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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Reviews

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Review

1 day ago 14 Views

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is made up of pure milk. Coming to Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Flavour is very good . Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Value is some what high.If the cost of the product decrease sales will become high. Product packing was good.it will come with the gold coated cover.Its enough....Read More

Testy chocolate

1 day ago 40 Views

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate currently manufactured by Cadbury, except in the United States where it is made by The Hershey Company. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1905 and now consists of a number of products.New Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates. Have you tried all n...Read More


Mandi, India, India

12 Reviews

1 Follower

Bestest and greatest taste ever...

1 day ago 39 Views (via Android App)

Cadbury Dairy Milk silk is the one of tasty chocolate I ever eat. it is melodius chocolate ever. and I often eat thi chocolate. flavour satisfaction : in fkavour I ll rate it 4.5 .cadbury dairy milk silk flavour can satisfied anyone. my favourite flavour in cadbury dairy milk silk is roasted ...Read More

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Cadbury dairy milk silk

1 day ago 36 Views (via Android App)

Cadbury dairy milk silk is one of my favourite chocolate. This is so smooth chocolate and this is so tasty chocolate. This is biggest brand of chocolate and I love this chocolate. Dairy milk silk is a celebration time chocolate. I eat this because of this chocolate is so smooth and so tasty. I r...Read More

Yummy & milky chocolate

1 day ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

I like dairy milk very much.it's silk flavour is my favourate.when I am going to other place my first demand is dairy milk silk. Everytime I have dairymilk in my bag.it is very chocolaty. It is really silk. Chocolate is important in our life.it reduce tention & stress.when I am tens...Read More


Delhi, India, India

21 Reviews


Lovely product

2 days ago 37 Views (via Android App)

Hello friend I want to tell that the dairy milk silk chocolate is a very delicious product I like it so much and ia m very satisfied with flavour Its cost is not too much as compared to its quality and standard as compared to other brands Another big thing is that its bakaging is very b...Read More


2 days ago 40 Views

This is the sweetest chocolate and melts in your mouth . Just yummy yummy yummy and you gona love it completely and the most yummiest thing about this chocolate is the roasted almonds in between the silk and smooth taste.Don't put it in the fridge just eat it when it is in the melted state and y...Read More

Dairy milk silk

3 days ago 63 Views (via Android App)

Cadbury dairy milk silk is really silk and chocolaty because its anywhere do mouth press. Chocolate is very importance in my life because dairy milk distributed all people.flavor of Dairy milk silk is very sweet and silk. Dairy milk silk is my beg to anytime because its need for me. Its gives ad...Read More


Dehradun, India

5 Reviews

Melting Moments

3 days ago 81 Views

I can say when chocolates melted in your tongue, mouth shut automatically. I love to have chocolates especially dairy milk silk, its like a lost somewhere in the mouth and an enhance your taste buds. It is a perfect treat or gift in a any happy moments like a birthday celebrations. The chocolate...Read More

Popular and delicious sweet

3 days ago 93 Views (via Mobile)

Particularly Cadbury Silk is so delicious.Chemicaly talking Chocolate is worlds ideal. A toddler after he or she finishes his cereal. Chocolate is his Cereal. Chocolate is a manner of lifestyles Chocolate is one of the global’s most beloved discoveries, when we want to reinforce our electricity....Read More


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

22 Reviews


Tasty chocolate

3 days ago 103 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends, Cadbury diary milk are known best for their quality and taste. Talking about diary milk silk, it tastes really like a silk as it immediately melts in mouth. You will experience mouth full of chocolate as soon as you take a bite. I m very fond of chocolates and I like it very mu...Read More

Not like this silk milk

4 days ago 95 Views

Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate is not the good one as other products of same brand. the flavor is not good and it is a silk type chocolate. the most disappointing is the texture of the chocolate. once I bought this from the confectionery shop and feels like wasting the money on this. the pack...Read More

Cadbury silk as name feel silky

5 days ago 116 Views

One of most favorite chocolate brand for me, as I am chocolate lover. cadbury world oldest brand in market. now it come with new flavor is silky. when you put in your mouth it feel as very soft as silky.taste is amazing and sugar level is balance. as compare prize is not expense. product pack...Read More


Loliem, Goa, India, India

17 Reviews

1 Follower

Plain and delightful

5 days ago 130 Views

This is my favorite chocklate in the Silk series.The choclate just like its name is vey silky.If you like chocolates this one is a must try chocolate.Girls usually love this chocolate and would be a perfect gift for girls.The chocolate melts in your mouth spreading the flavour in every part of y...Read More

"My True Love"

5 days ago 94 Views

Guys, I can just keep on saying and saying about how nuts I am about Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. Who doesn't love eating cadbury silk, it just is the BEST chocolate in the world, if you haven't tried one, make sure you eat one before you die. The texture is awesome and it just melts over your lips,...Read More

It just fell so good

6 days ago 97 Views

I am a great fan pf the chocolate and dairy milk silk is on number on my taste of chocolate I love it milk chocolate flavor when I take my first bite my value of money is complete and I do think when their comes the happiness one should not think money and this chocolate does make me feel happy ...Read More

It's my favourite chocolate dairy milk

6 days ago 108 Views

Hello, I am telling about cadbury dairy milk, this chocolate is india's no 1 chocolate. This chocolate is very good quility. I am eating this chocolate of childhood.cadbury dairy milk silk chaoclate avaible many in falavor and many shops.I always prefer the cadbury chocolates when I think to eat...Read More

Love like cadberry silk

6 days ago 98 Views (via Android App)

For every indian couple the best suggestion will be cadberry dairy milk silk.u can go for for swiss chocolate but if u want it in handy budget and same result go for silk.its the best indian style to express ur love.u wanna propose someone.buy one silk and a rose.from my personal experience its ...Read More

Cadbury dairymilk silk

6 days ago 100 Views (via Mobile)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate proffers you the best reason to celebrate your happiness. Dairy Milk is a product of milk chocolate. Since it has the higher proportion of milk, It delights us with the complete taste of it. One single bite is enough to fill your life with sweetness. The unique flavo...Read More


Jogeshwari, India

4 Reviews


Dairy milk

7 days ago 112 Views (via Android App)

Muze jara bhi acchi nahi lagti because vo kuch jada hi mithi hai.or muze mithi chi he khana pasand nahi actually.jisko acchi lagti hai unka dil sukhane ke liye sorry.but I think this cadbury is not for me.I like five star.nd crunchy.khane mai kuch alag hi maza.crunch ke sathi crazy ho jao.

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