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Classic Milds Reviews

Dont smoke

2 hrs 14 mins agoRead (via Android App)

Hey guys am a chain smoker till now I have smoked 3000 cigerates one of my frnd suggested me to smoke milds it could not be much satisfied me my throat also drained after this cigerate I cant able to smoke for 3 dayscoming to package it has not protected any external things it is packaged same a...Read More

Gutkha ban augers well for cigarette industry

5 days agoRead

The survey also found that the gutkha banin 26 states and 7 union territories indirectly helps cigarette manufacturers as consumers of the tobacco product will switch to cigarettes."From our survey trend emerges as the gutkha users have either shifted to the consumption of cigarettes(38% of ...Read More

CIGARETTE - ''NO'' ''NO'' AND ''NO''

11 days agoRead

Cigarette it is completely a waste of time don't you ever imagine any other product in which we are spending is actually incurred so that we could have some hazardous diseases in reflect to the money spent, and we still are consuming like it not at all harming at all, talking about availability ...Read More

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16 days agoRead

CLASSIC MILDS it doesnot make much damage to the body.it comes with light tobaacco and the smoke is also light.so this is the best brand in cigarrete doesnot harm the health that much when compare to other brands of cigarrrete.i am using cigareete from last 10 years .i used only this classic mil...Read More

Hazardous to health

20 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Cigarettes are very harmful for health . It causes cancer and many other diseases. It produces tar in lungs and when 300 gram of tar produces in lungs then it converts into cancer. Any flavour of cigarettes do harm on health. Many of people die daily due to smoking or cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking is injurious

Jan 20, 2017 10:30 PMRead

Dont Smoke cigarettes.This has become a status symbol.costs high these days.It is easily available in all paan shops across india.Packaging was good and attractive but after the court orders they have printed the phto of lungs which is ugly and looks gory.this comes in many varia...Read More

Personal opinion on classic milds cigarettes

Jan 19, 2017 10:20 PMRead

I myself used cigarettes of all brand for 35 years, especially classic mild cigarettes for 5 years included in this.Although this brand is very light and mild, it is harmful. Especially the length of this cigarette is more compared to other, it will also be harmful.Best packing of this cigarette...Read More

Classic milds is best cigarettes

Jan 14, 2017 03:24 PMRead

I wanna share with u my experince. Classic Filter Kings is an Indian cigarette brand with a number of variants and a youthful appeal.Hi, I used to smoke from last 2 years.I am using this cigarette because of it's very light in terms of tobacco and fume is also very light.It is lesser harmful as ...Read More

Classic mild is best in taste

Jan 03, 2017 11:45 AMRead

Hi, I used to smoke from last 6 years.I am using this cigarette because of it's very light in terms of tobacco and fume is also very light.It is lesser harmful as compare to others cigarettes. Classics mild is very balanced taste  & tobacco quality they are using is very good.It's length is ...Read More

Reduce stress & Create cancer

Dec 31, 2016 11:02 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello friend's first of all I would like to informed you that smoking cigarettes is harmful to our health but many people would like to smoke for reducing stress and peace of mind, few times I taste this one, really it's taste was very bad specially it's fumes. I am not like to smoke classic mil...Read More


Dec 24, 2016 06:51 PMRead

Classic Milds Cigarettes is very popular with high and medium income group person, being offered widely in public place like big party, marriage hall, and in any pleasant occasion, Even though it is some what costlier than other cigarettes as well as its frequent use is somewhat harmful for huma...Read More

Classic Mild

Dec 23, 2016 03:27 AMRead

This One Is not one of my favorite Cigarette but I can say that this would most people favorites and this could be a regular cigarette But the thing is this Milds Are so strong that some of the people refuse to smoke this thingI will talk bout the availability of the cigarette so it was avai...Read More

Bad for health!!

Dec 20, 2016 08:29 PMRead

Cigarettes are bad whether they of Classic Milds or any other brand. Its brand name should not me promoted anywhere.They are the main reason of many cancers, especially lung and mouth cancer. I am against smoking and I think everyone should give a bad rating about this product.Classic Mi...Read More

Classic milds

Nov 08, 2016 05:34 PMRead

Hello friendsmy uncle was killed before seven years, and he was a chain smoker. he was only 40 years old, hge smoke more than 20 cigarettes in a day.everyone told him to quit cigarettes, but he never quited finally life had quitted himhe love the cigarette of Classic milds.I suggest ...Read More


Nov 04, 2016 09:16 AMRead

HI FRIENDS, CLASSIC MILDS:It is a cigarette that I use them when I feel depressed or feel joyful. I know that cigarette is not good for human health but I don't know why I and many people are using this thing.I also smoke cigarette when I am in party or drinking with friends. I strongly suggest ...Read More

Its good

Nov 04, 2016 09:03 AMRead

Hello dearI am not a chain smoker, but I like to smoke when I am just stressed or depressed.its just make me relived. also request to everyone dont be a chain smoker,I have tried many more brands but finally found this classic milds is one of the best brand available in market,I ...Read More

Quite good

Sep 30, 2016 12:42 AMRead

Smoking kills thats all know, but I do smoke not regularly when just stressed or occassionally .i use to smoke mild cigarettes its nice light and smooth, bad taste is not there.feels good when smoke.It give me relax and to think more.suddenly some time we can not get ideas .but take a classi...Read More


Sep 26, 2016 10:13 AMRead

I love this brand because I always prefer it from starting, since 2 years ago I started to smoke and the first cigrate was Classic milds. so from that day till now I always use this brand,I have taste some other brand also like godang garam and classic light and menthol but this is only the ...Read More

Classic mild unche log ki pasand

Sep 15, 2016 03:36 AMRead

Every cigarette cause many harmful diseases either it is mild or goldflake .A cigarette is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end causing the cigarette to smoulder and allowing smoke to be inhaled from the other end, wh...Read More

Smoking is Injurious....But for those who smoke

Sep 14, 2016 12:50 PMRead

Classic Mild is a product of ITC, the company, preferred by almost 68% smokers in India. As its name suggests its flavour is mild and is the largest selling brand in its class due to its unmatched quality and taste. I also buy this brand of cigarettes and have rarely seen a switch of brand among...Read More

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