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Britannia Good Day Biscuits Reviews

Biscuits of the day

1 day ago Read

Of course friends britannia is an well known and established brand since many years and good day is one of it most successful brand iam consuming it since my childhood and it is an easy and very useful product for instant snacks and surprise guest and the quality of biscuits are very nice and br...Read More

Makes good day

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends, Now I am here with you to provide a review regarding the Britannia Good Day Biscuit. Let me say that I am a satisfied consumer of Britannia Good Day biscuit since my childhood. My parents used to feed me this biscuit and I experienced really good in terms of every aspects of th...Read More

Good day

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

Britannia is ofcourse a very much popular brand , which provides us a lot of eatables . Britannia good day biscuits comes up with different flavours . This britannia Good Day biscuits ( orange pack) comes with a blend of butter and cashew nuts . I love this biscuit a lot and another ben...Read More

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Good taste with Low cost

4 days ago Read

Different Flavors had in Market like Cashew, Butter, Pista etc. All flavors are very tasty and good nutrients to all ages of people. My favorite flavors are taste Pista and Cashew. In parle biscuits, these are very tasty with different flavors and different packages. They gives Super Quality ...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits Are Tasty

4 days ago Read

Britannia Good Day biscuits are very tasty and Yummy. I have tried several Flavours of Britannia Good Day biscuits, all are very Good and Very Testy and nutritious. My Favourite is Pisata Dadam as it contanis lots of chopped pista & badam. other flavours are choco chips, rick cas...Read More

Good Day ok ok

4 days ago Read

Britannia good day biscuit is good but not for daily routine because most of the biscuits contain maida in it. They even have lot of sugar content where it is not good for health. Some of the good day cookies have wheat they are good. Most of the cookies have maida and sugar content in it that's...Read More

Good day

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Britannia good day viscuits is verry nice buscits it have a good ingreadienc and having nice energy food in this mixture it is used to pime pass meterial the biscutes are verry tasty and yemmi also the company have running since fifteen years it is a verry nice product and giving nice energy pro...Read More

Tasty Biscuits

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Britannia good day biscuit is ver tasty. So it like smile and it gives smile so any to share to came it smile out side. We got smile any one . High quality biscuit in the no. 1 biscuits. So many peoples to like it . It is very very tasty. So any one to like it. So thank u to britannia good...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

5 days ago Read

Britannia Good day Biscuits are liked all over, especially the butter flavor and nuts. In my family, everyone likes it, my son likes the butter one a lot, He can finish one pack at a go with milk or without milk. The flavor is good and is very tasty. Crunchy and melts in mouth. The prod...Read More

Britannaia Good day Biscuits

5 days ago Read

Hello, friends am here with another review about Britannia good day biscuit and in free times or in tea I like to eat biscuits as snack items. Britannia good day biscuits are most popular in India and it is smaller joys of life every day. Product quality: the quality of Britannia good day bis...Read More

High standerd well packed tasty biscuit

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Britannia Good day is my favourite brand of biscuit .its very tasty .This biscuit is well packed and its realy affordable to its price . first thing I noted in good Day bicuit is its yummy taste. I dont know how to define its flavour .but I think the milky taste and butter is made this bicuit is...Read More

Nice day with Good day

8 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hi friends, have you ever tasted Britannia good day biscuits? You should taste this. This is awesome and contains fantastic taste and flavours. Now there are many new things available in the Britannia biscuits. You are well known of the flavours. So don't miss it. Go and taste the best and delic...Read More

Tasty and Delicious!!

9 days ago Read

Hi guys today I am here to share my own experience about Britannia Good Day Biscuits.I really like it.My day starts from having it.i like the flavor of the Britannia is using in this Biscuits.I can't stop myself from having Britannia Good Day Biscuits.It really very crunchy, tasty and Delicious....Read More

Simply makes your day a good day

9 days ago Read (via Android App)

With my personal experience of eating britannia good day biscuits for almost more than 8 years one thing I can say that this biscuit is very tasty. The flavour and essence of the biscuit is very good. It is very crispy and fun to eat. Quality surely is one of the good aspect of this product that...Read More

Day starts with good day

9 days ago Read

I have been eating this biscuits for the past so many years and it is taste is such that I just can not stop myself from eating them I have generally seen two flavors of this biscuit rich butter cookies and rich kaju cookies out of the two like rich butter cookies more the biscuit is quite...Read More


11 days ago Read

Hello friends, today I am here to share my personal experience about this product as I use to eat this product regularly during my tea time. guys this product is really awesome.its flavor and taste makes people crazy thats why it is called as india's most selling biscuit. its quality makes it...Read More

Good day Biscuits Ever Delicious

12 days ago Read

Good day Biscuits look a royal and very delicious when you eat. As you open the package which is very tight. You can just feel the nice fragrance of the biscuit with high cashew and ghee flavor. This odor make you to feel something good then anything. As you take the biscuit they way the shape a...Read More


12 days ago Read

Hi friends to I will write a testy review for: Britannia Good day is a good biscuits and I like the britannia biscuits. And we get excellent flavor and I like the britannia flavor. And the product and quality was very good and I like the product quality excellent quality product. And the packag...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

13 days ago Read

Britannia Good Day Biscuits is very tasty and delicious. Good Day biscuits have cashew and almond and that's why I liked it very much. Good Day Biscuit is such a biscuit that it is liked by kids and adults whatsoever is the age. Good day Biscuits have wheat, flour, and nuts, which are good for h...Read More

Better tasty

13 days ago Read (via Android App)

This biscuits are good taste good flavours good aroma good packing material available all markets this biscuits had a lot of inclusions biscits price also reasonable compare to other rich biscuits its contain a good nutrient values easily digestable good crispyness biscuits desining also well at...Read More

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