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Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki Reviews

Very interesting book

1 day ago Read

This book all about how to become a rich and our mindset toward life in this book how to work our mind and thought. if you think your are rich in future you can reach to you goal. in this book there is two dad one is rich dad and another one is poor both are well educated and both are telling...Read More

This book is for all bussiness begineers..........

2 days ago Read

This is not just about money.It's about how to manage a money and how to understand its problem. these book are very good for those who fight every day with money problems. the book is great for people like me who think in pictures and in theory.he explain his financial theories clearly an...Read More


4 days ago Read


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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

5 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Dear Viewers and Readers, Alwsys I hated reading books and always stayed at some distance from books other than my syllabus but when I got this book in gift and after hearing much about it, I read and I found it so useful that I can't even express. Till now I read it thrice whole. To under...Read More

Have a Rich Dad

5 days ago Read

I love reading motivational book but amongst all I found this book most useful because this book teaches us how we can thing like a billionaire and be a billionaire just by changing our thoughts. this book teaches us how we are surrounded by poor dads and we need to search real rich dad and shou...Read More

It will Reset your Brain

8 days ago Read

It is till now the best Book I have ever read in  a non-fiction category and a must read book for all . From the beginning it will start affecting its reader in some new way. It is a real story of a person named as Robert who becomes a wealthy business man under the guidance of his Rich dad whic...Read More

Rich dad poor dad knowledgable book

8 days ago Read (via Mobile)

That is a very good and very knowledge full full. In thar book you will read and learn that how to earn money, why to earn money, how money work for you. Usually people work for only money that book teach you that don't work for money. The writter of book is learn when he only 9 year old that te...Read More

Learning aspect book

20 days ago Read

The book overall have a learning aspect of dreaming and taking path and two aspect is shown which I found is really helpful in getting what we need to learn regarding our attitude of money making process. Overall the book is good when you want something to clear your mind with complexities in ch...Read More

Rich Dad Poor Dad

25 days ago Read

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It advocates the importance of financial independence and building wealth .Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in the style of a set of parables, ostensibly based on Kiyosaki's life Story: Real Dad was very educated, wor...Read More

Nice book about smart way to invest your money

27 days ago Read

I have recently finished reading this book and I have found it awesome. The author Robert Kiosaki is not only a rich person but also a good writer. He has explained the difference between a common man's thinking and a rich man's thinking. He has explained the way to roll money in such a way it s...Read More

Fundamental MBA at Home

28 days ago Read

I bought this book a month back, and it took me a full month to complete it, not because I am a slow reader but it is too interesting to be read fast. Robert T. Kiyosaki did a commendable job in bringing this treasure of knowledge to the rest of the world in such a decent way. The way he describ...Read More

Rich Dad Poor Dad Is Most Famous Book About Wealth

28 days ago Read

Rich Dad Poor Dad Is One Of The Most Famous Book Tell You About Wealth. How To Increase Your Wealth. Book Author Name Is Robert T. Kiyosaki. Author Give  Messages For Money Saver's  "Your House Is Not An Asset"  "Savers Are Losers". Book Contents is Given Below. Chapter 1: The Ric...Read More

Even a poor can become rich !!

Feb 21, 2017 12:50 PM Read

This book breaks all the myths that says only rich can become richer and poor will die poor! The boo discusses the mind set of a high income level person and a middle income level one, it shows the contrast about what are the things which when applied in our life and business can reap greater...Read More

Book is awesome

Feb 19, 2017 01:28 AM Read

If you want to increase money and earnings and become rich. guess what? one solution is go for this 100 rs book from amazon that can change your life and your thinking Everyone should read the book once so that they are not suffering from financial crisis in their life. the book is writ...Read More

Its book best seller this year

Feb 18, 2017 06:52 PM Read

Its book best seller this year. so this book is best book for the start the new bigness and freshers, and his Marathi language edition it also best edition. this book is only 202 pages and is words is so simple.then you bye this book and read. Robert Kiyosaki is the best part of my happy life ma...Read More

India should not follow this rule

Feb 17, 2017 08:13 AM Read

If we talk about readability then in this good quote phrases are used by the author which make interesting in reading the reach dad and poor dad story  directly compare business vs job orientated people . IN this story author has two dad  dont take in other way mean to say that author that is...Read More

Super Value Book (BUY IT)

Feb 16, 2017 04:12 PM Read

Hey there if your reading these you should surely buy these book "RICH DAD POOR DAD" by ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI the BEST SELLER book. These is a PERSONAL FINANCE BOOK OF ALL TIME! great book full of wisdom on what the Rich teach their kids about money. These book has a lots of wisdom click sure to bu...Read More

Buy it or Bye it ??

Feb 14, 2017 03:42 PM Read

This Book isn't for Everyone.Its Only for Peoples who Crore Pati from Road Pati! Yeh You heard right? If you wish to Enjoy Financial Freedom in life.you re on right track my dear.I first time read this book in 2005 in Banglore and but was hardly applied on daily life, But read again again in lif...Read More

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki

Feb 08, 2017 12:11 AM Read

Dear Friends trust me you cannot become rich, if you have not read this book, This book has changed my life, my thought process. After reading this book I came to know that, what ever we have been taught in the school and colleges that is not going to help us in making money, We can never bec...Read More

Best book if u want to become rich

Feb 01, 2017 05:27 PM Read

This is the best book which was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. In this they show the mental condition and thinking of rich and and the poor. In this book they show how his rich dad who only passed 8th standard and teach him to become a rich and how his poor educated dad who got PHD but he didn't...Read More

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