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Liril Soap Reviews

Good smell Soao

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hey guys, I am a regular user of kutil soap.It's fragrance is amazing.It give us the feeling of freshness . Very good soap to use whole year in every month.I am very happy with this soap.Very hygiene and healthy soap.This is a family soap each and every group people use this.It gives not any sid...Read More

Liril soap smells so good.

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Liril soap is best for alk season. Cost is normal, Lemon flavour's smell so good. When we freshup with this soap smell having with nearly 5 hours in summer we get full swett. When use this soap our body will cool and face also very glow. Any one use easily. Especially childrens are enjoy thi ...Read More

Not good for use in summer

11 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Recently 1 week back I started using liril soap by watching their advertisements and all that it is lemon flavor so that it keeps the body fresh but there is no such thing in this soap it is waste of money by purchading it. Its smell is just like dish wash bar and it melts easily in water. Its c...Read More

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Best soap in summer

11 days ago Read (via Android App)

Liril soap is best soap in summer. cost also normal 30 rps. With lemon flavour.smell intensity is very good. When we fresh up with this soap smell having with nearly 5 hours.in summer we get full swett. It is irritated to us. So when use this soap our body will cool. And face also very glow. In ...Read More

Cool Cool Soap for hot summer!!

18 days ago Read

Dear Friend, I use Liril Soap in hot summer. It is one of the popular brands in India and it is manufactured by Hindustan Liver Limited. Hindustan Liver Limited always come out with new packaging and improved products. They are available in Liril Lime Fresh, Liril Orange Splash, Liril Icy Coo...Read More

I like the smell and fragrant of this soap.

Apr 24, 2017 05:00 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends this soap is very useful in our daily life.I use too many soap in my life but the frangence of this soap is really refresh my mood.my mood is totally change when I use this soap also the many natural products are used in this soap to prepare a soap.Also these soap remove dust from ...Read More

Liril 2000 Soap - Review

Apr 10, 2017 08:17 PM Read

I use shower gels but only when I have enough time to have a luxurious bath. And when I just want a quick shower, I use soap Liril 2000.It comes with nicely packed in a green shimmery carboard packs, which looks classic.It contains tea tree oil which cures from pimples.It also leaves a ...Read More

Liril soap is not good for skin..

Feb 10, 2017 08:03 AM Read

Liril is a popular soap brand, to a large degree, in asia. the soap is currently manufactured by hindustan lever limited in india.liril launched a blue varient called ICY cool mint in 2002, it also tried launching a orange varient called liril orange splash in india in2004. althogh the demand o...Read More

Good refreshening soap!!!

Jan 31, 2017 08:39 PM Read (via Mobile)

Liril soap by Hindustan Uniliver is the best freshening soap with lemon extrac. After using it gives clear skin and freshness. It comes with the good fragrance. Sutaible for any type of skin. It also removes pimples. Cost is little expensive compared with other soaps. It has combination of aloe ...Read More


Jan 24, 2017 11:23 AM Read

Hello friends I use shower jell but only when I have enough time to have a luxurious bath I use soap.This soap color is green It is oval shape I like this small . I find very fresh to use this soap it is not said effect I always prefer a soap that the rinses off easily. it leaves your body refre...Read More

Liril a lemon soap

Jan 21, 2017 06:08 PM Read (via Android App)

It has friendly and loving fragnance. I have been using this soap since my childhood. I like the new model of Liril2000 very mutch, its lemon fragnance feels me with new passion and reviviacence in my body to working fress hole day. My family using there are many soaps like lux, lifeboy and dove...Read More

Liril soap

Jan 21, 2017 06:15 AM Read (via Android App)

I have been using this liril soap last science 1 year I was, tried many of soap with excelent frog rang which is loved people esaily at any genral stored this lirill soap price is, very resnable and attractive soap it is, useful for all type of skin and I good no side effect it come of easliy wi...Read More

Good fragrance soap

Jan 21, 2017 05:56 AM Read (via Android App)

I have been using this Liril soap last scince 5years, I was tired many of soaps but among them I like liril soap very much .The soap with excellent fragrance which is loved people .Easily available at any general stores .This liril soap price is very reasonable and attractive soap .Its useful fo...Read More

Best Glowing Face soap.

Dec 22, 2016 02:55 PM Read

Liril is best ever soap I use in my life . Since from my childhood I and my family always go to liril because it is good brand soap of old company. I use many other brand of soap and after using other brand of soap it make my face glow at instant of period but after it come to appear that my ski...Read More


Sep 11, 2016 04:51 PM Read (via Android App)

It's fragrance is too nice and pleasant. Can feel freshness and lovable. It makes the skin very softy and beautiful.such a nice fragrance. Can feel pleasant. Awesome product in soaps, happy bath.so cool to have bath with liril.Liril the soap of freshness.have bath and feel the happiness.fantasti...Read More

Liril Soap Failed To Remove Dirts

May 13, 2016 09:58 AM Read

In this high temperature, especially during day-time, I used to have lots of sweating in day and afternoon. Because of sweating bad odour used to come from my body and lots pollution dirts stick to body especially in under-arms and neck. I told my mother about this and told her to bring good soa...Read More

Liril Saop

Apr 07, 2016 08:52 PM Read (via Android App)

Liril saop is an old saop which is by Hindustan lever ltd had lunched. Though Lemon is the main ingredient of this saop. But still it doesn't work that much good effect on skin. I have been using it in my childhood but comparing to many other good soap this is OK but not that much favorite. ...Read More

Not Good

Mar 31, 2016 04:08 PM Read

I used this soap for one month. I was not satisfied with it. First I was using lux soap the soap was good and good fragrance. Once when I went to my friends house I came across by this soap. I used this soap there, First I felt the soap would be good and try it for some days.I saw in advertis...Read More

Liril Soap

Mar 19, 2016 06:18 PM Read

I have started using Liril Soap regularly for bathing purposes. The thing that inspires me to buy the soap is the fresh lemon smell. The smell is so strong that it touches my mind and makes me feel fresh. The soap is also cheap as compared to other brands like Dove. It is very good for people su...Read More

I like that

Feb 16, 2016 06:07 PM Read

Am using  last 4 years this soap only very good liril2000. this is one of the brand of soap in India, this soap given live freshness to me some natural  felling creating to my surroundings, so I love that soap, the main pimple, itching, non oil, and  andfresh and clean and protections from gems,...Read More

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