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Choosing Gifts for a Newly Married Couple Tips

Gifts on my mind

Jan 02, 2016 05:25 PM 1527 Views

Marriage is an excellent occasion for any couple and is made more colossal by all who are going to it. This may be your nearest friend's wedding, your sister, or your kid who is as of now finally arranged to get settled. Then again, finding a suitable present for your appreciated one is not a ba...Read More


Bangalore, India, India

180 Reviews


Marriage season near, gifting ideas below

Dec 08, 2015 01:03 PM 1699 Views

Marriage is an exceptional event for any couple and is made more huge by all who are going to it. This may be your closest companion's wedding, your sister, or your child who is currently at long last prepared to get settled. On the other hand, discovering a suitable present for your cherished o...Read More

Give a Useful gift to Newly Wed Couple

Sep 09, 2015 06:03 PM 2119 Views

Choosing a gift for newly married couple depends upon our relationship with them . If they are close relatives then usually we gift them some expensive products like Gold Jewellery, Watches, Expensive clothes etc .If they are friends then gifting options are many . One can gift Apparels, w...Read More


fort lauderdale, United States of America

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Choose with your heart!

Nov 02, 2007 09:39 AM 9406 Views

Choosing a wedding gift for a newly married couple can sometimes be quite confusing.  Sometimes the bride and groom have set up a registry in local stores where you can choose from their list of "wants."  That is the easy one! The times when there is no registry can be the roughest.Except for...Read More

Right gift for newly weds

Feb 23, 2004 04:53 PM 16951 Views

Before gifting a couple one must really take the relationship with the couple. The relationship would be with the bride or groom or both. It can be personal (relatives/friends) or official (colleagues). In relatives also you need to analyse how close you are to the receivers of gift. You choice ...Read More


Somewhere, United States

113 Reviews


Wedded Bliss

Feb 22, 2004 04:42 PM 7891 Views

Choosing a gift for a newly married couple can be fun. First of all there are some things to take into consideration. If this is the first marriage for the couple or if one or both have been married before. If they have then they have many things all ready from their own household. The same i...Read More

Prefer making than made-2

Feb 22, 2004 02:53 PM 7341 Views

Choosing gifts for a newly married couple, the type of gifts differ based on the relationship that one has with the married couple or any one of them in the couple. If you are an uncle/aunt/brother/sister/father/mother/some other blood relation you choice of gifts will have to be different fr...Read More

Just Married

Jan 20, 2004 02:58 AM 16229 Views

Marriage – a sacred institution to most of us – when two individuals from different paths of life agree to pave a common way and tread on it through the ups and downs of life. The giver of the Gifts for a Newly Married Couple(NMC) should keep this in mind and select wisely – choose something ...Read More

Tohfa Tohfa Tohfa Tohfa......

Jun 04, 2002 09:27 PM 7619 Views

These are the times of nuclear families.When people get marry they start an establishment too.So the gifts to the newly-wed can be anything related to a normal household.Of course gift-cheques are fine.They add to the family kitty.And the more money you have, the better things you can buy.The gi...Read More


somewhere, United States of America

285 Reviews


Things I Buy For The Newly Married Couple.

Jun 04, 2002 08:39 PM 10657 Views

Buying gifts for a newly married couple is really very easy.  You simply look at the wedding registry they have chosen at the different stores.  That’s the easy part!  The hard part is deciding on what to buy them from their selections. Most couples will choose a variety of items that t...Read More

Wedding gifts

Nov 01, 2001 02:46 PM 10724 Views

Wedding gifts are one of the most important gifts you will ever give and/or receive in your lifetime. The main reason for this is that for the bride and groom, their wedding day is a once off and so the wedding gifts they receive will be once in a lifetime also! Unlike birthday gifts, gag gif...Read More


Port Richey, U.S.A

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But do they have everything?

Oct 24, 2001 08:17 PM 7732 Views

Many couples today, decide to take up living together several years before they decide to get married! That of course, means that they already have pretty much set up housekeeping for themselves. Then they decide to have perhaps, the lavish wedding! Or maybe a simple one. Anywa...Read More

How about some bread for all those toasters?

Oct 16, 2001 02:55 AM 7759 Views

I usually enjoy choosing just the right gift for family and friends.  The exception-wedding gifts!  Wedding gifting in the US has gone way out of control.  Couples register at multiple stores or let it be known that they really just want the cash, thank you!  I have some thoughts for both the gi...Read More

What to get newly weds

Sep 08, 2001 08:11 PM 8037 Views

Newly married couples receive many items for the home at the reception or at showers ahead of time and they receive many duplicate things. When my son got married I wanted to give them something useful and things that others might have forgotten so I opted for a bunch of little things. Placed...Read More

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