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Parle G Biscuits Reviews

Genius in the name only

4 days ago Read

Hello everyone this is not a biscuits which I tested in my childhood which is very good in test at very short price.but biscuits which come in market at that time lost his quality and do not give its test which for parle famous.it is also difficult to eat with tea bkz it melt quickly with tea.si...Read More


6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Plarle G biscuit is the biscuit which is selling in the market from more then 50 years.The tasts of the biscuit is very good and the biscuit is loved by all group age people. I eat this biscuit daily with tea and don't get bored with his taste.The packaging of the biscuit is too good as well ...Read More

Parle G - G for Genius Why i Loved it? Read Here..

10 days ago Read

What to utter! Parle is all the time my favorite brand for multiple reasons few of them are mentioned below, These biscuits were first time given to me in 1st grade school with milk initially I didn't like the taste but having it daily on recess time made it most tasty food for my hunger, til...Read More

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Parle g biscuits 240g test and healthy

11 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle product was established as by confectionery in the vile parle suburb of mumbai. parle g biscuits were earlier called parle gluco biscuits until the 1980 the G in thecname parle g originally stood for glucose though a later brand slogan stated g means genius. This biscuits very tasty and...Read More

My all time favourite!

14 days ago Read

Hey guys, I would like to share about our very old Palrle-G biscuit. I have been having these biscuits ever since the age of 6 and they have been my all time favourite biscuits with my glass of milk or tea. I must say that even today, these biscuits have the same old taste and flavour to it like...Read More

King Of all Biscuit

20 days ago Read (via Android App)

I really feel that Parle G Biscuit Is the king of all biscuit. Its taste and flavour is so good.In our family everyone like parle G. Because the quality is very nice. My Father shouldnot compromise with the product quality. But he like this Biscuit to take with the tea. In morning we take Parle ...Read More

Simple Flavor

21 days ago Read (via iOS App)

Hi, Today I am talking about the Parle G Biscuits. Its flavour not good beacuse its flavor like as before. Parle do not modified own product. one day I purchased a biscuits of Parle G for my nephew. He ignore the eat for parle G fllavor beacuse chilld bot like also. Its quality not good. When...Read More


25 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle g products was established as by confectionery in the vile parle suburb of mumbai in 1929 it been manufacturing biscuits 1939. in 1947 when India became indipendent the company launched an ad campaign show casing it's gluco brand of biscuits as an Indian alternative to the British biscuits...Read More


25 days ago Read

Hi friends.From many past years iam a regular costumer of Parle G biscuit. A pack of parle g biscuit and tea my morning doesn't start.but really it was regretted to say these days I found many solid particles pieces of cardboard papers seems inside the biscuits, and the biscuits are slightly ...Read More

Indias largest selling biscuit

30 days ago Read (via Android App)

I am eating parle g bisucits from my childhood and even today my day starts with parle g buscuits. Indeed this biscuit is the one of the brand name which represents india all over the world. Once I had visited dubai. The housekeeping staff visited my room for cleaning it. He asked me are you an ...Read More

I am seeing it since I born

Jul 17, 2017 10:53 PM Read (via Android App)

What magic the small baby have I do not know, but it is still in the market. I am talking about the photo of the baby on Parle-G packet. This biscuit has been there in the market since two decades. We can conclude from this that how good the biscuit is. From children to adult, every one likes th...Read More

BEST TEA TIME WITH PARLE -G glucose biscuit

Jul 17, 2017 09:46 PM Read

THE biscut are very best compination for the tea time .around 5 rs or 10 rs pack it contains 12 biscutitsper pack IT is very low cost . best product quality on the cheapest price since my childhood I had using this biscut in my tea time . it is little bit salty, crispy .no cream contains . th...Read More

Good in quality

Jul 17, 2017 11:56 AM Read (via Mobile)

First of all I want to tell about the quality of parley G biscuits, it is made with rich in wheat and milk, it's really tasty and it will not cause any problems in your body if you eat it for many number of years also because from my childhood till now I eat this biscuit. It's price is very a...Read More

Perfect companion of the children

Jul 16, 2017 10:00 PM Read

As I have already stated that Parle g is the best companion for the children. I also became a fan of this biscuit from childhood. So what do you think? You also? May be. Because children love biscuits and chocolates. It`s flavor is very good. Taste is also very good. You would not find this type...Read More

Best since born

Jul 16, 2017 08:09 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends I want to share my review on Parle G biscuits. I start my morning breakfast with Parle G biscuits . These biscuits are my constant companion since my schooling days. It is best quality products buy Parle . I eating this biscuits since I was a child of 5. My mother always r...Read More

Parle G

Jul 15, 2017 11:59 PM Read (via Android App)

I am eating parle G biscuit , from many years and I saw the parle g biscuit is most effective for me . In the parle g biscuit more vitamins grains and veat . This is more effective for me and more hepfull for me . Parle g biscuit is more fantastic and more fabbulas and it is more power ful...Read More

Parle G = Genious

Jul 15, 2017 03:22 PM Read

Hi Friends, Today I am sharing my review on Parle G. It is one of the oldest biscuit even I can every one ate this on his childhood. Parle G Biscuits made with whole wheat and milk and active glucose. After eating half packet of biscuit a human fell bit energetic. Glucose help to get instant ene...Read More

Best biscuits

Jul 15, 2017 10:12 AM Read

I am eating these biscuits from my childhood I like these very much and I also recommend these to my friends.flavour of the biscuits is also very good when I eat these biscuits I feel the taste of milk which is very tasty.quality of product is very good it is made from all healthy ingredients li...Read More

Parle G G maane ginius

Jul 15, 2017 12:00 AM Read

HI friends it use to be my best favorite buscuit in childhood Parle - G by parle, they buscuit quality is good the design simple and normal . the packaging is ok. today when all the other buiscuits brands have so many different teasts and sheilds but parle g is the only one who has not change...Read More

The healty and good biscuit

Jul 14, 2017 12:58 PM Read

The parle - g biscuites, I am eating this biscuite from lot so many years, and I am fully satasfied the biscuite is normal in flvour not so many flavouring agents are added to it but it is still quite good, the quality of the prouct is meating all the nesessary aspects, this buiscuit is ve...Read More

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