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Clinic Plus Shampoo Reviews

Clinic Plus Shampoo

1 day ago 21 Views

I am a long time use of Clinic Plus shampoo I dont like clinic plus.because I have a bad experience with it after using it my hair look like very dry it creating my hair very rough and look like very thin Clinic Plus shampoo use one ruppe packet in a week 4 to 5 times.i its not go...Read More

Good product

2 days ago 37 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus shampoo is one of the best shampoo and I am using since long time.It is easy to apply and also have a good fragrance.It is also easily available in the stores.It makes hair longer with regular use.It has a protein rich formula because of which the hair are nourished from within.This ...Read More

Average Shampoo

5 days ago 82 Views (via Android App)

This does'nt work for me. In advertisement they show long and fast growing of hairs. I am using Clinic Plus Shampoo from 3 months, I did not see any abnormal growth in hair. By using it I had a very bad experience as my hairs started falling a lot. Neither makes my hair shiny nor silky. My ha...Read More

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Chemical Shampoo

9 days ago 135 Views

I applied clinic plus on my wet hair. Shampoo was harden due to winters and had to use with hot water. I felt discomfort while squeezing it out of bottle. However little amount was sufficient and foams very good. Residues of shampoo resides on scalp after washing and it caused dandruff in my ...Read More

Clinic Plus Shampoo

11 days ago 163 Views

Center in addition to is one of the extremely popular brand of shampoos in India. You will discover facility in addition to in every one of the houses. What's more, even my home is one of those. I have been utilizing facility in addition to from a youthful age and still utilize it. I feel this c...Read More


Muzaffarpur, India

2 Reviews

Awsume hair

12 days ago 147 Views

From childhood I use clinic plus not only me but also my whole family its awsume my hair is so smoth. even after from huge dirty hair it helps in cleaning so well and most important my hair is so rough but it heals me to make my hair so soft thanque clinic plus,and I also sujjest you all to use ...Read More


Dharumapuri, India

2 Reviews


12 days ago 144 Views (via Android App)

Clinic Plus shampoo is a good in yeast is used in Tamilnadu. Long hair is a basic customer in this life. This product amount is very low used in village people. Clinic Plus Shampoo Ad sister very advantage of use in customers. This is Children's used in Side Effects is no. This pr...Read More

Not as good as its used to be!

15 days ago 202 Views (via Android App)

I am a long time user of Clinic Plus shampoo and I can tell you it's quality has fallen since the last few years. Earlier it would remove most of my dandruffs and make hair thick. The after effect was strong, healthy and nourished hair. Currently it make my hair look rough by removing the availa...Read More

Good product

15 days ago 237 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus is good and this product available in low price.shampoo is the best product of hair. The product available in afortable in low price. The low price is one ruppes. After use this shampoo hair is silky and shiny.the best shampoo by hair therepy.regular use of after hair is long. ...Read More


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

19 Reviews

Good Quality Shampoo.

18 days ago 227 Views

This is good shampoo and older brand too.I am still using this shampoo.This shampoo makes our hair grow stronger and healthier.This shampoo makes our hair silky too.This is best shampoo I ever used before.The fragrance of this shampoo is also good.It is easy to apply and the packing is also good...Read More

Makes hair rough and dry

21 days ago 290 Views (via Mobile)

The Shampoo claims that it has protien and it makes your hair thick and long but I want to tell you that nothing like that really happens. It will rather make your hair more frizzy and unhealthy. And when you use it it makes a lot of foam which feels more like detergent. If you are having split ...Read More

Clinic plus shampoo...Best Shampoo for hair

21 days ago 299 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus strong and long health shampoo comes in a simple plastic white and blue bottle. Builds hair sterength with continued use. I have used this shampoo continue 1_ weak for best result. It is a family health shampoo. They have consider women and their shampoo. It is a purely a female c...Read More

Best shampoo in the world

22 days ago 360 Views

It has best fragrance and long lasting I can smell it 24/7 non stop, it makes hair shiny as sun, and smooth like ice cream.When my sister use it she let me smell her hair.I have observed shine and smoothness of her hair.I can smell in the whole room in which she is for about 2 hours after shampo...Read More

Very harmful

24 days ago 319 Views (via Android App)

Hlw This is sania today telling about harmful effect of this shampoo. as we apply shampoo n hair they become very dry and rough.its true its quite cheap in price but very harmfull for the eyes and specially precious hairs. So avoid using this for best hairs use some herbal shampoo.major pr...Read More


24 days ago 336 Views

I am using to clinic plus shampoo last 5 years the shampoo is very nice and good fragrances and good effect my hair because after uses this shampoo my hair is strong and long this shampoo all brand is very nice & new clinic plus strong and long shampoo makes your hair stronger and longer wit...Read More

Effective Helpful For Hair Clinic Plus Shampoo

24 days ago 329 Views

I am use to Clinic Plus Shampoo last 20 years this shampoo is very nice and good fragrances and good effect my hair because after uses this shampoo my hair is strong and long This shampoo all brand is very nice & New Clinic Plus strong and long shampoo makes your hair stronger and longer wit...Read More

My opinion about clinic plus shampoo

25 days ago 355 Views

Clinic plus shampoo we use from my childhood time, this shampoo is not costly from another shampoo but this shampoo  quality is perfect, shampoo fragrance is very nice and fresh, shampoo fragrance remind me my childhood times after shampoo my hair has been shiny. clinic plus shampoo also control...Read More

Good product i love it.

27 days ago 358 Views (via Android App)

I used so may shampoo in past , because the problem of hairfall and still not satisfation but my husband sugges me clinic plus, my husband told me that when I was in school I used clinic plus and clinic plus is very good brand and suts me so you should try it than I satrted to clinic plus shampo...Read More


Aligarh, India

10 Reviews

Clinic Plus cause of hair loss

29 days ago 405 Views

I used many type of shampoo of different company but I have never used any one like Clinic Plus because when we starts using Clinic Plus shampoo my hair starts falling regularly .I used it because it is available in the every market and almost every shops It has many good qualities but hav...Read More

I don't recommend this shampoo

30 days ago 398 Views (via Android App)

Overall clinic plus strong and long health shampoo a good shampoo for use once in a few days if you want to get out the greasiness from the hair roots other wise you can skip it . I would not recommend it all for those who have dry scalp or dandruff . you can try this if you have oily scalp then...Read More

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