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Ten Best Devotional Songs Tips

Bowing head before your grace, O Lord !

Nov 17, 2012 06:14 AM Read

Frankly admitting, I was more or less an atheist in my life until the selfless and innocent love of a highly religious girl turned me into a believer. Considering the religious sentiments rooted too deep in the psyche of the Indian masses, Bollywood movies have always been coming up with devotio...Read More

Good Inspiring and Devotional

May 26, 2009 12:14 PM Read

My list of Ten Best Devotional songs actually Iam having many devotional songs in my mind but this category is for Ten Arziyaan Movie:Delhi 6 Music Director-A R Rahman Film Director-Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra Good lyrics and very soothing feel excellent picurisation In Omkaar M...Read More

A motivational -TUPYAR KA SAGAR HAI

Jan 10, 2009 04:28 PM Read

Again, as always, the lyrics of this song left me mused. Back to memory lane - almost 45 years - when as a teenager 10th standard student preparing for final exams, depressed, inpain and embedded for more than two months after a drastic accident knowing not what to do for the fast oncoming and t...Read More

~*~ Tu pyaar ka saagar hain *~*

Jan 10, 2009 12:57 AM Read

Tu pyaar ka saagar hain teri ek boond ke pyaase hum lautaa jo diya tumne, chale jaayenge jahaan se hum tu pyaar ka saagar hain Most of us have the habit of turning towards God only when we are very sad. He is always our first and last resort. He alone has power to give life as well a...Read More

O paalan hare...

Oct 20, 2006 02:48 PM Read

Wow!What a subject to write a review on this auspicious day!Today is Chhoti Diwali or Narakchaudas or better known as the day when no matter what you have to take a bath! and clean every nook and corner of your house or else you will remain dirty all year! Wow!What a tradition our elders made!an...Read More


Jun 25, 2006 10:43 AM Read

I am sharing my thoughts on some of the best albums on chants meant for meditation. Sacred Chants of Shiva * For anyone looking for an album on meditation this is IT! I heard it first whenmy roommate who was into meditation and "Art of Living" used to play itquite often. This album is from...Read More

The Juggernaut is A Hundred Fifty

Jan 30, 2005 08:32 PM Read

Prologue TRADITION appears unglamorous and obsolete not because it is inapplicable to today?s context, but because it is soaked in symbolism that either we have forgotten or refuse to learn. Why are most of us enamored by the west so much? The true reason is not that the west is full of ideas...Read More

My 10 Best Devotional Songs

Jan 22, 2005 07:37 AM Read

Every morning when you get up u want to hear something good. Which is nice to your ear, body and soul. So that you can lead for a better day ahead. The best thing can be music and if it is devotional then that adds more charm to it. Any work which needs your hundred percent, try doing in the ear...Read More

In thee lie our power

Nov 02, 2004 08:48 PM Read

A few months ago I have been to my aunt?s place, a very religious and pious lady. Her shelf was full of various cassettes of religious songs. The only exception being a record of Saath?saath and Arth. The one that caught my attention was a collection of religious songs from Hindi movies an...Read More

Remember thy name

Oct 23, 2004 01:21 PM Read

The festive mood now seems to be in full swing. With Ras Garba getting everybody dancing to its tunes and temples attracting hordes of people, I began to wonder if its because of this atmosphere that I feel like listening to devotional songs or is it just a huge expanse of time after which I hav...Read More

Sheer Bliss

Jul 09, 2004 12:15 PM Read

Music has a strange power to transform one’s atmosphere, influence moods and create scenes. In fact it can be used as a therapy in itself. A loud foot-tapping music may send you into a boogeying tizzy while on the other hand, a peaceful chant could propel you into the throes of a meditative jour...Read More

Resonate with Light

Jul 04, 2004 08:31 PM Read

Devotional songs from films. This is a topic that I never did think I  would be writing, but here I am. These songs I mention here under have been inspiring for me . 1) Allah Tero Naam - Hum Dono, lyrics by Sahir Saab, music by Jaidev. This is a soulful song having amazing lyrics. It shows in...Read More

Ten Best Devotional songs from films

Sep 09, 2003 10:13 AM Read

Devotion is nothing but unquestionable, complete surrender of heart, mind, intellect to God, the Almighty, without expecting any material thing in return but peace. When sage Narada asked Lord Vishnu, where he does he actually stay, Lord Vishnu answered “ Neither I live in Vaikuntha, nor with Yo...Read More

Songs that touch your soul.

Sep 03, 2003 03:52 AM Read

Long time never could get down to do something as it is taking me time to get over my mum. Anyway no way then turning to God is the best way for mankind. So let us see if the chosen songs by me touch you all. 1)Ay malik tere bandhey hum aise ho hamare karam naki par chaley aur bhadi par...Read More

Sublime experience

Mar 12, 2003 05:04 PM Read

Review: Firstly, I would like to give full credit to fellow MS member and friend, Karan Arora, for inspiring me write on this topic. In the times, of rock and roll, and Nikammas and Kambakts and Kameenaas, listening to devotional music, soothens your soul and uplifts your spirit. I would be a...Read More


Mar 07, 2003 03:50 AM Read

After giving you the twenty best songs of the previous year, I was browsing through Mouthshut when I suddenly found this topic. Just the name brought back memories of Haridwar and Rishikesh.the sound of bhajans from the temples which started at 4 in the morning and finished at 8 in the night! An...Read More

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