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Fogg Deodorant Reviews


Bharatpur , India

9 Reviews

Name is sufficient

1 day ago 50+ Views (via iOS App)

Fogg is very good deodrant. before coming fogg all deodrant having gas and other technology to spray but fogg brings a new start with scent & dio scenrio together. I am also using fogg from very long time and these days I can only use fogg because I am used to for it. and you all know ...Read More

At first fogg change the body spray status.

2 days ago 88 Views

Foog is a good body spray or deo. a many type of Foog body sprays are available in market, Green bottle, red bottle, golden bottle, and mainly black. And this black is made for boys. it's smell is long lasting than other body spray. If you one time use this spray, the smell of fogg is stay in yo...Read More

Good fragrance

2 days ago 109 Views (via Android App)

Hi , I love the fragrances of fogg brand, am using these since 2years , I use everyday , specially nepolion fragrance is my fevourite one, I love the smell, sweet smell lost around 4hours , product of fogg deos doesnt contain alchohol that means skin frendly , doesnt cotain gass these are only g...Read More

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Fogg deodrant is superb

2 days ago 77 Views (via Android App)

Fogg a new deodrant these days.I purchased a new fogg deodrant recently. I have always been using different types of deodrant. I get bored of the same fragrances so I bought up a new fogg deodrant. I was curious to try a product which a company claimed to have no gas and only liquid thereby p...Read More


2 days ago 96 Views

THIS WAS NICE DEO LASTS FRESH. Can say to grab and also can gift to everyone so that can feel confident and comfort with this presence. This can give you to 700-800 spray. Price also reasonable we can get discounts in online Does not smelly like room fresher. Delicious mood lifter Can p...Read More


Railway Kodur, India

3 Reviews

The best body spray that I have come across

2 days ago 107 Views

Coming to the point of the bottle design is very comfortable to hold. Every time I used it, it gives me feel fresh for long time . it is nearly about a few hours. but some times it varies. One of the high quality and professional Branding .as it looks. I got recommend of this body spray...Read More

All about Fogg Deodorant

3 days ago 149 Views

Fogg Deodorant have been actual greatly in the news and advertisement in the last small number of months because of its extra-long long-term effect and claims of not being comparable to regular Deodorant only filled with gas and air. Fogg Deodorant is very special with unique and extra-long and ...Read More

True reviews on fogg deodorant

3 days ago 122 Views

Well it has exciting bottel design. if u r looking for fragnanting n long lasting smell then fogg is best in that it has 8 hours lasting effect it has perfume in liquid form no gas at all it is very renouned deodorant and advertise on tv also tis product easily available at all ma...Read More

Awsome fragrance

4 days ago 167 Views (via Android App)

Fogg deodorant one of the most fragrant. I love to use it. It doesnt contain more amount of gas so at the at of the day this will remain in your body and feel u fresh. I m using this product daily and it never causes to any side effect to the skin. After washing your cloth also it fragr...Read More

Fogg Deodorant(Fogg chal raha hai)

5 days ago 145 Views

According to personal experience fogg deodorant are very good because they having very long lasting effect when you will use this on your body. Design of the bottle is smartly design and bottles looks very impressive. Brand is producing also the new products like fogg scent, gift items als...Read More


Teh. Hansi, India

1 Review

Not good,but also not bad

6 days ago 173 Views

I use Fogg one Time & I found its bottle design is very good and atractive. Iuse many Deo but Fogg is Diffrerent from them and I found somthing new in this Fogg is long Lasting such as about 3-4 hours According to me Fogg brand is very big & I want to say About Fogg "Kya chl rha ha...Read More

One of the best deo in men

6 days ago 231 Views

Fogg now enjoys the No 1 position in Deodorant segment with its sensational ads and appealing fragrances. This is one of the Best Selling Men’s Deodorant in India. Fogg black collection combo is a hot selling one in most leading online stores. You can purchase Fogg Black Collection – Fougere ...Read More


6 days ago 295 Views

I'm a perfume lover. But this doesn't satisfied my hunger.I have been using nivea .before using fogg. I used 1/4 th part . But I didn't feel the fragrance after 3 or 4 hour of day out. Not worth for that prize.Aroma is also not great.just like an avg scent.but bottle looks good with this dark gr...Read More


Mumbai, India, India

14 Reviews


7 days ago 188 Views

Any body can answer the question, kya chal raha hai.I should commit that I have used this product for almost months after my friends recommendations, generally I am not used to for deodorant but after my friends recommendation and my first use I just could not let myself without it and if any bo...Read More


7 days ago 193 Views

Hai friends I am Amutha .I am using this product since last 2 year and it's always gives me same good aroma. It's magnetic aroma .this Deodorant consists of no gas and have a pleasant and soothing smell and it does not cost very recenable cost only.This deodorant got popularity just because of i...Read More


Chandigarh, India

3 Reviews



7 days ago 251 Views (via Android App)

Ummmmm. I am in love with the fragrance of pink Fogg. I remember the day when I first started using this product. It's magnetic aroma pulls out my mind out of worried stuff and fills my breaths with sweet aromatic flavour. I have used other foggs too, but Pink Fogg given me the perfect aroma for...Read More

Best deodrant in this price segment

9 days ago 270 Views

I have literally used whole slew of deos since 5 years, but this one is one of the best I have got .If say, its best than still it wont be wrong either. FOGG marco(black)is a very very long lasting and great manly smelling, soothing smelling deo. Its hard too. but soothingly hard. its simply the...Read More

Deodorant very foggy

10 days ago 294 Views

You can apply on your lips it provide good effect and good flavor . Its look like natural lips and natural beauty . It is available in different bottle designs .It lasting Effect plus it has a brand and compliment received .Its price is not very high but when you get it you are more likely to ge...Read More

Oye fogg chal ra h

10 days ago 299 Views (via Android App)

HELLO FRIENDS! Here is ur guide SURAJ PILANIYA and this review is totally unbiased and of my personal preference. So guys as you know the famous advertisement in which a man ask the other kya chal raha hai and then he replies Fogg chal raha hai from this only you can guess the popularity o...Read More

Fogg chal raha h

10 days ago 296 Views (via Android App)

( Kya chal raha hai FoGG chal raha hai) this lines when I hear in televison I feel it is true beacuse fogg and fogg all there only name is enaugh to discribed about the product I am using fogg deodarant since one year. Every one makes impress to smelled it. Fogg deodorant Comes in lot of vari...Read More

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