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Parle G Biscuits Reviews

Its one of the best

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

Hello everyone Parle g it is the most famous biscuit company in my society. Not only because of its price and quality bur also because of its acceseblity. Most companies had big advetisement but its product is not accessable to all the local areas. The product is ok in taste to good in price ...Read More

Parle G Biscuits

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

These parle G biscuits are old brands biscuits , I was consuming this biscuits since my childhood. Yeah , like others I too was interested in this biscuits . But as the time went it's quality just got worst , the taste was totally bad . I trusted this biscuits because of it's quality and I...Read More

Great biscuit

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

Parle g is my favourite biscuits over a long time.The taste of parle g is fabulous and yummy.It is good product as I satisfied to give 4 star.I like the packing of this biscuit.Packing is great than other biscuit.I cant leave this biscuit.Its not only my favourite but I can guess it is favourite...Read More

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Good brand with Awsome taste

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle-G is very popular brand. this biscuits am seeing when I was child and it's very good quality and unique taste. This flavour is creamy and very superior taste. It's made with both combination of health and taste. Filled with milk and wheat. It has more nutrients. All age group people lik...Read More

My childhood memories make his product awesm

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello my friends and I m your tech boy and today I want to share my experiences I mean my childhood times its was awesome and this product of biscuits is glucose levels inthis product is very high and effective I like this product of flavor of litille glucose and sweet test and the product quali...Read More

Lowwwww.. Quality developed

2 days ago Read (via Mobile)

The most selling product in buiscits in India is the parle g and the taste of this biscuit is obeisily good .and its advertisement is also be seen in the television and in social media so that this is selling too much . after all I see the video of its factory then all things cleared how it mak...Read More

Parle G - Said as G for Genius

2 days ago Read

This Biscuit which is a product of Parle has been in market for 70 years . The flavors of this biscuit includes Glucose, Milk, wheat e.t.c and surely it tastes good. The quality of this product is good which suits for small kids and children also the package is fine protecting the biscuit from i...Read More

PARLE G (G) for genius

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

PARLE is veri big brand of indian food prodacts parle rasks parle biscets and more den of chanls in parle parle and britaniya this two campenis is veri capitetiv campenis this campenis is no 1 is parle this two campenis ko given veri good campitishan sanfist campeni Parle g biscets is veri veri ...Read More

Parle G : king of Biscuits

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle G. Parle G biscuits is My all Time Favourite biscuits. Since childhood I am lover of Parle G biscuits. Parle G biscuits is product of Parle Company. Which is very old company which produces biscuits from last 70 years. Parle has many biscuits products. But leading and everyone's f...Read More


2 days ago Read

Hallo friends today I am talk about Parle-G Biscuit.In my opinion parle-G biscuit is the best biscuit for any kind of people specially children.It is lowest cost biscuit.so ability of every people to buy this biscuit.And the biscuit is also good because it helps the grouth of nutrition in humen ...Read More

Childhood was reminiscent.

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends, today we will talk about Parle ji biscuits Parle ji are the most eater biscuits in India. Seeing Parle Ji really reminisces childhood. The Parle G Company was started in 1929, before it was known as Parle G Glucose. Truly eating crazy has its own fun and flavor. The first which us...Read More

Parle G

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle G is the oldest brand of food production world. The quality of the product is very good. It is a very good snacks every time . The brand is very old and trustworthy in india. It is famous in rular area, town area, and also famous in cityes of in Indian. The Parle G Biscuits is a very g...Read More

Oldest brand

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle g biscuit is tHe first biscuit which I started to eat.i started easting this when I was just a small kid .They were always be my complementary with milk.parle G is a baked sweet small biscuit.parle G is filled with the richness of milk, wheat and the G which means glucose and genius as it ...Read More

Our favorite

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

I want to tell you regarding our favorite Biscuits parle G is very polular in rural areas because this is oldest brand in Buiscuts industy.and its test really very nice than you eat it with tea and dip it in the tea its test was awesome and its size in 5 Rs. Only is very big and a 10 Rs. Biscuit...Read More

Parle -G my first and favourite biscuit

4 days ago Read

Hi friends, I am priyanka bansal and I want to share my exerience of parle-g biscuits with you all. Actually my father has a confectionary store and when I was in my childhood I used to steal parle-g biscuit from my papa shop. The flavour of parle-g biscuit is very crisp and nice.its quality is ...Read More

Real Gold

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

The parle brand had been launched many many years ago. And its most famous product is parle g biscuits. Parle G biscuits have been in the market ever since I can remember. I have been eating them since my childhood and not just mine it has been in the market ever since my parents' childhood. ...Read More

Parlea childrens biscuits

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

It is verry verry verry older product is has lot of history the childran was verry exitated to eate like this biscuits even I am also exitated to eate this biscuits it is verry tasty and eamy I am eating this biscuits since five years olde now also I like to eate this biscuits it was nearly avil...Read More

Very old and epic product since I was born

6 days ago Read

This is one of the oldest brand that I saw since I birth.I ate this biscuit number of times since childhood.from now and then the taste is pretty much the same.The flavor is very nice when you ate this with a tea of course.The product quality is also very good.I just have a suggestion for the co...Read More

"Parle G" the father of biscuits ??

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Parle G the oldest biscuits in India, am eating this biscuits since my childhood and am not at all bored with Parle G it's all because the quality it maintains, it gives you energy, glucose and all the required protein, Whenever I feel like I want to eat some biscuit I first prefer Parle G th...Read More

G for Genius Parle G

6 days ago Read

Parle G is an evergreen biscuit in an Indian family.It has been decades since Parle G marked its presence in the Indian market and over the years have become a vital part of Indian snack, Since my childhood I have been eating parle G biscuit. The product quality is amazing, most of the people te...Read More

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