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Sagar Apollo Hospital, Aicobo Nagar, Bangalore Reviews


coimbatore, India

3 Reviews

Worst Experience.

Jun 19, 2014 02:32 PM 6613 Views

I visited Apollo hospitals, jayanagar 3rd block. I was unsatisfied from the reception to the health . provider.They dont have care even for name sake. Just for a minor crack in my dads foot, they made a bill of Rs. 4030 without Xray.we already had a Xray done. Instead of putting a normal POP, th...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review

Pathetic Treatment, Horrible Service & High Cost

May 14, 2014 02:43 PM 7120 Views

Hoping that I will never have to go back to this place again! Will start with receptionist who is not at all interested in talking to you. Ask her about anything she will talk only in sign language as though talking is taxable. You follow her sign language and land on another dump of a lady she ...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review

Run by Money makers

Dec 29, 2013 04:21 PM 10208 Views

This is about Sagar Appllo Hospital at Bannerghatta Road. I took my one and half year daughter to emergency ward . She suffered very deep cut just above her eye. There was one doctor(calls himself a surgeon) named Dr Nafeez. I asked him what is the best treatment. This rogue is giving me choi...Read More

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bangalore, India

1 Review

Butcher shop - Butter Butchering in Sagar Hospital

Sep 21, 2013 01:32 PM 11111 Views

Hey guys, whoever reads this.. this is a story of suffering of me and my family. I had admitted my dad in Sagar hospital in Kumarswamy layout. They admitted in ICU for more than 2 weeks for Heart problem. They siphoned money worth 3.5 lacs giving hope that he would live. Finally when I saw no...Read More

Just for money

Feb 02, 2013 03:31 PM 11077 Views

Very poor management toilets and doctors (am not sure whether they are real doctors!).........................................................................................................................


Bangalore, India

1 Review

Worst Hospital in Bangalore, Indirect Blackmail

Nov 28, 2012 11:10 PM 11626 Views

If any one is looking for hospital in Bangalore, never ever think of Sagar Hospitals (earlier its Sagar Apollo). I was in this hospital for 15 days and was like in a literal black-mail after joining and unable to go to any other hospital. The doctors never gave me proper information and they ...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review

This hospital is a money making institute

Nov 27, 2012 09:39 PM 10927 Views

After the release of my father after angiogram, they took 6 hours to give the report after I made cash payment. When I went back to get a CD of the report, they demanded 1000 rs for the CD. I gave that, they made me wait for 3 hours to get the CD saying that the CD is stuck in the Computer. This...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review


Feb 05, 2012 01:04 AM 12448 Views

These people are complete commerciThese people are complete commercial. They will try to extract money from you as much as they can. Even the staffs are not very rude and not co-operative at all. These people will put unnecessary stuff in your bill. My experience is really horrible and will neve...Read More


Bangalore, India

2 Reviews

A killer hospital

Jan 19, 2012 07:59 PM 16549 Views

Delivery of my second son was done by Dr. Aarthi Bharat. After operation my wife used to feel pain but doctor kept on assuring that everything is fine. Now after around 3 years when the pain increased a lot and ultrasound was done for the abdomen, it is diagnosed that there is a blockage in uret...Read More


Periyakulam, India

1 Review

An Ordeal at Sagar Hospitals, Jaya Nagar, Bangalor

Dec 20, 2011 03:43 PM 12281 Views

My sincere recommendation to people NOT to visit Sagar Hospital, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. This is the hospital that I use to visit for any treatment. It used to be good few years ago. I'm not sure if their business has gone down now. During last 2 visits to this hospital for my dad as an out-pa...Read More


bangalore, India

1 Review

Doctors at Sagar: They don't listen to us

Nov 30, 2011 10:59 AM 12836 Views

We had a very bitter experience at Sagar Hospitals. I took my wife for a consulation to gynaecologist. They are behind only money and they don't have time to listen to what the patient has to say. their attitude is so rude and in-humane. my wife was asked to have an abdominal scan but the scanni...Read More


Madanapalle, India

1 Review

Please avoid Dr.Jayshree Gynic in Sagar CLinic BSK

Nov 21, 2011 03:16 PM 12078 Views

Hi all, Please avoid going to Sagar Clinic which in BSK especially Dr.Jayshree Gynic. Dctor is always behind the money and they wont taking care of patient....... They how to earn money better not treating the patients...I visited this hospital for wife when she got pregenacy... nd thay su...Read More


bangalore, India

1 Review

Insulting experience

Nov 15, 2011 10:14 AM 11024 Views

Hi, Iam a of orydoctor by profession and I had to take my husband there since after a viral fever his liver enzymes were elevated consistently. during the consultation the doctor was absolutely not giving an ear to what I was telling him. when I told him that my husband h as drinks at time...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review

Sagar Apollo - Indiranagar! Inhuman Front Office

Nov 15, 2011 10:09 AM 11483 Views

Sagar Apollo - Indiranagar! I had crossed my 9th month of pregnancy, with severe abdominal pain and rushed to meet my gynacologist Dr.Jaya Bhat. I could not even stand or sit but the receptionist refused to let me in. She stuck by the hospital rules "FIRST COME FIRST" basis but if she had ...Read More


bangalore, India

1 Review

Stay away if you want to be alive

Aug 30, 2011 10:53 AM 11386 Views

I have not seen even a small clinic as worse as this sagar hospital. They dont KNOW what an " emergency" mean. Dr. Jay Prakash, Please beware of him, if ever you happen to meet him. They just go on and on and on with the tests, the results of which never appear nor explained. Although its our ri...Read More


bangalore, India

1 Review

Sagar Hospitals no longer in apollo shadow

Jul 07, 2011 07:31 PM 12152 Views

My mother with a case history of Intra-venous thrombolysis has admitted to the sagar hospitals few months back.this site had given me mixed reviews about the tertiary health care. Today my mother is completely stable and I owe it to the meticulous neuro surgeons and neurologists at the sagar ...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review


Apr 25, 2011 02:57 AM 12563 Views

My experience is dated way back to 2007. My father met with head injury from a fall. My sister admitted my father into this hospital. They did all the scan's (CT scan, X-RAY etc, .., ), blood tests etc., , They then took my father into operation room and held him for more than 8 hours first time...Read More


bombay, India

2 Reviews

Apollo Hospital Bangalore :Foot surgery

Mar 01, 2011 02:24 PM 12476 Views

It’s a foot pain which I always had since childhood having trouble in wearing leather shoes & wearing sport gear as I am also fond of cricket.I have neglected it  for 20 years now.I thought of taking first opinion from my uncle who is a general physician Medicine. I was immediately asked to ...Read More


Bangalore, India

1 Review

Not preferable in emergency

Feb 03, 2011 02:08 PM 13109 Views

My aunt passed away on sunday night, but her people took to Sagar Appollo hospitals tilaknagar hoping that she is not well and she will get well. Doctors said that she is unconscious and kept her for 2 days in ICU and they charged 2 lakhs for that though she died 2 days back just for money th...Read More


bangalore, India

1 Review

1 Follower

LIFE TAKERS not GIVERRS....i SAY strongly to avoid

Jan 16, 2011 05:19 PM 13566 Views

Sagar Apollo docs I don't know why they play with life of a patient, in my own experience recently that is yesterday, my brother lost life in this butcher hospital, they simply charged 13 lakhs money for 2 weeks service. He met with an accident on road. It would be better if he died on spot r...Read More

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