win by Shiv Khera is written in very natural and practical way.If you want to know about truth of success in your life.This book tell about very basics of succcess, however while you are reading this book you will feel that all fact that have written in the book already know and it's tru...Read More


Kadapa, India

1 Review

Yes you win

6 days ago 143 Views (via Mobile)

Really guys you can win book is an amazing book I ever read in my life.the book deals with the step by step characteristics of our thoughts, attitude, emotions etc .the explains the situations and experiences with the best and perfect examples.the writer shiv khera is an execllent and maturied w...Read More


Kurukshetra, India, India

5 Reviews

You can Win -For Personal Growth

6 days ago 175 Views

I bought this book because my teacher recommended me to read this book. Because I was having all negativity in my life because of some failures that I came across in my life.I thought before reading the book that I am good at nothing.I was very pessimistic. But I started reading it, it really...Read More

Yes it gave a motive

8 days ago 157 Views (via Mobile)

I read this book it gives a motivation to us fact s can be implemented mr. Kheda is given the association with life and living. It help me to come out from depression. It help to choose a aim for my life its a fentastic experience to read this book I suggest to read this book or listen motivatio...Read More

Very inspiring book

9 days ago 184 Views (via Mobile)

It is one of the most inspiring books that I have read. Whenever you feel that you are moving somewhere backward or losing your track just read it once, and you will find a way to find yourself and bring everything back to work. I would suggest everyone to read this once.

Value of Success - Shiv Khera

11 days ago 257 Views

Hello Friends, It was during the year 2014 when I joined a company in Pune in 2014 as Project Leader. It was my first job in a people management role. Believe me, I was not doing well. In fact, I even couldn’t understand what are my responsibilities in my new position. I was just 25 years old...Read More

Very Motivational Book

12 days ago 275 Views (via Mobile)

Hello friends today I am going to share my experiance with You Can Win Book. Its very great book with the great presentation which can add fuel to the fire on anyone’s burning desire to bring about positive and productive results. my personal experience is when I strugging in carier and there...Read More


Aurangabad, India

4 Reviews

You can Win - Motivational Book

14 days ago 270 Views

I have read the book 3 times in a year and it is motivational & path finding book. The language is quite good that any one understand. The paper quality also good having light weight and good look. You can win is a best book for ambitious people. It is a book which motivate every time and in...Read More


Sirsa, Haryana, India

4 Reviews

Motivational and credible super book "you can win"

15 days ago 332 Views (via Mobile)

This book is very important for every person because its guideness and motivational theory is so powerful and educational . this book written by shiv khera . this presents our internal power education . I read this book for my various difficult situation

This Book will change my life

16 days ago 348 Views

I have read this book more than 5 times.this book will change your life totally.the book written in very simple language and stories are practical easily understandable and interesting also.the book content with 8 chapters.First chapter discuss about Importance of attitude(building a positive at...Read More

Life Changing Book

16 days ago 340 Views

Hi Friends, As title said everything about this book. I have read many books in my life but'You Can Win' By SHIV KHERA is my favourite of all time.This book simply teach about the importance of positive attitudes towards life. This book helps us to develop positive and attrictive personality. ...Read More


17 days ago 401 Views

This book will give you a remind of some people in your daily life who is the main reason of your key of win, So this book much needed to read for every individual for promoting the next level with the help of some touchy line of this books, So my request to all don't waste your time buy this mo...Read More


Dhar, India

7 Reviews

Book for winners

17 days ago 356 Views

This is the book which can catapult you to the top of the world if you understand the content and also appy it in your life.in you can win shiv khera ji impress on what a positive personality should be thinking when he is concerning about his life(both personal life and proffestional life). t...Read More


Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, India

7 Reviews



17 days ago 400 Views

The biggest distinguishable about this book is its use of words is very simple, even a person having a basic knowledge of english can understand every concept of this book and get motivated.if a person feels low and demotivated it can energize you to take positive action and its gives the recepi...Read More

Awesome Motivational Bo0k

18 days ago 416 Views

Its very awesome book with the great presentation as well as motivational language which can add fuel to the fire on anyone's burning desire to bring about positive and productive results my personal experience is once upon a time I was struggling with my career I started reading this positiv...Read More

Real Inspiration of Book

20 days ago 470 Views (via Mobile)

With a solid presentation expressing that'Victors don't do diverse things. They do things another way' the writer momentarily puts the peruser toward the start of the street to achievement. You know how to stroll on with the assistance of an elegantly composed prelude, which acquaints you with t...Read More

You Can Win - Shiv Khera

22 days ago 464 Views (via Mobile)

I like the illustrations given to clarify the points.This book must be perused over and over once more. In one sense, this book is a development manual. It depicts the instruments you will requirement for achievement, and offers plans to help you fabricate an effective and remunerating life. In ...Read More

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