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Parle G Biscuits Reviews


Valsad, India

9 Reviews

Parle G

8 hrs 4 mins ago 37 Views (via Android App)

Hii guys . Today I will write review for parle G biscuits . G mane Genuis. Guys parle compny's nice and oldest product of parle -g biscuits. Parle-g test are sweet and sugary . In Parle-g biscuits CARBOHYDRATE, PROTEIN, FAT AND ENERGY every nutrition available. And main thing this pr...Read More

Best in taste

1 day ago 24 Views (via Mobile)

Parle g is tha one of the oldest biscuit company. Parle g is serving from above 70 years. I have been eating this since my childhood. I like about this is, its taste never changes across the years. And still it is good in taste. The biscuit has glucose, protein, carbohydrate and many more minera...Read More


New Delhi , India

9 Reviews

Old basic biscuit

1 day ago 21 Views (via iOS App)

Parle g is an old brand with many million and billion eaters from years with a same taste and no variation in this product. company had never made any experiment or r & d in this product. this product is missing with a required flavour which other companies are proving with different tastes ...Read More

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About Parle G Biscuits

2 days ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

I am using this biscuits since my childhood.T his Biscuit taste is very good and nice .biscuit Flaver is very good and packaging of this bisket is very good. This Biscuit qulaty is very good this biscuit made by high quality of food material .parle G Biscuits is very old brand since 75 years ...Read More

Parle is the best biscuit since my childhood

3 days ago 100 Views

Parle is the best biscuit. Because it's quality is maintain and nothing changed, I use since my childhood. This 75 year old brand in biscuits is still strong in its category and there are millions of its fans across the world. Parle G biscuit is available in different packing sizes from Rs 2 ...Read More

Very old but all time good biscuits

4 days ago 62 Views

Parle G Biscuits are very old in biscuits industry. from my childhood I love this biscuit to eat. this biscuit is ideal to eat with tea. it's very crunchy and sweet in taste. this is one of the brand of biscuit which still very popular till now. this biscuit has ideal mixture of sugar and salt a...Read More


Nagpur, India

25 Reviews


5 days ago 82 Views

About This Biscuit This biscuit company is very old. And in my child hood I mostly get this biscuit. And when I was gone meat in my relation then my grand mom get this biscuit for relative gif, and potion. Then time all Indian mostly like this biscuit as like gift for children. This biscu...Read More


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

22 Reviews


All time favorite

5 days ago 120 Views (via Android App)

Well friends, Parle-G is the king of biscuits.It is a very old brand. Parle-G still maintains its position as one of the best biscuit among children, youth and even old. If you are fond of tea then you will definitely understand the value of Parle-G. Parle-G is still available at quite ...Read More


Ratnagiri, India

46 Reviews


Good for small kids.

6 days ago 118 Views (via Android App)

Hello guys I am sharing my opinion with you about the parle G biscuits . I had tasted the biscuits many more times in my child hood. My mother brings me mainly my favorite biscuits that the parle G . Its taste us awesome and smells brightly. The taste of the biscuits are very nourishing and refr...Read More


Hyedarabad, India

2 Reviews

Parle g i ate my childhood

6 days ago 101 Views

Parle g eaveryone knows about these product and brand. small cute babay photo infront of label.price parleg available 2rs and 5rs etc.mostly I ate 2rs parleg.But suddenly the Quantity of 2rs parleg decrese .most children regularly eat 2rs parleg in their daily life.the taste was very good . I wi...Read More


Bangalore, India

10 Reviews

Quality product

7 days ago 111 Views (via Android App)

Parley g. Everyone have eaten at least once, if u didn't then your childhood is incomplete without eating that. At present it's very hard to find such a product which has good quality. The girl on the parley g might have become old but the taste is same since many years. It is awesome to eat Par...Read More

Oldest and tasty biscuit

7 days ago 121 Views

Hi, everyone we use to eat parle G biscuits in our childhood, now also we are eating it .It is tasty and nutritional bisciut it will suit to eat with tea, milk and even by dipping in water also it will give a delicious taste to every one .It is launched on 1939 before our independence from that ...Read More

A good start to a day.

7 days ago 132 Views (via Mobile)

Parle G biscuit, my fvrt . It goes well along wid tea. After seeing dis biscuit, the mood change nd automatically bundle of freshness gathered which makes d environment fresh nd happy. It is so affordable nd easily available. After intake of parle G biscuit there is no need of having any other s...Read More


Dhanbad, India

2 Reviews

Parle G : Biscuits for Genius

7 days ago 127 Views

Hey Friends! You will be shocked why I m writing Parle G: Biscuits for genius . Hey friends it is true parle G proves itself as a genius market leader by proving it's old quote as true. Parle G is one of the most leading FMCG products company in market place . It maintains it's taste and pref...Read More


Hyderabad, India

2 Reviews

Parle g

8 days ago 126 Views

Parle g biscuit is most people likely eating . A single packet biscuit gives 450 cal .childrens was very liking for this biscuit .this is the best choice for more than 6 months babies also . I have two small daughters first baby 3 years and second baby just seven months old am giving this parle ...Read More

Parle G

8 days ago 113 Views (via Android App)

Parle G has been in the market since the days of my childhood that has been a really really long time. There has been absolutely no change in the flavor and not much in the packaging as well. I have always loved having these glucose biscuits as a snack in breakfast and evening or at any time of ...Read More


Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

81 Reviews


Glucose biscuit

8 days ago 148 Views (via Mobile)

Parle G is one which I like most of all biscuits available in today's market. Parle G is buiscuit that is formed from glucose that gives extra nutrients to consumer of its product. I always have it whenever I like to eat some snacks at anytime. It has excellent taste I ever found in any biscuit ...Read More

Very yummy and energetic biscuits

8 days ago 128 Views

Its very yummy biscuits. Its flavour is very very good not only for kids but also for elders. My children like this yummy crunchy biscuits very much. It is full of iron and calcium. its taste is very good. it is full of milk and egg that is very useful for body. its packing is very beautiful, sh...Read More

Small pieces of this biscuits

10 days ago 167 Views (via Android App)

I ate too many times the biscuits Parle G Biscuits . This biscuits has no good quality these days respect to past 10-15 years. Ofcourse, I was like this biscuits but unfortunatily this is unlike one right now , in case of this flavour. This flavour is ofcourse good for health as wheat, milk, sug...Read More


10 days ago 162 Views

Parle G Biscuits are my first choice in range of biscuits because we started using this product since our childhood. It is most affordable quality product for all categories in society. Poor community can also afford Parle G Biscuits. It is full with vitamins and minerals providing energy....Read More

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