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Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men Reviews

Not Even Average

6 days agoRead

The resemble fogg deo's are extremely solid. You tend to begin wheezing. It besides makes you feel vomiting once in a while. Some fogg deo's for men are mind blowing yet a large portion of them particularly for women are not that uncommon. I would not incline toward fogg deo's remarkably for wom...Read More

Below Average

8 days agoRead

The smell of fogg deo's are exorbitantly strong. You tend to start wheezing. It furthermore makes you feel puking on occasion. Some fogg deo's for men are incredible yet most of them especially for ladies are not that extraordinary. I would not slant toward fogg deo's outstandingly for ladies. A...Read More

Fogg scent

8 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hello everyone today I am going to review about the fogg xtremo scent for men. This is most exotic and natural smell. The fragrance of this scent is very good. Not so pungent or heavy. Smell good. All the natural mist. Fragrance last longer for long extant. The real scent which give the ultimate...Read More

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8 days agoRead (via iOS App)

Hi I am talking about fogg scent bad experience at all. I have just waste my money in buy this scent because the fregence my husband cannot like and the fogg I also dont like almost the others also dont like my friend also give me this but the fregence is just bad and I dont like pacakging was a...Read More

Bad breath

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

I was used fogg xtremo scent for men last month.when I used this product my experience is bad because his fragrence is so so so bad effect on my body.i feel tired all the day.it is very bad effect on body.some time I relixed it is mistake by me.iexperienced it bad.my head is pain all time when I...Read More

Fogg xtremo scent is a mind blowing scent.

12 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fog xtremo scent is a nice scent. Fog xtremo scent's bottle is very unique stylist design.It is long lasting scent. When I use it I always feel fresh. It is good brand than other. I have used other scent but I love it.When I go to party, I always use it. My friends ask me about this smel...Read More

Awesome scent.

12 days agoRead (via Android App)

I am using this scent from last three months and this scent is awesome its a long lasting perfume which have many flavours and the fragrance of this scent is very nice it attracks the people towards you its good thing is I gets mixed with your swet and change the smel of the swet into the smel o...Read More

Just loved Fogg xtremo

16 days agoRead (via Android App)

I used many Scents from few years but all Scents smell is only for few hours. Then I heard from my friend about fogg xtremo and I want to try it. So I buyer a Xtremo scent from a supermarket . First Time I tried the scent when I go for a birthday party.When I go to the party all people are a...Read More

Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men - Not good

22 days agoRead

Fogg deo's for men are extraordinary yet most of them especially for ladies are not that awesome. I would not slant toward fogg deo's particularly for ladies. According to me The fragrance should be to some degree tender n sweeter. The aroma decents yet it doesn't gigantic for long time.smel...Read More

Fogg Xtremo is Xtremely good

23 days agoRead

Fogg has been already proven the best now a days and the lates Fogg Scent was really awesome.The best look it got and mainly the lasting Effect is really awesome.New Fogg Xtremo is really awsome . price is bit high Rs 438 as it is a Scent not Deo but overall the product is valued for money....Read More


27 days agoRead

According to my experience the aroma of fogg deo's are excessively solid. You tend to begin sniffling. It additionally makes you feel puky at times. Some fogg deo's for men are great yet the greater part of them particularly for women are not that great. I would not incline toward fogg deo's exc...Read More

Drawbacks of fogg

30 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fogg is a brand of perfumes having deo's and body sprays. It is a non gasy spray. Fogg has many different flavours & fragrances of deo's. But as per my experience the fragrance of fogg deo's are too strong. You tend to start sneezing. It also makes you feel puky sometimes. Some fogg deo's fo...Read More

Not long lasting....

Jan 19, 2017 03:56 PMRead (via Android App)

Hey friends, I have gifted this fogg Xtremo Scent for men to my brother but he didnt liked it. He said that its smell is not good also it is not long lasting. His experience was not good with this scent. so my advice is to try some other perfume or deo rather than this as it is not long lasting....Read More

Empty bottle and bad fragrance

Dec 29, 2016 12:59 PMRead (via Android App)

On my birthday someone gifted me fogg a set of three scent .when I open I did not find it design and bottle shape in good .it looke so ugly design now I open scent I find it very expensive but alnost empty bottle now I try this it fraganance is so bad even I wash my shirt two times so bad smell ...Read More

Bestest scent ever

Dec 28, 2016 12:38 AMRead (via Android App)

The perfume name FOGG SCENT FOR MEN is the best best scent for every moment or every event.The design for the bottle is also good.The bottleis of good shape.Good colours is also available.The scent os very long lasting that it never stops fragrancing.Its smell is for long time.The br...Read More

Fogg Xtremo Sscent For Men

Dec 23, 2016 04:10 PMRead

This is a very good product because this product is very high level product and what makes this so good is the design of because this is a very good shape bottle design that s why this bottle looks so greet and second thing is Its so good and its very long lasting effect is it smels very good an...Read More

Really bad odour!!

Dec 23, 2016 03:57 PMRead (via Android App)

Well I've bought this scent for using as party wear and bottle design was quite good thogh.so I m eager to use this pregnane and I did, smell was quite opposite as name but I bought and this is why I've to use sencond time also.but I cant wear the smell because its gives another smell li...Read More

Just dont love it!!!

Dec 23, 2016 03:40 PMRead

I am not at all impressed by this particular perfume neither in any sense not for even its smell and neither by its compliments received as my friends just speak out what you have put on and yell at me it has lasting effect but the perfume is not good bottle design shows royalty by which someone...Read More

Don't like this

Dec 20, 2016 06:49 PMRead (via Android App)

Fogg scent for men don't stand on my expectations as its fragrance doesn't expressed me. Also the volume it containts seems less as mentioned. Many times it irritates the skin if we apply it directly to our skin. The outlook is standard but inside it is not a good product. The price of Fogg scen...Read More


Dec 18, 2016 12:49 PMRead

Design Of The Bottele Is Too Old For Me.When I smelled  these Fogg Body Spray for the very first time, I ldo not like the fragrance, i felt so bad at that moment.guyz its such a waste of money.it has zero lasting capacity. Its definitely too strong and bad but it settles down within few ...Read More

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