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Clinic Plus Shampoo Reviews

Awesome Shampoo

2 hrs 54 mins ago 48 Views (via Mobile)

It is the best shampoo I have ever used it makes my hair smooth and black .good quality and good customer satisfaction I like this shampoo it is worth using I suggest everyone to use it yes it is having the milk protein which makes my hair long and strong nice shampoo everyone should give it a t...Read More

You're heart sinks

5 days ago 97 Views (via Mobile)

I just don't Like this shampoo. They are saying they gives us protein sampoo but reality is something else, they gives us rough hair and rough texchter to our hair. I m not families with this sampoo. First thing you may face hair fall when you use this sampoo, this sampoo gives us result quit...Read More

Clinic plus is good shampoo .

17 days ago 251 Views

Hello friends, today I reviewing india most popular shampoo .clinic plus strong and long hair health shampoo make your hair stronger with regular use I have milk protein lock formula that nourishes hair from within.this shampoo which belong to quite an old brand comes in a white colored plastic ...Read More

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Got result in dandruff reduction...

24 days ago 337 Views

Hello friends, Clinic Plus Shampoo is the most popular shampoo brand in India which can be found in every house hold. I basically have dandruff problem. Have tried lots of shampoo to get rid of this problem but every shampoo failed to give me solution. Then I used clinic plus shampoo . I like it...Read More


Nov 09, 2016 11:54 PM 383 Views (via Android App)

My hairs were very much defected by th use of this shampoo named clinic plus. I thought and said that it is the worst shampoo even I have seen and used in my life.My hairs started falling day by day and the numbers of hair fallen is incredible increasing day by day.My hairs become thinner day...Read More


Bhawani Mandi, India, India

92 Reviews


Not make hair silky long and strong

Nov 05, 2016 10:44 AM 418 Views (via Android App)

I use clinic plus shampoo instead of my daily shampoo.i listen that it give our hair strong and silky.so I shampoo this in a week 4 to 5 times.i use one ruppe packet.after shampoo I did not find any good changes but my hair become rough and so ugly.my hair did not become strong even my hair look...Read More

Clinic Plus

Nov 04, 2016 09:36 PM 429 Views (via Android App)

Hello friend's as per my experiences by using it. I am not agree with clinic plus shampoo, because of using it my hair fall was increase day by day, really it neither removes my dandruff at any time, it's a very cheap and bad quality product. Only because of using it I lost my hair around 10 to ...Read More


Nov 04, 2016 01:54 PM 416 Views

HI FRIENDS, Clinic plus shampoo: It is not very effective in present days.The quality of the shampoo is decreasing day by day. I have used many of times this shampoo but I think it does not give any better result.The hair is constant as before. there is no better changing in my hair. we all know...Read More

Makes hair thin and rough

Nov 03, 2016 06:14 PM 442 Views (via Android App)

Although the brand clinic plus is a trusted and a old brand but the shampoo produced by it is now became very bad in quality and quantity too, I mean when the company started, it produced very quality shampoo but now when it becomes popular it tends to decrease the quality and now in market the ...Read More


Oct 30, 2016 11:21 AM 510 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus shampoo , my mother is using this shampoo from one to two years this shampoo is good it's , you can purchage this shampoo in packet or also it's available in bottle , you can purchage it shop . This shampoo is gives you silky hair if you use this shampoo regular basis means you wash ...Read More

Not upto mark

Oct 08, 2016 10:06 AM 775 Views (via Android App)

Although this is a brand of many years but now a days this does not work at all and the company has become fake and so they come on publishing new version but they quality is very low and haifall still continues and no special result in control long hair as said.This shampoo is very thick and ch...Read More

Very poor shampoo

Oct 06, 2016 01:45 PM 728 Views (via Android App)

Guys if u really wanna try clinic plus shampoo. Please don't go for it. It is worst shampoo I have used. As its advertisement shows by its use your hair became long thick and silky. It is absolutely wrong. Guys its my personal and bad experience with this shampoo. It makes your hair dull thin an...Read More


Surat, India

9 Reviews

Clinic plus shampoo

Oct 06, 2016 01:00 PM 769 Views (via Android App)

It work good I have use it last 2 year it make my hair smooth after it use but on long time of use this shampoo make my hair white my head sewn many white hair clinic plus shampoo is price is mediam range so all people are affort eaaly and easy to use me work on 2 min time many time after long u...Read More

It makes hair rough

Oct 06, 2016 12:44 PM 756 Views (via Android App)

I used to use clinic plus shampoo but it usually makes my hair rough and when I used to comb my hair it would make it difficult to comb.it comes in bottle and packets too, I used to buy the packet one.fragrance was good .and price was reasonable only like another shampoo.it is easy to apply and ...Read More

Good Clinic Plus+ Shampoo

Oct 06, 2016 12:12 PM 735 Views

I am using Clinic Plus+ shampoo last 2 year this is very good shampoo. We have purchased the clinic plus+ sachets. It is costs Rs1 per sachet. We use the shampoo twice in a week. This shampoo color is white. It has all well. After washing my hair this fragrance is very good and hair was silky. B...Read More


Berhampore, India

7 Reviews

1 Follower

Clinic plus shampoo bad

Sep 28, 2016 01:51 PM 835 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus shampoo is very cheapest product and personally use this product just not I my household use this product by I told that this product is very bad for me because when I use this shampoo then my hare is very losing whay then I leave this product and then I using onather product then my...Read More

Very bad product

Sep 27, 2016 05:38 PM 844 Views (via Android App)

Clinic plus shampoo is the very worst product.It is very non effective and bad shampoo.After using this shampoo my hair become very thin and I also have the complaint of hair fall, pre mature hair greying.Who made this cheap product? I think the person who made this product is didn't know about ...Read More


Dhenkanal, India, India

89 Reviews


Clinic plus biggest worst shampoo

Sep 27, 2016 03:17 PM 829 Views (via Android App)

Clinic Plus shampoo was developed by the company Hindustan Unilever. It is much cheaper than other brand shampoo. I left two years ago to use the clinic plus shampoo, I just do not use it at all this shampoo. Using this shampoo my hair very quickly felt loss. Using it is very weak and the hair b...Read More

Clinic plus

Sep 26, 2016 05:08 PM 866 Views (via Android App)

Hi ladies, how day? New clinic plus strong and long shampoo makes your hair stronger and longer with regular use. It works like any regular shampoo by cleaning dirt and sebum build up from your scalp and hair strands . It lathers very luxuriously and has a creamy feel to it. On rinsing my hair d...Read More


Sep 22, 2016 12:27 AM 959 Views (via Android App)

I am using clinic plus shampoo since 1 year it is very good Shampoo it make hair silky and danderof free. If you are sufrreing from the dandrof problem use this sampoo it reduce dendrof very quckly I am using this sgampoo twice per week or some time 3time in week it reduce all the dust and da...Read More

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