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Kinder Joy Reviews

Bad habit to our kids

8 days ago 90 Views (via Android App)

Kinder joy id on of the bad habit to our kids.my son like it.2 time my son eat this than he saffring with fvr.i dont recomend this to any kids.low choclate quantity, milk queality ok.2 choclate bals and milk cream under inthis item.and one toy.and how to use the toy instruction paper.price also ...Read More


Hyderabad, India

6 Reviews

How to change childrens

9 days ago 118 Views (via Android App)

Now a days childrens very addicting of kinderjoy products.But this is is very badhabbit.this is higher cost and low chocolate quantity.how to perches middle class peoples.childrens daily see the tv adds to deciding I want that one .my baby addicting kiderjoy products. I purchased number of kinde...Read More

This is really bad for kids!

12 days ago 102 Views (via Mobile)

I don't get what all the hype is about Kinder Joy among the kids! It contains two tiny wafer balls of chocolate in some milk chocolate. It also has a plastic toy inside.And it is worth Rs. 45! It's just a waste of money! Do not buy it as it creates unnecessary plastic waste and is not even...Read More

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My opinion on kinderjoy

14 days ago 135 Views

Kinder joy is a very famous chocolate kids are too attracted to it but my personal opinion on it is not up to the mark. the cost of chocolate is Rs.30 and quantity and quality was not so good.The company is attracting kids by providing toys in it which is not at all useful.When I bought it for t...Read More


Kalka, India

5 Reviews

Costly than the making cost!!

16 days ago 161 Views

The most popular name emerging in the mouth of kids'Kinder Joy' egg shape like packaging. which has two half's one there is a smart and other is sealed containing the eatable thing the eatable part contains layers of cocoa and milk-flavored creams which is topped with 2 wafers, shaped sphe...Read More

Little costly

16 days ago 183 Views (via Android App)

Kinder is a product which is too much popular in a Indian market because every small children have a only one in their mouth and that is a one and only kinder joy, brcause in kinder joy there is a chocolate with some playing instrument with that so everyone always want to buy a kinder joy.kinder...Read More

Very costly

16 days ago 145 Views (via Android App)

My mother used to buy kinder joy for my smaller sister and she loved it as kinder joy brought them gifts inside but when I heard the price I was shocked that it was 30/- rs. As well the quantity it contained was only three balls of choco when I calculated that each ball was priced grossly 10/-rs...Read More

Good taste,nice for children..

29 days ago 242 Views

Hello friends, Kinder Joy is a revolutionary idea that is a delight for children. By combining chocolate, a surprise and a toy.This unique treat for children comes in a well-designed portion size of delicious milk and cocoa cream with wheat germ and two crunchy wafer balls filled with cocoa crea...Read More

Kinder joy

Nov 10, 2016 08:07 AM 256 Views (via Android App)

Mostly kids are very fond of kinder joy.My daughter also love to eat it.Whenever she see it she started please one time mumma dela do na please please.I don't know what is so tasty about it.It only has 2 crunchy chocolate balls which is dipped in white chocolate and is very very sweet .kids only...Read More

Kinder joy -very high cost

Nov 06, 2016 08:06 AM 297 Views (via Android App)

I know that kinder Joy is liked by most of the kids but it is not good neither for health not for your budget it costs 40 rupees I cant understand what's there in it for such high cost. There are just two chocolate balls and a little bit cream and I agree the toy is pretty impressive . But st...Read More

Dont eat this

Nov 06, 2016 07:32 AM 291 Views (via Mobile)

I purchased a kinder euphoria surprise chocolate for my little cousin these days. I bought it from a departmental keep in Andheri. I was stunned to realise that it charges 40 rupees! When you consider that my cousin’s visit got crossed out I chose to consume it myself. I used to be absolutely di...Read More

Kinder joy - high cost

Oct 27, 2016 09:46 PM 331 Views (via Android App)

Kinder Joy is not a good product because of its price as it is of Rs 30 and we only get 2 chocolate balls and a different flavour on its sides. And knder Joy is mostly liked by the childrens, they love eating kinder Joy but I am not happy with toys in the kinder Joy as they are not knowledgea...Read More

Kinder joy worthless products

Oct 24, 2016 12:56 AM 354 Views (via Mobile)

Hello everybody Kinderjoy is squander item in light of the fact that for 30 RS we are getting just two chocklate seasoned and little diversion yet as of late I have heard that in the wake of eating kinderjoy kids s are getting Cancer so be careful with it So I clearly prescribe five-star, liven ...Read More


Bhubaneswar, India

4 Reviews

Doesn't taste well toys to b more innovative and k

Oct 22, 2016 01:05 PM 348 Views (via Android App)

My baby used to eat kinderjoy a lot. I was unhappy with kinder joy'd price. As it was focussed to kids only hence ir must cut down its price. Later on I marked my baby do ask fr kinder joy bt never eats it. I once tried I found it really taste bad. N the toys provided should more knowlegable. So...Read More


Hyderabad, India

18 Reviews

1 Follower

Cost is very high

Oct 21, 2016 09:18 AM 381 Views (via Android App)

Kinder joy product adds are very attractive for kids. Many of children like this product.but cost of this product is very high , it is not reasonable to comman man and also less amount of quantity in it. Iam not satisfied with the taste also.it is not so gud. Cadberry chacolats better than this...Read More

Kinder Joy

Oct 21, 2016 07:06 AM 377 Views (via Mobile)

Its accessible fit as a fiddle and chocolate balls with drain cream stuffed pressing accessible at each shop. I just tasted it today. Its great yet the thing I didn't care for about it, is the cost of the item. I mean 35 Rs for this little thing. Truly? must child. In any case, no, its somewhat ...Read More

It is to costily

Oct 06, 2016 10:38 PM 474 Views (via iOS App)

Guys if u have buy a kinder joy then u will come that is more costily then the product and inside the box ther is toy of low cost and eating matterial is good but not much good then cadbury I dont like to buy it again I was buying for small kids in home but it is more costily I thing common man ...Read More

Low quality low quantity

Oct 03, 2016 09:12 AM 476 Views (via Android App)

Kinder joy is over all a waste product with less quality and less quantity the chocolate is very less with vanilla cream and two chocolate wrappers the package is good only one things that I liked in this product. I suggest not to buy this product the cost is high it's not reasonable instead to ...Read More

Always try to avoid

Sep 22, 2016 08:42 AM 582 Views (via Android App)

I just hate kinder joy. Don't know why kids always want this. Zero value for money, poor quality, pathetic taste, and above all bad for health of our kids. They just keep cheap gifts in it and attract our kids. These gifts we can get in market for 2-2rs.just a bakwas eatable. Totally against thi...Read More

Not good for health of children

Sep 18, 2016 07:49 PM 631 Views (via Android App)

My niece and nephew like kinder joy a lot and they always demand from me when they come to my house.and I like other masi fulfill every demands of theirs neice and used to purchase for them.but once I listen in some news that its not good for the health of children and the chemicals which are in...Read More

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