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You Can Win - Shiv Khera Reviews

Best book for brain....

2 days ago 73 Views

You can WIN is a recipe for success. But this one goes with the times. It’s instant! Yes, the book promises instant results making the reader remove the word impossible from their life. You can win book guides you with step by step instructions how to go from where you are to where you want t...Read More


Guna, India, India

7 Reviews

Awsm book for student..

8 days ago 181 Views

If you are not goal in your life then read this book and inspie of SHIV KHERA thought. this book is really awsm for a person who really want in change their life and. in this book real life event in the whole world. readability- this book is very intresting. but if your thought is that the bo...Read More


Latur, Maharashtra, India, India

3 Reviews

A Secret Book to open our secrets of mind

9 days ago 209 Views (via Mobile)

I have read this its very nice book to build our confidence to look positively towards life the steps given in this book to develop our mind so automatically a big change in your life. So everyone must read this book to take all the challenges of our life andlook positively towards it. A big lif...Read More

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Kendraparha, Orissa, India, India

2 Reviews



9 days ago 258 Views (via Mobile)

Sir this book help me to build my goal and personality in every situation .after studying this book I think I found new life and a good achievement in my life. And also get a positive think in every cases .this book help a lot of and give me a different idea to do something new, I love u sir


Bathinda, India, India

2 Reviews


Personality developer

12 days ago 306 Views (via Mobile)

An awesome book written by shiv khera tells people to believe in themselves. For the youth of our country specially to tell them how to be different and show the people the actual you. One can improve their personality and their way of thinking. It is just not a book but our partner who can what...Read More

Breathing to succeed

12 days ago 304 Views

The book YOU CAN WIN by Shiv Khera is a real inspiration to me. It is very aptly written, precise and concise by the author. I could understand the book like no other books and I admit it shaped my life in some forms with the examples and short stories given along. The book has kept my eyes stuc...Read More

Truely Inspirational ways to success

16 days ago 367 Views

I read this book as a growing kid. I still often run my eyes through the lines of this book. I used to be inspired and pumped as a teenager; I still get inspired as I read this book. This is one of the few self-help books that provide practical and easy methods to succeed. The methods mentioned ...Read More

Yes, you can win.

17 days ago 374 Views

The book You can win written by Mr. Shiv Khera one of my favourite writer. You can win, the name says it all. Its a masterpiece written on the pages. The book has a very clear point and that is follow

You can win

18 days ago 410 Views (via Mobile)

This book was released at Crossroads mall(shut long time back) in mumbai, and I got the first edition copy(as it was widely displayed) and they had lots of copies, I flipped a few pages and randomly read one page and was carried with the simple lucid language very beautifully explained little le...Read More


Harnai, Maharashtra, India, India

8 Reviews

1 Follower

You can win

21 days ago 444 Views (via Mobile)

The You can win-shiv khera book is very nice to read. You can change your mind change your attitude, though, your lifestyle well be change. We can change your full life. You can win-shiv khera is very interesting story to change your thoughts. I like this book.


Gwalior, India

1 Review

Ultimate book for Inspiration

21 days ago 423 Views

Mr. shiv khera had explained everything with example in a simple way so easy to understand.He took explosive example for sparking in your heart to success.I have personally changed views on every puzzles after reading this.Best book for Inspiration, for developing essential qualities for being s...Read More

Philosphical content

21 days ago 417 Views

You can win is basically a "have good ethics" kind of book.It is divided into various sections like positivity, good character, purpose in life, good deeds, hard work.The book has lots of positive quotes and messages in it.Firstly I was very excited to read this book the first 40 pages were good...Read More

Reborn Your Self Energitecally

24 days ago 479 Views

Hi friends, this book is very very very helpful. this book changed my life, my thought, my behavior and even my health and wealth also. I was surpriesed and my family and friends too. After reading this book I always feel my self energetic and hopefull. I never make my mind negative. I always th...Read More

Goooooood boook

Oct 27, 2016 04:52 PM 661 Views (via Mobile)

I've this e-book in my ebook shop and it's far one of my preferred books.By using studying this e book you get high quality vibes.Once I couldnot clean my ca exam this book became counseled with the aid of my friend.After I couldnot clear my cs examination I used to be complete of negativity and...Read More

This book is very good for ever one.

Oct 26, 2016 01:55 AM 706 Views

This book is very good.because there have lot of motivational story. This story made lot of confidence ours half.I have read this book many times. When I feel very nerves on that time I read this book.If you are fail lot of time you will try so much then you will improve.this book's words very e...Read More


Tekari, India

4 Reviews

Motivational book

Oct 26, 2016 01:29 AM 681 Views (via Mobile)

You can win is such a amazing book .this is not only a book this is a reason to make a lots of peoples successful. in every field.the word you can is make a huge science it gives us confidence to do something best and we can do our best.this book is written in very easy language literate to make...Read More


Meerut, India

23 Reviews

One of the best motivational book for all human

Oct 25, 2016 02:44 PM 694 Views

Hello friends I am going to give review on book you can win written by shiv khera and on the cover of the book my fav. quotes is written "winners dont's do diffrents things. they do things differently." and over 3.2 million copies sold in sixteen languages.the story and content written in this b...Read More


Bhusawal,Jalgaon,Maharashtra, India

1 Review

The motivational book ever

Oct 24, 2016 11:11 PM 703 Views (via Mobile)

It is one of top motivational book ever made by the motivational speaker Shiv khera The Book title "you can win" says everything it's teach how we can make our life simpler happier by making a very small change in thinking and working habits from that small changes we get very big results in ou...Read More


Kanpur, India

8 Reviews

Best life changing Book!!

Oct 19, 2016 07:49 PM 815 Views

With a strong introduction stating that ‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently’ the author instantaneously puts the reader at the beginning of the road to success. You know how to walk on with the help of a well-written preface, which familiarizes you with the book genre,...Read More

Shiv khera

Oct 19, 2016 04:56 PM 823 Views (via Mobile)

Shive khera is holistic mentor he composed the large portions of books even this book name is "YOU CAN WIN" hindi "AAPKI JEET" this book great to achive foal and each sort planing battling shive khera give too book between these book additionally well known this book exceedingly acclaimed in the...Read More

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