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Fila Reviews

FILA Products

1 day ago 33 Views

FILA is an Italian Brand, i've bought Fila Casuals they are Very durable. Although I took a very good care of productsi use.I used them roughly only 2-3 times. And after each time of those rough use, I could feel the difference. The inner part started to float. In the way that the shoe sta...Read More


2 days ago 84 Views (via Android App)

I wanted a sports shoe preferably a volleyball court shoe so I searched it down on Amazon and find the Fila brand shoe.since they were looking quite good on mobile and were on a discount, I ordered them.and after getting them.it was really a bad experience for me.I even thought that since they w...Read More


8 days ago 124 Views

I have been wearinf this brand for quite a while and the motivation behind why is that it is a better than average shoe manufacturer.Fromeasygoing and ordinary fiotware to running and sprinting or practicing wear its okay. I purchased fila sports shoes of 1500 rupees and its been a year and I ha...Read More

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Fila - a bad experience for me

15 days ago 224 Views (via Android App)

FILA is not soo cool .Its an average company .I purchased fila studs( football) shoes from jail road around a year back .I purchased fila studs for rupees-2399 .My experience was bad.I went for playing football wearing a new pair of fila .Some wrinkles were clearly visible on the very first day....Read More

Bad quality!!

16 days ago 243 Views (via Android App)

I'm really not upto buying filla shoes again because its give a pain of 2000 rs. well I thought this company might great. but I didnt find its durable for long time, my shoes got torn in 2 months. I'm bet sure no middle family child get a new shoes in 2 months. well really its have poor qu...Read More

Good quality

16 days ago 246 Views (via Android App)

Fila is an Italian brand. I have recently buyed Fila casual shoes. They are very stylish. They are very comfortable. Fila shoes are not very expensive but, have a very great quality. It has a very great colour combination. Shoes are light weight but have a very stylish look. You can find Fila sh...Read More

Fila is the international brand.

16 days ago 242 Views

I have fila shoes and I am using it since arround last 6 to 7 month. I was Buy it from myntra which is the best online shoping website and also it is available in all online shoping website . It is very comfertable shoes when I use it I feels very comfertable. And its look is very very nic...Read More

Not that good for rough use!!!

17 days ago 267 Views (via Android App)

I am using fila from around last 8-9 months. I must say that it is in still good shape. Although I took a very good care of it. And I used it roughly only 2-3 times. And after each time of those rough use , I could feel the differnce. The inner soul started to float. In the way that the shoe sta...Read More

Wonderfull experience with my first Fila product

19 days ago 258 Views (via Android App)

Fila Men's Ivanzo sneakers is the first Fila product which I am using right now since 3 months. I am very happy to have it. After 3 months of usage still now its became a new pair after cleaning it, not a single fold noticed still now . I bought this product from an e-commerce site with price of...Read More

Get it.

22 days ago 304 Views

I bought fila shoes in July 2015 and still it is usable. had two tough tracking trip with same shoes. awesome durability I can still use in third trip that much great. so comfort. most of my other friends had some issue in their legs due to shoes in tracking. but I was so in comfo...Read More


25 days ago 368 Views

Fila is a shoe that is very good and comfortable to wear. And easy To wash. It is long lasting according to me. generally, for a shoe whether ir Last long or not is depend on the person that way he or she use. But for me I found it is good. Fila is a shoe that is very good and comfortab...Read More

Look like stud

25 days ago 366 Views

Amazing look. too much comfortable. easy to wash. I bought fila shoes @ 2199 since eight month ago and it still look like brand new. even rain also could not affect it. it is washable. fila sneakers on narrow jeans damn hot. great colour combinations . you can wear it everywhere you want part...Read More

Not satisfied by Fila

28 days ago 388 Views

Hello everyone Today I want to share my experience about Fila.The brand Fila is well-known for footwear. I had bought one pair of shoes of this brand one year ago for casual purpose.But this brand disappointed me very much.The shoes are faded in one year.I had puma shoes and I am using them f...Read More

Bad shoe

28 days ago 374 Views (via Mobile)

I got these shoes two months ago and they are already falling apart! I spent 50 dollars at kolhs and now I need new shoes because it’s making holes in my socks and now cutting my back of my feet. The fila shoes are the worse shoes I EVER had. Only having them for two months and now I need new on...Read More


Dec 18, 2016 06:59 AM 478 Views (via Mobile)

Fila is a major name in the footwear business and manages demonstrates shoes, flip failures. I had acquired a couple of games shoes online in may. What's more, had begun wearing it. as a matter of first importance nit awesome solace, what you will get from panther or reebok mark. I had utilized ...Read More

Hate the quality

Dec 11, 2016 04:04 PM 486 Views (via Android App)

Hello every one I am using fila shoes since 2 months. And they are already falling apart.i had spent 2500 and now I need new shoes as my fila shoes are making holes in my socks and also I am getting pain near my ankle while jogging or running on them. Fila shoes are very uncomfortable and are...Read More

Not good for rough and tough use

Dec 10, 2016 02:51 PM 522 Views (via Android App)

I bought a lace less running shoe of Fila couple of years back and have use it quite often both for traveling and office casual purpose. While I have bought similar Puma Woodland Adidas shoes for similar purpose. The other brand shoes are still looking good while Fila shoes has given up. The fro...Read More


New Delhi, India

2 Reviews

Affordable and stylish

Dec 07, 2016 12:58 PM 525 Views (via Android App)

Fila is one of the brand which I like the most as the fila mainly focuses on the comfort and durability of shoes and that's the reason that in today's date I wear the shoes of fila and I am very impressed, the shoes which I wear is the fila Motorsport in yellow colour and according to me they ar...Read More

Best ever

Nov 28, 2016 12:23 AM 671 Views (via Android App)

Fila is the most comfortable and stylish brand for shoes and many other product. It is known to all that it is a very well known brand. From my personal experience I want to tell you all customers please try this once in your life. I have a tee and tow pairs of fila shoes. When anyone gets in th...Read More

One can trust upon

Nov 26, 2016 05:10 PM 653 Views (via Android App)

Fila is a very fantastic shoes company and the shoes of Fila brand is amazing and easily available and having a various range shoes that one can purchase it . It has a great advantages that the Fila shoes is light in weight and average price. I am using this product from last one months and havi...Read More

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