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Navratna Hair Oil Reviews

Pleasant cooling relief

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pleasant cooling relief, enriched with herbs like pudhina ka phool and amalaki. Experiance a nice cooling sensation to feel relaxed and refreshed all day long. I used it at night while I get tired. I feel very fresh. Fragrance: - infused with an exotic mix of floral notes which helps relieves...Read More

Tension ka ram ban

6 days ago Read

Hi guys, . I am using Navratn oil from 3-4 years. and good thing its always work for me.specially in summer when so much hot outside and you have to do full day work after completing all work you need navratn oil for relax your mind after using navratn oil I really feel awesome and cool.so...Read More

Cool oil.

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

Whenever I headache I don't buy medicine because I have navratna hair oil which is totally for headache and I like to apply because I fell that I don't have any tention I fell that I am not in a world and pain relief very quickly and easily to I put that oil because at night when I came from my ...Read More

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Good in hair cooling waste for hair health.

12 days ago Read

I used this hair in summer season two three times and no doubt the oil makes the hair cool and helps to relive headache. The fragrance of this oil is not at all good, It is having a worst fragrance. the oil should have some silky texture but this oil fails in quality when you pour it in your han...Read More

Navratna hair oil is the best...

16 days ago Read (via Mobile)

In my experience of last 3 years, l have found this product very useful and efficient. Navratna oil is aayurvadic and cool oil. Navratna oil is the oil of company himani. I would like to share my experience about navratna oil navratna oil is one of the most famous aurvadic product in India. Emam...Read More

Cool oil in India

16 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I always used navratna hair oil. its very good oil. its keep my head cool . its has cooling property. its has many Ayurvediv herbs .its makes the hair stronger and scalp clean. its should be used 4times in a week. these oil is also used when you are having pain in the legs or in hand. its very g...Read More

Cooled oil

19 days ago Read

Navratan oil is Aayurvadic and cool oil . navratan oil is the oil of company Himani . I would like to share my experience about navratan oil . it is relief from tention and headeach . navratan oil gives us relief, rest and freshness . it pulls our muscels pain . navratan oil is a Aayurvadic medi...Read More

Not for daily use

19 days ago Read

Navaratna hair oil is one of the popular ayurvedic hair oil in india. Nine herbals are used for making this oil, so it is named as Navratna. This oil is easily available at barbers shop who uses this for massage. I too took massage with this hair oil and really felt good but there are a lot of s...Read More

Harmful oil

20 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Hii guys! I am running an unisex salon in New delhi.My salon used to be only for ladies but due to changing trends I convered it to unisex salon. I found men are facinated by navrattan oil's advertisement, showing popular actorsusing it. The poor guys dont know that they had gone through hair tr...Read More

Local oil (navaratna hair oil)

25 days ago Read (via Android App)

Today I am going to tell about my personal experience on navaratna hair oil I think that it is a good oil but I was wrong it is bad hair oil is smells bad. fragrance of this oil is very bad it this is not that kind of product as shown in ads. it don't shine hair it makes your hair rough an...Read More

Dirty oil

25 days ago Read

It is a bad product in my opinion . I bougt it with the expectation that it will remove dandruff from my hair, but this oil made increase dandruff in my head,it is a bad product. It doesnt have gud smell and it is artificially coloured. It is a waste oil dont buy it. And one merit of this produc...Read More

Good product

25 days ago Read (via Mobile)

It's a very good product. it has good smell also. . If we use this product ito gives good relaxation and Good feel like cool in our head. I use this product in a week. we use as hot oil treatment in my parlor. after use it we get good sleep at night also.it removes dandruff. . Ichigns


27 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Hello friends I wanna share my geninune review on it. I was used it that's by here is my personal experience. Firstly I whould like to say something about their fragrance, its fragrance isn't good, when I was using it I faced a many problems like my hair shine was gone and its a comical product ...Read More

Navaratna oil- ayurvedic cheating

27 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I purchased the navaratna oil with good expectations to remove dandruff from my hair.But the effects of this oil is just opposite from the advertisement. Only one merit of this oil is just to cool the head somewhat for an average of 4 minute. In my experience it doesn't prevent dandruff bu...Read More

Stay away from Navaratna hair oil

Jun 25, 2017 12:12 PM Read (via Android App)

I have very bitter experience with this oil.Dont get fooled by using this product .Regular usage ofa naratna oil results me in frequent hairaid th loss. Then I consulted dermatologist.he suggested me to stay away from this oil.He said that navaratna oils Ingredients are tested by dermatologis...Read More


Jun 22, 2017 06:10 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends my name is Sahil Nanda and I I would like to share my views on Navratan hair oil. I was using Navratna hair oil for few days but after seeing a problem on my eyes during that time so I quit to use Navratna hair oil. Navratan is a good brand but if you used in daily basis you wil...Read More

Gives u refreshment

Jun 22, 2017 04:55 PM Read

Navratna hair oil is one of the top brands which gives you immense refreshment and calmness. It reduces your frustration and anxiety and increases your concentration. Its fragnance is too satisfying. it not only helps you remain cool but also gives your hair natural shine . it makes your hair bl...Read More

Navratna Hair Oil Provides Artificial Cooling

Jun 20, 2017 07:05 PM Read

Hi guys, I would like to tell about navratna hair oil.  actor Govinda promotes' navratna lal tel thanda- thanda cool-cool' navratna brand claims that their red oil is real provides head cooling and gets head pain relief. guys, do not get fooled by navratna's cooling effect. all of them are stupi...Read More

Cool hair oil

Jun 17, 2017 08:25 PM Read (via Android App)

I would like to give my opinion on navratan hair oil . This is the best hair oil . Me and my family are using this hair oil from last two years. The fragnance of this hair oil is very pleasant . And after using this hair oil we really feel fresh . When I have a headache I get chumpy my hair w...Read More

Navratna hair Oil Special

Jun 17, 2017 06:15 PM Read

I have been fighting acne for almost 15 years now. They only times I have had clear skin have been when I was on Accutane and both times I was pregnant. Nothing has helped and I have tried so many products. After running out of other ideas I decided to try oil cleansing. For those that don't kno...Read More

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