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Britannia Good Day Biscuits Reviews


Hyderabad Telangana

5 Reviews

Britannia good day rich n tasty biscuits

4 days ago 45 Views (via Android App)

Good day biscuts very tasty and yammy quality also good and price also resonable, I eat regularly tea time. my childrens like very much and I ate mostly, cashew nut and butter flavour. butter chese Product Packaging: Good Day is one of the famous brand names of Britannia. It has some variants li...Read More

Very tasty biscuits

4 days ago 74 Views

Britannia is a very famous food company. Good Day Biscuits is very sweet biscuits to eat. this biscuit comes in many flavours like badam, pista, cashaw, butter etc. the flavour is very different of each but all this flavour are very good and sweet to eat. britannia comes in very good package. it...Read More


Ghaziabad, India

4 Reviews

Britania Good Day cookies...You should know this..

5 days ago 71 Views

Hello people, britania good day biscuits are really really tasty(i am including other flavours also like: pista, butter etc). There is no doubt that these will satisfy you.These have a great buttery taste and the smell is just sooo good, it is the smell that attracts me more than the taste. Thes...Read More

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Bhubaneswar, India

12 Reviews

Test of Britanni Good Day Biscuit is Delicious

5 days ago 96 Views

Britanni good day biscuits are very popular in India because of its delicious products. This product keep its brand value and given satisfaction to all customers those who are using biscuits for snax, childrens in their tiffin box and older with a cup of tea. This is one of the popular choice in...Read More

Britannia good day biscuits-healthy biscuits

5 days ago 110 Views

Britania is very famous brand in all other biscuits company. I like britannia biscuit very much although britannia made many type of made biscuits, all the biscuits has a differ test but britannia good day one of them biscuit which ilike it . it contains rich butter which is very healthy and tas...Read More


Hyedarabad, India

2 Reviews

Good and taste biscuits

6 days ago 96 Views

Good day biscuts very tasty and yammy quality also good and price also resonable, I eat regularly teat time. my mom like very much and I ate mostly, cashe nut and butter flavour. butter chese I ate in tea and cashe used to eat timpasss time packing also rich look I like cashw and butter flavo...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits-Worth Buying

7 days ago 127 Views

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy.I have tried several flavours of Britannia Good day biscuits, all are very good.Very tasty and nutritious.My favourite is Pisata badam as it contains lots of chopped pista & badam.other flavours are  choco chips, rich cashew, rich butter e...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

9 days ago 119 Views

The same number of the general population like the rolls if Brittania I for one don't care for them much. Yes they are great when you are eager or when you need to snatch a fast snacks for visitors however they are not a significant decent decision. A portion of alternate bread rolls are great a...Read More

I think so good

13 days ago 165 Views (via Mobile)

Precise day biscuit became better few years earlier than however now the flavor and qulity is not identical they merchandise isn't always as it become before . I suppose they should increase the price not best of there product’ itx first-rate biscuit but now the taste and best is not goood I ass...Read More


Indore, India

4 Reviews

The brand I trust

13 days ago 159 Views

Britannia Good Day most favourite brand its quality its taste and its packing also the design of packing is so attractive that you can't resist yourself to buy it and when you open packet, it feels to have a fresh cookie from Bakery its flavour its Aroma are so tempting that you can't resist you...Read More

My britannia for real taste of life.

13 days ago 231 Views

The britannia employer is the quality business enterprise in biscuits merchandise because this company biscuits taste is so yumeee. This biscuit are eating with and without tea, milk and many other ingesting products. This enterprise merchandise satisfactory is aver I visible fresh and very curk...Read More

Britania biscuit good for health

13 days ago 187 Views

I like this product as its healthy and filling as well as tasty. Instead of namkeen or maida biscuits, its a good habit to eat these biscuits as evening snack. The fiber keeps our system healthy and zero.Britannia nutrichoice digestive is very healthy and tasty biscuits.It is tasty, nutritious a...Read More


Punganur, India

12 Reviews

Good day is nice to have

14 days ago 173 Views

Good day biscuits are good in taste. they provide peanuts biscuits at low cost. and it is tasty tohave with tea. and this good day chocolate flavoured biscuits also nice. but their butter flavoured biscuits are little bit ok when compared with peanut and chocolate flavoured biscuits. this good d...Read More

No.1Biscuits GOOD DAY...

15 days ago 202 Views (via Android App)

Britania biscuit company is very old company, very big company, very famius company and very good company in india.Britania company many type of made biscuits. All type biscuits test is differant . But britania good day one of the good and testy product. Britania good day my faverite biscuits be...Read More


Kishanagar, India

44 Reviews

Tasty and Healthy Biscuits

16 days ago 254 Views

Britannia Good Day Biscuits is one of my favourite biscuits.I am eating this biscuits from last few years.It is healthy to eat as well as tasty.Britannia Biscuits is popular amoung children. Parents referr their children to eat Britannia because of its popularity as well as honesty. Its popul...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits Are Very Delicious

16 days ago 217 Views

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy.i have several flavors of Britannia Good Day, all are very good.very tasty and nutrition, My favourite is pasta badam as it contains lots of chopped pista & badam, other falvors are choco chips, rich cashew, rich butter etc. They are...Read More

Good taste

16 days ago 194 Views (via Mobile)

Hellllooo. Everyone.  I love this Britannia good day biscuits.The  Britannia  good day biscuits  taste is very good and the Britannia good day biscutus is totally hygienic .i am eating the Britannia good day biscutus from last many  years and the packing of the Britannia god day biscutus also ve...Read More


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

19 Reviews

Best Biscuits.

16 days ago 217 Views

Britannia Good Day Biscuits is the best biscuits and having a good taste.This biscuit having a different types of flavour.This biscuit having a delicious taste.The product is nice and many people eating this biscuit.The packing is good and hygenic.As it is having a different flavour children enj...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

18 days ago 214 Views

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy I have been eating for the past so many years. And it's taste is such that I just can't stop myself from eating them its very yummy the biscuits. this flavor is very kaju and so taste. this product packing is good and nice. these a...Read More

Tasty and hygenic

19 days ago 224 Views (via Android App)

Hello every one I eat goodday biscuits daily and my favorite one is butter which is in blue colour pack. Actually I dont like dry fruits so I eat blue one. My sister likes all flavours the one thing I notice of goodday biscuits is its very hygenically packed and very rich in quality. Th...Read More

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