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Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream Reviews


Visakhapatnam, India

11 Reviews


Poor quality fair and lovely fairness cream

2 days ago 50+ Views

I am using this fair & lovely face cream from three years. I felt it is a good face cream so that I have started using it. At starting the quality of this cream is very good but day by day the quality is very much reduced.why the people attracted to this cream because when we apply this crea...Read More

Fake cream don't trust on it.

Oct 07, 2016 09:15 AM 531 Views (via Android App)

Yes fair and lovely is one of the fake creams which I have also used it promises us to make fairer in 1 week but no it's not truth I am using it for last 6 months than also it has not make me look fair but make my skin dull and waste . Even after using it I didn't like my skin because it make...Read More


Guwahati, India

34 Reviews


All chemicals no good

Oct 07, 2016 09:06 AM 537 Views (via Android App)

Fair and lovely is a very popular product.its heard and even seen in many homes who uses it daily.even i, my mother, and my elder sister, we three started using it.i personally was disappointed as it made my skin more rough.before I had a rough skin and so I tried to use this product as I have h...Read More

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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

4 Reviews


Oct 04, 2016 12:06 PM 552 Views (via Android App)

Fair and lovely is a very good cream in the market. It provides instant fairness when applied but as claimed to improve the skin tone it did not do it for me. I am applying this cream for many years but it did not improve my skin tone. It gives instant fairness when applied. The shape of the tub...Read More

Best working but few hours

Sep 29, 2016 07:12 AM 603 Views

FAir lovely available in india 1975 it is old and best brand mY Family have use this product bcoz this product is girl so I told my sister exeprience fare lovely is best product this product have not disadvante all type is skin first I got talk to product which one I like product packaging...Read More

Face become oily and become blackish in sunlight

Aug 31, 2016 07:19 PM 826 Views (via Android App)

This cream causes so many side effects on the skin bceause of this skin became the blackish type dots in 3 to 4 weeks.After crram is used on the screen and we go in the sunlight the face became oily afterwards the blackish type dots cause on the face.After paying high price to this cream and we ...Read More

Total fairness treatment

Jul 17, 2016 07:44 AM 1278 Views (via Android App)

Fair & Lovely is an expert cream for daily use. It works on the oily sceen and removes it. It lightens the dark circles also. It is cheaper in cost. It works on the five fairness problem. It precision on skin marks. It protect skin from sun tan. It refreshes the skin when it gets dull. It fa...Read More


Sialkot, Pakistan., India

11 Reviews

Fair & Lovely Whitening cream.????

Jun 30, 2016 06:47 AM 1419 Views (via Android App)

This whitening cream is very useful & good for akin. You can use it every kind of akin daily smooth, whatever give u fresh look. Make you beautiful and charming as gori gori. This whitening cream is very useful & good for akin. You can use it every kind of akin daily smooth, whatever ...Read More


Madhira, India, India

161 Reviews


Think before use it

Jun 29, 2016 05:47 PM 1474 Views

I strongly oppose such type of fairness cream because only some artificial contents and flavours are added to this cream to increase the glow of the face. For that, we watch in advertisements that a lady with oiled face turns her face very much glow face within few days using. Those who follo...Read More

Fair & lovely.....! Really Use Full

Jun 29, 2016 05:26 PM 1438 Views (via Android App)

Hi Girls, here is my review on The Very famous and widely used Product “Fair & Lovely”. If you are regularly usingit then you definitely fall in love with it. Actually I was searching for the Review ofFair & Lovely on IMBB, I thought somebody must have already written but strange nobody ...Read More

Fair & Lovely cream.

Jun 29, 2016 05:20 PM 1404 Views

Hi all, I am saying about my experience for the Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream. Its a big brand product but its not useful to us its make by chemicals and we all know about chemical, its harmful to us so we not used these types of product. These type of company are MNC and non indian com...Read More

Fairy fair and lovely

Jun 24, 2016 11:46 AM 1473 Views

I have oily skin buti noticed that most of the fairness creams make my skin dry for some time after application. They make my skin feel stretchy and skin looks dramatically white. I did not face any such issue with this particular cream, which was a good sign for me. I used it regularly for one ...Read More

Most fraud ever.....

Jun 20, 2016 08:09 PM 1517 Views

First of all,way of promoting the product.Use fair & lovely and get a job.have any one ever experienced that?.what a crap they give! Your Credibility does not matter at all.If you are Fair you will surely get the job. Whole idea is disgusting.In country like India where most people are of wh...Read More


Faridabad, India

5 Reviews

Fair & lovely ..attacking psychologically dark peo

Jun 19, 2016 08:01 AM 1542 Views (via Mobile)

This is the company looted up the people over the years by saying that by using there cream for a period of certain weeks u will become certain shades lighter or fairer u can say.tell me 1 thing now they took YAMI GAUTAM in their advertisementr which is think most beautifull or fairest actress o...Read More

Fake Fairness cream

Jun 14, 2016 08:45 PM 1577 Views

My elder sister use this cream. like all people my sis was also addicted for this cream. ADDICTION is not for the product is so much awesome is only for the people like instant fairness. this product not make people fair make people fool. the product make people fair for only when they use. don'...Read More

Fairness cream, Really??

Jun 03, 2016 05:52 PM 1628 Views (via Android App)

This is the most famous fairness cream in our country, reason being its effectivity thats what I had thought. But after using it for a while I realised it was just a waste of money, as there was no visible difference in the skin even after using for months. The only thing which I liked about ...Read More

Good Fairness cream

Jun 03, 2016 05:44 PM 1665 Views

Fair and lovely cream I have been using since my childhood. It is one of the best brands in India. It can be used in any season as it is not very oily or dry. It is also suitable for all skin types. I use it everyday as it keeps my skin good and moisturises it. It doesn't make your skin oily and...Read More

Lovely lovely

May 30, 2016 11:01 PM 1688 Views (via Mobile)

Well true this cream is too good After using it for some time You will realize that this Cream truly work. After using this Cream you will find out that Your skin really started going to fairer Day by day. and the glow on your Face you even can't believe on Your self too....Read More


Karachi, India

3 Reviews

Hated it

May 29, 2016 08:50 PM 1734 Views (via Android App)

It made my skin reddish. I got an infection with it, got so many pimples. I think! It's a waste of money because having so many pimples is like living in hell for days OMG! It made me cried alot and finally after stop using it I am happy because these type of creams are so bad plz donot use it i...Read More


Gorakhpur, India

2 Reviews

1 Follower

Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream

May 26, 2016 03:57 PM 1720 Views

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin is inspired by the treatments offered by experts. Based on the sound scientific understanding of the problems addressed and solutions provided by expert treatments this products targets key fairness problems like expert treatments do with targeted action ...Read More

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