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Clinic Plus Shampoo Reviews

Most people used shampoo

0 hrs 4 mins agoRead

Either this shampoo has no much qualiities to talk about. I mean it has no such qualities of anti dandruff  like that but it is still most people wants to use. Lower in price available in 0.50 paisa also. Some people uses this shampoo as stain removal also for bike cleaning to get more shine.My ...Read More

Good shampoo

1 day agoRead

I use this shampoo every weak during head bath.its very easy to apply and it does not contain any harmful chemicals which damage our hair.it has a very beautiful fragrance.the shampoo is not effective and not at all controls hair fall.its effect remains for a very short time.the shampoo is avail...Read More


1 day agoRead


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The good Choice

2 days agoRead

The Clinic Plus Shampoo is the one of the good Shampoo and this is the one of the good choice by the people the shampoo is really very good and is also very effective also. the shampoo I very easy to use and is also very effective after the use. the shampoo is also having a very good fragrance a...Read More

Clinic Plus Shampoo

6 days agoRead

Hello everyone. Today my post is Clinic plus strong and long health shampoo review. I think it is impossible that you live in India and never heard about this shampoo. This is the one of the most used shampoo by the common population in India. And you will find it anywhere and everywhere. You ca...Read More

Clinic Plus Shampoo is good 4 all

7 days agoRead

Clinic Plus Shampoo is is  very very soft shampoo.more people  use this shampoo.this little bit shampoo grow up more fan. I like  this shampoo.this shampoo give very good effect on hair everyone.I think this shampoo use then get shining hair.this shampoo fragrance is so nice....Read More

Inscreases hair fall after using Clinic Plus

9 days agoRead

Hi friends,I want to share my review on Clinic Plus Shampoo and this is a famous brand for many years and as my relative recommended this to me I started using this shampoo for three months and I have observed heavy hair fall and the dandruff is also increased.Ease of application:The...Read More

Really usefull

10 days agoRead (via Android App)

There are somany companies introducing defferent type of shapoo in our market, so selection of a better one is a difficult task.The clinic plus shapoo is a really cheap shampoo its available in bottle , also in small packets having 1.5 rupees price.This is one of the best shampoo as make...Read More

Not good product

11 days agoRead (via Android App)

I hve used this shampoo many times and after using it I felt that it is not a good product.the fragrance of this shampoo is not so good.after using it my hair became more bad.the price of the product is not that expensive but it is nt worth it.this product has the high ratio of chemicals.this ch...Read More

Worst shampoo

11 days agoRead (via Android App)

I have using this shampoo many times.but it is not so, good it started hair fall then I stop using this shampoo .the main reason for the worst shampoo is the composition of substance in this shampoo.But in advertisement it show the it is best shampoo ever.but peoples are feel that it is best...Read More

Clinic plus

11 days agoRead (via iOS App)

Hi today I am sharing my experience about clinic plus shampoo because it stops your growth that's why I dont like to use this shampoo because the incredients is not when I apply on my hair it damages of my hair ans stops hair growth because too heavy density is involve in this shampoo and other ...Read More

No Effect and No defect

11 days agoRead

Hi, This is one of the chemical mixed shampoo which is harm for using this shampoo to hair. Too much chemicals treated shampoo will damage your hair and growth of hair will be reduce. Scalp will spoil by using this shampoo. Easy to use this shampoo by pouring in hand, rub gently and apply to hai...Read More

Very ordinery shampoo

13 days agoRead (via Android App)

Clinic plus shampoo is not a good shampoo for hair.its performence is very poor.its never makes your hair completely silky.and its never reduce hair fall.very ordinery type of shampoo.its effects are not long lasting.its never win customers heart thats why no one like this shampoo.its never make...Read More

Good shampoo

13 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hi friends today I am going to review about clinic plus shamboo.it is good shampoo it make hair cool and good.its rate is only 1 rupees.this shampoo is good for male also and female also.it makes hair smooth and clean dusts and dandruff.it is very useful shampoo for young also and children also....Read More

Inferior quality shampoo

13 days agoRead

I just hate Clinic plus shampoo. I had used clinic plus shampoo for sometime and I was very disappointed by it. It is not easy to apply on hairs. There is so much trouble in applying it and so much quantity of shampoo is required for covering all hairs. Its after use effect is very bad. After wa...Read More

Old shampoo with gold performance

17 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Clinic plus is one of the oldest brand in shampoo family. Clinic plus contains milk protein which is useful for our hair and it also contains some proteins which is useful for removal of dandruff also. Clinic plus provides not only shampoo but also some fairness products which are useful for our...Read More

Clinic Plus Is Not Good For Hair

19 days agoRead

Clinic Plus is not that much good shampoo. I don't like this shampoo. Because it is not giving anything good to our hair. We can't use this shampoo daily basis. After application of this shampoo our hair will become very dry and thick. So that hair fall will increase. We can apply this shampoo d...Read More

Soft and smooth hair

19 days agoRead (via Android App)

Clinic plus us a best shampoo in Indian market as it is affordable in price , good in quality, and with amazing benefits.It smoothens the hair shafts and make them soft and lustrous.As clinic plus is a very old brand in shampoo it is quite trusted by people.I ts fragrance is normal and Dosnnt co...Read More

Very bad shampoo don't use it

20 days agoRead

This shampoo is very bad it makes hairs dry I dont like it they say that the shampoo is now improved but thats lie hairs start falling and it so bad I cant tell I thought that it will truely be improved but no it is still the same and no differences in the shampoo homeopathy shampoos are very ni...Read More


21 days agoRead (via Android App)

I have been using this product from my childhood.it is very good product.Price is less and quality of this product is very fine.It makes our hair strong without any dandruff.It reduces hairfallIt makes our hair silky.Gives shine to our hairCompared to other product this p...Read More

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