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Kinder Joy Reviews

Fun for kids but money waste

4 days ago Read

Kinder Joy is liked by kids because it has toys inside, but in my opinion it is waste of money. the Flavor inside Kinder Joy is chocolate and tasty too but it comes with little quantity. the toy inside it is also not good 30rs is more for this chocolate in my opinion. -packaging is g...Read More


6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hie all, So my nwice love this chocolate and in order to please her we have to give her kinder joy but the the problem is it is very costly and cant buy a lot every single day. I would have bought it many if they increase the amount. They are giving so less in such high price and the toy k...Read More

Attracted children via toys

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

The price of the product is so high that it does not deserve this much price. The quality of the chocolate is just average. The only thing which attracts the children is the toys you get free with this chocolate. I really don't know why the company takes as much money from the consumers for this...Read More

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9 days ago Read

Hi friends to day I will write review for: Kinder joy chocolate was excellent flavor and I like the flavor of kinder joy. And kinder joy chocolate was value for money, and we get in market price was 25. And the packaging was very good and excellent and the packaging was too good and I like the p...Read More


9 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends this is a choklate ice cream and it is sweat and cool item. The kinder Joy is a choklate item and it is very choklaty And it is very cool item. The kinder joy is sweat item but it is not so Good for your helth this is my pertional opinion and my pertiona decision. So I ...Read More

Waste of money

11 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hi guys I am here to tell you my experience about this product at the beggining of the product the quality was very fine and the toys tooo very nice but as days goes on the quality as reduced at the beggining I usually took this for my children but now I days I wont bringing this one.the cream o...Read More

Unhealthy product

12 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hai to all. I am writing this article from my opinion side. Kids fully like yhe sweetners like chocolates icecreams sweets et. Inthat way kinder joy is the most lovable product for kids. But when I came to know about this I was shocked about that ingredients which causes health probl...Read More

Not a good product

12 days ago Read

Recently Kinder Joy got banned in America, Reason it is banned by FDA as it has some harmful elements which can be harmful for the kids. But in many countries including India Kinder joy is selling without any problem. Kids love to buy this product due to its tiny and cute toys. But many docto...Read More

Make the child fool

13 days ago Read

This is attractive for child they make child fool with this product. Its cost is high but the product is not good they never put good and useful toys for the kids all the time I got very cheap toys in it. It has chocolate and creamy flavour too but the taste is not good as other chocolate but...Read More

Kinderjoy needs an upgrade ??

13 days ago Read (via Mobile)

A good idea will be to make kinderjoy toys just like chupa chups's toys.Remember chupa chups? It was so cute and great to play with. I was a kinderjoy fan once but now not so much the toys is making me unsatisfied and I barely buy the product. I hope you can make some changes because many peo...Read More

My favorite candy

14 days ago Read (via Android App)

Kinder joy is a delicious candy. It is made by italian confectionery company ferrero as a part of its kinder brand of product. It has pastic egg shaped packaging that splits into two. 1 half contain layers of cocoa and milk cream and the other half contains a toy.As kinder joy contains milk its ...Read More


14 days ago Read

Hello guys, today I am here to share my personal experience about this product as I used to eat it yesterday. guys, I am totally disappointed with this product. its flavor is somewhat good but its taste makes me disappointed it is not good like other chocolates. but its price is high as compa...Read More

Worst !!

20 days ago Read

Kinder joy is the worst chocolate product . As we see interesting advertises of kinder joy but its only way to make foolish by attracting children through toys . Childrens forces parents to buy the kinder only for that toy which is free with that chocolate . But it is only marketing funda to sel...Read More

Kinder Joy - Hindering the Joy

21 days ago Read

Kinder Joy is a candy made by Italian Company Ferrero. This Chocolate is targeting the Kids as always. 80% of the Kids wanna to see their parents back at home with this Kinder Joy. Kids are getting attracted to this Candy like Anything and they are always searching for the Toys first. I think It...Read More

Kinder joy: an advertising stunt only...!

22 days ago Read

Hi guys.! You may see always kinder joy advertise is streaming on TV, actually they target kids through showing that if you buy kinder joy chocolate then you will get a toy. kids are force to parents to buy this but somehow is really good? absolutely no. Its flavor is not even good as othe...Read More

Waste of money

24 days ago Read

Kinder joy is just a normal eatable with small toys to play.but it costs too much attractive package with small toy and and good creamy flavor with only two wafer balls thats it! but it costs forty rupees as like a dairymilk chocolate.hence it is a waste of money and nothing else! this ...Read More

Kinderjoy vs cadbury lickables

25 days ago Read (via Android App)

Kinderjoy is the modt favourite chocolate for kids now a days.It costs 40 INR and now cadbury has launched lickables.It is something similar to kinder.I have made a comparison video of both.That comparison video covers attributes like taste, packaging, toy, price etc.Do check out that video so t...Read More

Kinder joy

25 days ago Read

Hii I am arun come from tiptur today I share my experience k kinder joy product is super and tasty I have already eat this so many times and super tast its flavor is super tasty I love and like it and every one is like it its chololet flavor is soo tasty and children are soo like this flavor and...Read More

Worst product

27 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends, my name is sunil I would like to share my personal experiance with you, I have a 6 yeat old daughter and I am working in private job, because busy schedule I am not able to give time to my family, in that case every saturday I am going out with my family for having some shoping an...Read More

Kinder joy is not Good for children health

30 days ago Read (via Android App)

Kinder joy is not good for children.Every child is addicted to this kinder joy becoz kinder joy company give play toys to children.kinder joy company make fool to people.The price of this kinder joy is also very high.They provide very little chocolate and cream in kinder joy packet. One day one ...Read More

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