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Word Power Made Easy - Norman Lewis Reviews


Giridih, India

2 Reviews

Word power made easy

17 days ago 70 Views

Hi frnds, as the name suggests WORD POWER MADE EASY the book means the same, its a remarkable book if u r a mediocre and want to be a master in vocabulary I will truly recommend this book to you. BENEFITS You can solve 80% of your synonyms and antonyms in your competitive exams surely. ...Read More

Who read this book ?

23 days ago 90 Views

I found lots of books on internet to improve my English vocabulary and I got this book and when I read it. it's amazing due it's simplicity and this explain everything in a great manner so if you find a book to improve your English or vocabulary then it's bang on book so buy it . main feature...Read More

Root of Vocabulary

Dec 11, 2016 09:25 PM 157 Views

Hey guys, if you have problems with english vocabulary or wants to make your communication excellent then this book is the key to achieve that goal. It is a masterpiece for them who do not have enough english word in their pocket when they are communicating. It consist of sets of different...Read More

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Yes it has the power...

Dec 06, 2016 09:58 AM 193 Views

Hey, guys today I am sharing my review about #WordPowerMadeEasy-NormanLewis.This book was referred me by my teacher(mentor) from college.I had a very difficult time when it comes to vocabulary because it is tough to remember word directly through the dictionary I surely think most of us cannot h...Read More


Kolkatra, India

8 Reviews

A Must-buy for english vocabulary.

Oct 30, 2016 11:51 AM 325 Views

It is years old standard book for easily building your vocabulary and tease your friends and neighbors with esoteric words! If you have interest to learn new words if you are hungry for new vocabulary if you are preparing for GRE /CAT etc If you want to know the origin of words and w...Read More

It can improve your vocabulary

Oct 09, 2016 12:14 PM 352 Views

I bought this book when I was preparing for cat exam and other competitive exam. This book was suggested by my sir and at very first instance, I found this book very useful. This book has all the things to make your vocabulary strong and easy way by which you can easily remember the words. This ...Read More

Words get better if the made with other words

Oct 06, 2016 09:08 PM 374 Views

How many words can you make from "D" except name of place person, in 2 minutes How you can spell Czechoslovakia, what is the meaning of BELLICOSE THAT KIND OF WORDS, WHICH THIS BOOK HELPS YOU TO GET EASY WORD POWER MADE EASY - The title is very appropriate! Trust me, This is the best...Read More

Word power made easy is improving vocabulary skill

Oct 06, 2016 08:54 PM 368 Views (via Mobile)

So many have problem of vocabulary and pronunciation while speaking English. To overcome this problem the best and popular book and very trustyful book is word power made easy. By this book every can speak English with superb vocabulary knowledge and with pronunciation. This book is most suitabl...Read More


New Delhi, India

2 Reviews

Vocabulary Booster,helpd alot in competitive exams

Aug 31, 2016 09:00 PM 480 Views

It's a really good and efficient book to gain vocabulary in a very simple techniques. The way of learning from this book was so different .as I read many other books but experience from this book was beyond anything.The writer Made a very good techniques to familiarise from words.as they ment...Read More


Agartala, India

2 Reviews

1 Follower

Make you vocabulary super strong

Aug 11, 2016 01:32 PM 574 Views

"Word Power Made Easy" is the best book for improving your vocabulary alltime.I regret why just someone did not tell me to read this book when I was in class nine.I was recommended this book when I was in the first year.I bought this book and read it.And I assure you that if you finish this book...Read More


Lucknow, India

10 Reviews

Word power made easy

Jul 16, 2016 12:12 AM 688 Views

A complete handbook for building a superior vocabulary, Word Power Made Easy will teach you how to speak and write with confidence as well as how to read more effectively and efficiently. It will help you to learn more quickly, develop social contacts, and increase your earning power.Word Power ...Read More

Nice book

Jun 26, 2016 09:32 PM 725 Views

Great book for increasing vocabulary for daily used words. there are around 45-50 sessions. after each session, some tests are there.which are very good. so you can check your vocab. and can revise what you have learnt. beneficial for various competitive exams also. most of the vocab question...Read More


Damanjodi , India

12 Reviews

Valuable Book.

Jun 22, 2016 06:44 PM 762 Views

=WORD POWER MADE EASY= The book is really good. I buy it and read it line by line. it makes myvocabulary strong and accurate. Norman Lewis was a best writer, we can easily understand the book while reading.It comes in very cheap rate. about this book I suggest that after following this boo...Read More

Best to learn concept in easy going

Jun 21, 2016 07:47 AM 804 Views

This book is one of the best book for improving english, building vocabulary and learning the concept of english in a easy method. although the book looks very thick but the weight is quite less and yes price is also very less. actually the book is written in very lucid manner to make ever...Read More

Best book to improve Vocabulary

May 30, 2016 10:06 PM 913 Views

This book " Word Power Made Easy " By Norman Lewis is the most important book for someone who want to improve vocabulary . Even for them who are preparing to get Civil service or any other PSU job. This book has lots of section with exercise, author Lewis said in the beginning that its not a ...Read More

Very good book to increase vocabulary

Mar 24, 2016 06:49 PM 1185 Views (via Mobile)

This book has increased my vocabulary a lot. This book traces the Latin or Greek origin of English words and this makes it easy to remember the words and even identify related words. The book is divided into sessions and each session has many exercises at the end which helps to test your underst...Read More

Its not a book , Its an asset

Mar 12, 2016 12:50 AM 1314 Views

Norman lewis needs no introduction. He is an authority on the English Language. Its one of his bestselling books. Its an asset for any person who wants to master this language. Its a self help book. Every thing is explained in detail. He teaches you the etymology of the words.Some interesting on...Read More


Allahabad, India, India

3 Reviews

Best for MBA preparation

Feb 16, 2016 04:47 AM 1338 Views (via Mobile)

This book is one of the best book for vocabulary and it not only help a student to learn easily and quickly but also let them to learn to pronounce the new words correctly. It also helps a student to sharpen verbal skills and to master nouns verbs and other in no time.


Sonipat, India

25 Reviews

Perfect sollution for vocabulary

Feb 15, 2016 11:41 PM 1318 Views

If you want to improve your vocabulary and got fed up of reading many books and remembering the many word form random books on vocabulary and if you want to try someting different then this kinda book is for you. its a very unique book, form which you can improve in a very interesting way . I...Read More

Good book for build vocabs

Jan 16, 2016 11:58 AM 1466 Views (via Mobile)

Hello friends, when I was in class fifth my school teacher has recommend me to buy this book.still I am using this book.this book has no match with other book.this book guide to build vocabulary with day basis and also give us idea about word association.some words carry similar meaning so that ...Read More

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