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Parle G Biscuits Reviews

Very tasty biscuit

few seconds agoRead

I love this biscuit due to its flavour and of course due to its cost also. I have eaten this biscuit and still sometimes when feeling hungry I usuallY by a small packet worth of Rs. 5.product quality also awesome one. This small pack gives competition to other biscuits of the small pack like...Read More

Best Selling Biscuits in the World

10 hrs 4 mins agoRead

Parle-G, it is the name which reminds you your childhood memory. I am using Parle-G biscuits since my chiledhood. It is the largest selling biscuit in the world. The first factory was set up in 1929 with just 12 people.  Parle-G biscuits were called Parle Gluco Biscuit earlier.Its flavor is ...Read More

India's loved snack for every generation

10 hrs 7 mins agoRead

Parle-g is one of the oldest biscuit in indian marketit also is spreading its root in foreign countriesparle-g can give challenge to top to top biscuit manufacturing companythis is because parle-g have maitained their taste and flavour exactly the same as it was launchedthis bisc...Read More

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Parle G yummm

1 day agoRead (via Android App)

This is one biscuit I can eat any time. I have grown up eating this biscuit. Probably the first biscuit I can remember in my childhood days. Its sweet cruncy and the best to have at tea time. Infact I can eat this just like that. Whenever I feel hungry just a small packet of Parle G and I m done...Read More

Oldest and tastiest biscuit till now.

2 days agoRead

Specifications: Parle-G is the most selling and one of the oldest, trusted biscuit in market, the taste of the biscuit is very good. Parle is making Parle-G from past 30 years approximately.Flavor of the biscuit is very good and that is the reason everybody loves the taste and flavor of the ...Read More

Parle G - Largest Selling Biscuit in the world

2 days agoRead

Parle G is a big selling biscuit. It is very famous biscuit that is eaten since my childhood to till Date.It is very tasty biscuit that is connected with my child memories and It is good for health and It is totally made by WHEAT and GRAIN. It is temporary energy biscuit, It is very tasty so...Read More

Remrmber of my childhood memory

2 days agoRead (via Android App)

Parle G is the best biscuit and tasty biscuit.It is associated with my childhood memory.It is made of whole wheat grain which is good for health.It is affordable in price with nearly 8 or10 biscuits inside.It tastes so well, my childhood passes away eating this biscuit.Even now, that I am grown ...Read More

Made my childhood

2 days agoRead

The best buiscuit during my childhood, Parle G buiscuits with tea the best combination, and it is also good to munch during the break, paticularly during tv programs or while watching movies.tp be particular the taste is good.even with that low price it comes with a well packed manner, these are...Read More

Parle G the childhood memory

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

Wow what a great taste parle has been providing us since long time and what a nice smell of this biscuits. Parle G the glucose buiscuit pris is very low. Sugar combination is great. I also visit the parly company also. They are making parly product very cleanly and it is hygienic for our health....Read More

Oldest yet the best

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

P for parle and G for genius, these biscuits come with this tag line. These are awesome biscuits . I have been eating these biscuits since my childhood. These are brought every week at my house and we finish them in just 2-3 days. These taste more yummy when they are eaten up with tea or milk. L...Read More


5 days agoRead

Hi. friends. I am having this biscuits many times. Flavor of this biscuits is very good and it contain wheat powder and salt and sugar it is very easy to digest children. Most of the doctors recommend patients during the lose motion to take Parle g. It reduce lose motion also. Biscuit is very ya...Read More

Parle G

5 days agoRead (via Android App)

Parle g biscuits is a very old brand of parle company.I am eating this buiscuits since I was a child.Parle g, G means glucose.This is one of the best product of parle company.I like this very much.this buiscuit is healthy for us.there is no food adultration.It is a pure and quality product.In my...Read More

The king of Biscuits

5 days agoRead

I would say that Parle G is the king of BiscuitsIt satisfies individual's hunger. It contains the glucose, milk, iron and calcium which is very essential for human body.My personal experience is if you have one packet Parle G with tea then you can sustain for 5 hours.This biscuit is ...Read More

Biscuit with G (Glucose)

6 days agoRead

This biscuit company is very old biscuit company. Even me having this biscuit from my childhood and its taste is very nice. Basically this biscuit is meant for instant energy. In the ancient days people use to carry this biscuit for long journey so that they can stay for long period of time with...Read More

Good biscuits

6 days agoRead

The parle g is one of the oldest brand in the market which very good at taste . they have good sales in the market since it launch .they are one of the best brand biscuits in the market. it has good flavor satisfaction . it is very good at taste they provide high and rich vitamins in the biscuit...Read More

Among the best biscuits ever!!!

6 days agoRead

I am eating these awesome biscuits since I was a child and now as a engineering student, I still love them.These biscuits can be really good for the guys living in hostels as they can really be your rescuer at times like bad food at hostel.I am gym guy and eat them with milk, it gave me ...Read More

Parle -G

6 days agoRead

In parle-G, G stands for glucose. It is a tasty biscuit.It is delicious. The product was established in 1926.Parle G is an oldest brand name in India. Parle's focus on quality. We have grown into a global brand by consistently delivering quality.Ever since its inception, parle has always endeavo...Read More

Great as usual

7 days agoRead (via Mobile)

The company parle has maintained it's taste and tradition of providing healthy and tasty products till date and the biggest evidence of that is the Parle-G biscuit.This is the largest selling biscuit of the world.No other brand or biscuit company is as famous as parle g.The crispy and crunchy ta...Read More

Parle G Biscuits

7 days agoRead

An excellent taste at an affordable prize.Now a days its hard to find an economical product at an affordable date.Parle G is such a product which provides you that.The popularity of Parle G biscuits is because of its affordability and its good taste.This 75 year old brand in bisc...Read More

G for Genious,,,

8 days agoRead (via Android App)

Today I am reviewing on parle G biscuits.parle company is very trustworthy.i ate parle G biscuits since childhood.me and my family always trust this company.Taste of biscuit is perfect.and anyone can ate it for fastly energy need.The packing of this biscuit is still same as before 20year...Read More

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