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Fair and Lovely Anti Marks Cream Reviews

Wrost result of fair and lovely anti marks

11 days agoRead

Im very disapponted of this product.i was very excited when I was purchasing this cream.but it becomes my nightmare only because of this cream.after using this cream my face become glowless and lot of pimples come on my face.my becomes more dry.I suggest to all never ever buy this product.i buy ...Read More

Its marks cream instead!

18 days agoRead (via Mobile)

I'm tired of using any kinda cream on my face, because its getting worst day by day and chemical reaction might kill us. I don't know how girls wear a lot of makeup and its not a great thing.this cream is just not giving me any effect instead its producing pimple and marks on my face. I just...Read More

Fair and lovely is a brand

20 days agoRead (via Android App)

Its a brand and nothing else its just good to hear and results are not at all worth paying money and it doesnt help in anything just thd name is running in the market the company is just a money making company by selling fake skin product u can rather use home based remedys to get your skin fair...Read More

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Results in nothing

26 days agoRead (via Mobile)

This Fair and lovely anti marks cream doesn't show any results. Your face will remain the same as it was before. It claims that it will removes all the blemishes from your skin, I bought this cream just because of this claim. But it didn't worked out for me. I have used it daily. Nothing gets im...Read More

Doesn't work on my skin

26 days agoRead (via Android App)

I don't know how , but suddendly my face gets some marks , dark spots. I was so tensed due to this problem and want solution quickly. I saw an advertisement on tv of fair and lovely anti mark cream , I bought it and I use it daily. But after many days I realise that my face doesn't improve. I re...Read More

Anti Mark or Anti Face Cream

Dec 24, 2016 10:21 PMRead

This product which I had purchased two months ago and used it for some 3 to 4 weeks I think it is useless because as instead of clearing the Acne and pores it just makes the skin oily and it feels truly dull when we step out of the house with such an oily face nor its fragrance is good it smells...Read More

Fair and lovely or naturally

Dec 19, 2016 09:54 PMRead (via Android App)

All the major side effects of fair and lovelyOne major side-effect of fairness creams is that your skin with the prolonged usage of such cremes becomes extremely photosensitive. Thus the moment you are out in the sun a hell of a lot of problems start for you such as itching of skin, getting ...Read More


Nov 30, 2016 11:47 AMRead (via Android App)

Hi all,I bought this cream few weeks ago u think 3 weeks ago and started using it.As per the suggestion and advertisement it should remove my face marks atleast.But the results I get were horrible.!In first week I started facing itchingness on face and then my gets starting darke...Read More

Negative impacts on face

Oct 28, 2016 07:41 AMRead (via Android App)

Hi friends I buy this fair and lovely cream few days ago. when I apply this cream on the face after some hours it starts create oily my face due to which pimples occur on the face.the cost of this cream is also so much as compared to other creams. the name of product should be fair and lovely pi...Read More

Anti-Marks cream.

Jul 02, 2016 05:39 PMRead

As the name suggest Fair and Lovely Anti Marks Cream is used to reduce marks on the skin along with bringing fairness to the face. This cream is good for non oily skin.It effectively reduce the visible marks with just 3-4 days of usage and gives instant fairness to skin.I personally like thi...Read More

Totally camical based cream

Jul 02, 2016 05:15 PMRead (via Android App)

Aviod to this cream also avoid to fair and lovely all product since its have major quantity of chemical , everybody know what the reaction of chemical on human fase, this is totaly fraud company since his ads are totally fraud where he say only in 7 days u will change in yours colour, all is fak...Read More

Not good in performance

Apr 15, 2016 01:50 PMRead (via Mobile)

I was using this cream from long time. I was seen this creams advertisements in TV and Facebook then decided to use it.The packing of this cream was good and price was very affordable too. I'm not happy and  satisfied with its performance.  The fragrance is very cool and nice.  After using t...Read More

Not effective on Marks

Apr 12, 2016 01:42 PMRead

There are a-lot of marks on my skin so I decided to try this anti marks cream for the better skin and clear the skin. I like the fragrance of the cream. I used this cream for over six months but nothing noticeable is identified on my skin.On my person experience I will not recommend this pro...Read More

Helpful for pimple marks

Apr 06, 2016 11:37 AMRead (via Android App)

I have used fair and lovely fairness cream and it is actually working amazing.So I suggested my sister about this product of fair and lovely anti marks.She was really upset by pimple marks but from the day she started using anti marks cream. Her skin got her glow back.The pimples are...Read More

Worst cream

Apr 04, 2016 03:11 PMRead (via Mobile)

I am using this fair and lovely anti marks creams last 2 month. I am not good feel when used this cream. The thick gloopy cream certainly left behind a  chalky white layer on my face. It just a ordinary cream like other company creams. Its product smell is very worst.I am purchased it from a...Read More

Very Dry Cream

Mar 22, 2016 09:48 PMRead

I am going to review the Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Fairness . this cream very dry, i am feel not good when I used this cream, The thick gloopy cream certainly left behind a chalky white layer on my face. I looked like someone who dusted my face off with flour. & I have been using it now f...Read More

Unuseful product

Mar 21, 2016 11:36 AMRead (via Mobile)

Fair and lovely antimarks cream is not a very useful product, its just a ordinary cream like other company creams, i purchased it from a shop for rs78, so much things has been written in the back side of the cream, its works faster than other creams its so helpful for skin its works very faster ...Read More

Good for you

Jan 26, 2016 07:36 AMRead (via Android App)

Fair& lovely anti mark cream is a very well product for your skin it works really good.It will make your face clear and also help you to get a glowing skin. I have experienced its advantages. It won't gonna help you immediately but you will see its work after few week.

Amazing product

Jan 11, 2016 10:56 PMRead

This is surely one product which delivers what it promises to deliver.Though being thick, this cream spreads very smoothly onto the facial skin without any hardness. It blends like a dream and gives a very mild-dewy finish to the skin. This is no greasy or stretchy feel after applying this c...Read More

Just Wonderful !!!

May 07, 2015 11:44 PMRead

For my oily pimple prone skin I used many costly products like Garnier pimple control pen, Clearsil, Wanish, etc, but got zero result. Every pimple used to leave a mark on my skin. Then I came across Fair & Lovely Anti-marks which a friend of mine suggested. I used it regularly for a month a...Read More

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