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Dark Room, The - R K Narayan Reviews

Nice Book

1 day ago Read

The book was found to be inspiring and interesting, gain knowledge which is about, The story follows a middle-class but upper-caste family in Narayan's favorite fictional setting of Malgudi. The husband and wife pair are Ramani and his wife Savitri. Ramini works as a secretary at an insurance co...Read More

Dark Room

4 days ago Read

Reading R K Narayan Makes me miss my childhood. The picture he paints of people are like that of your neighbours or those whom you have seen and know all the time. The rustic Indian sub-town/village feel his writing is unbeatable. The dark room is a really light read yet the rich characters a...Read More

Dark Room, The- R K Narayn

5 days ago Read

The Dark Room(1938) presents a picture of domestic disharmony Ramani the office secretary of Engladia insurance company in Malgudi is very domineering and cynical in his ways he governs his house according to his own sweet will. as he is always irritable the atmosphere in his house is generally ...Read More

Ramani and Savitri

11 days ago Read

This is a book based on a couple named Ramani and Savitri it is a good story book the central charactre of story is Savitri who married with Ramani it is a story about husband wife their childrens and a extra maritial affair by Ramani in this story you find Savitri find many problems and there i...Read More

About the dark room book

15 days ago Read

Hi friends! my topic is darkroom the auther was of this book is narayan his country is india his language is english he is writing the novel he publisher is eyre he publication date is 1938 . the darkroom is a novel writting by r, .k narayan like most of his works, this is a tale set in the fict...Read More


18 days ago Read

This book is written by R.K. Narayan who is a nice author. It is a story about the Indian women who are unaware of their rights, and bear the harshness of their husbands. The husband take undue advantage of that and the wife is forced even to commit suicide. This is the darker side of our societ...Read More

Dark brings Dream

20 days ago Read

I always like to R K Narayan(Sir) books, He always write a creative books and easy to understand to every word which is teach from this book. R K Narayan ji Mentioned what is an Indian culture in this book after read this book I found great Idea about indian culture. So I suggest to all friend p...Read More

Indian Cultured Story..!!

Jan 21, 2017 03:30 PM Read

Superb book and especially that one line "no regret for dead past and no hankering for unborn tomorrow".This book reminded me of my childhood and my village. It's a light read and like other books. The pace is good and you can't put the back down unless you finish it. RK Narayan has a magic in h...Read More

A gem

Apr 30, 2015 04:12 PM Read

It is one of the very few rooms to have a female protagonist. This is a homely story based on a housewife. The story is about her marriage and her life after it. She felt that her marriage would be perfect, but she starts feeling otherwise just in a few months of her marriage. She tries to sa...Read More

The Dark room by RK Narayan

Dec 28, 2008 06:28 PM Read

There is no good in admiring an author, whose intellectual works can only be understood and appreciated by same literary intellectual mob. Sometimes it is tougher to be simpler. That’s why I am always marveled by this man “RK Narayan”. If you are ever gifted a chance to read his books, you will ...Read More

Marriage life turns a threat to a woman

May 23, 2008 02:12 PM Read

The dark room is one such novel which motivates the readers to read the whole novel in a single day.this novel includes the dilemma of a married woman who deliberately needs the love of her husband but is not provided with. Moreover she has very little role to play in the household matters.r.k. ...Read More

The Dark Marriage

Mar 17, 2006 09:29 AM Read

There is something about every single book of RK Narayan that captivates its reader. He has shown all facets of life and has dealt with all emotions in as delicate and soft manner as can be desired from an author. Each of his books is different in its own way. While in Swami and Friends, RK Nara...Read More


Mar 13, 2006 11:25 AM Read

As I finished reading R. K. Narayan’s brilliant Masterpiece---The Dark Room, it left me wondering how the author has beautifully crafted the marital saga of a couple interspersed with conservatism along with the dawn of reformists ideas. Last week did witness in celebrating Internationa...Read More

Marriage- An Intimate Look

Mar 27, 2004 02:21 PM Read

The '' Dark room'' is one of the rare RK Narayan novels, which deals with social consciousness. Narayan generally writes on the lives of the inhabitants of Malgudi, their hopes, and fears, successes and failures. By and large, his novels exude optimism and are cheerful in nature, however the '' ...Read More

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