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Britannia Good Day Biscuits Reviews


3 days agoRead

Britannia is one of the standard company in manufacturing of biscuits all over the India and the other different countries.Britannia goodday biscuits are one of the sweetest biscuits among all the biscuits.The smaller joys of life that can brighten up one's life everyday often get ignored in the...Read More

Very tasty biscuit

4 days agoRead

This is very tasty n yummy biscuit. It is full of rich quality ingredients like pistachio, cashew nuts etc. Its pakaging is very gud. I can eat this biscuit at any time full packet. It melts into my mouth and very smmothy in taste. its really awsm. Every people can try these biscuit. Its price i...Read More

Have a good day with good day

6 days agoRead

The product is good day . it is one of the famous biscuit brand in the market .it has high demand in the market.it is made out of wheat and butter .it has great taste and good flavor satisfaction. it has very good taste and good quality.the product quality is good .they have good quality of whea...Read More

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Very tasty biscuits

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy. I have tried several flavours and all are equally good, tasy and nutritious. My favourite is Pista badam as it contains chopped pista and badam. They uses wheat flour, edible vegetable oils so they are good for any age group I eat almost whol...Read More


12 days agoRead

The packaging is marvelous, and it yummy biscuit. The flavour is delicious and I can eat a whole pack of biscuit in one time. The ingredients are pistachio, cashew which are rich dry fruits, that gives a yummy taste to biscuit. The price is also not so high, seeing its ingredients, quality and t...Read More

Teasty and healthy Britannia Good Day Biscuits

15 days agoRead

Hello friends, I am purchase Britannia Good Day Biscuits from 5 years because it is very testy and healthy and flavor is very good. Britannia company biscuits quality is very good, Company using better quality of rapper paper for packing. It attract customer to purchase this product, company giv...Read More

A Happy Morning With GOOD DAY BISCUITS

17 days agoRead

From childhood to till now we start a day with GOOD DAY BISCUITS.Rich in recipe. the Good Day has been popular among masses with its bite and taste . In addition Britannia has used ingredients like cashew, pistachio and chocolate to add spice to it brand.Good Day biscuit has now many varian...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

18 days agoRead

I have literally grown up on these biscuits and I still continue to to enjoy eating them!The fact that they are so yummy and filled with cashew & butter make them the easiest buy for me! The biscuit has maintained its great taste shape and colour through all these years!This consiste...Read More

Have a good day

20 days agoRead

One of the most popular brand in biscuit and cookie world is britania. Especially good day is very delicious and healthy bicsuit. These biscuits are made up of wheat flour. The quantity of other ingredients and food saftey measures are very good. Good day has wide range of flavours like butter, ...Read More

Britannia Good Day

23 days agoRead

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy. I have tried several flavors of Britannia Good day biscuits, all are very good. Very tasty and nutritious. My favorite is Pisata badam as it contains lots of chopped pista & badam. other flavors are  choco chips, rich cashew, rich butter ...Read More

Best to eat

23 days agoRead

Britannia is the best ever brand in the fields of the biscuit. Good day which is from this brand is of awesome taste from the day it entered into the market. In every bite the flavor will be same and awesome. The quality of the biscuit is out standing we can feel the dry fruits taste in every bi...Read More

Britannia Good Day Biscuits - Fill Good to eat

23 days agoRead

Hello friends I am using Britannia Good Day Biscuits. It is really a very nice product of Britannia. Its Flavor gives you real test of cashew or butter. When I eat it I feel real the test of real good butter and cashew flavour. It a brand of Britannia, any one can trust on this company. It gives...Read More

Good day with Good cookies

23 days agoRead (via Android App)

I love Good day cookies and cashew taste I love to have it in tea usually in my home we fight to have this. Britannia Good day biscuits and love to share it with friends best butter tastes if I went to beckry I saw different types of cookies like salt and Sweet and nuts cookies but I buy only Go...Read More

Good day

24 days agoRead

Hello guys today I am sharing the popular biscuit is Britannia good day. This biscuit are very tasty and yummy. very tasty and nutritious. my favourite is pista badam as it contains lots of chopped Pista & Badam. I have tried several flavors of Britannia Good day biscuits all are very good. ...Read More

Morning snacks

25 days agoRead (via Android App)

Every morning I take britannia good day biscuit and one cup of coffy at tha day fress and faithfull in works you take at relax good brand and tast crispy good tast many flavor and so much tasty in good day biscuit in this genaraction boys, girls and 40+ and all of age like one of one biscuit in ...Read More

Good Day Makes Good Day

25 days agoRead

Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy. very tasty and nutritious. my favourite is Pisata badam as it contains lots of chopped Pista & Badam. I have tried several flavours of Britannia Good day biscuits all are very good. other flavours are choco chips rich cashew rich butter e...Read More

Good day makes good day

25 days agoRead (via Android App)

Good day is now old in cookies industries but the taste is same as like before delicious. I regular have good day biscits in my breakfast.Sometime I take small packets to my office colleague, everybody blush when I pick out good day from my pocket.Biscuts quality is increasing day by day...Read More

Really good as its name

26 days agoRead (via Android App)

The Britannia Good day buicuit continuously maintain its product quality and taste all over. Typically I am only prefer this biscuit with tea as other biscuits can not be ate by tea effectively or it rinse in tea which is not in case with this product. I like it's flavor both Butter and Kaju too...Read More

Really Tasty and Energy-Rich Biscuits

27 days agoRead

There are many flavors of Good Day Biscuits like Cashew, Butter, Nuts Cookie, Chocochip, Choconut, etc., and my favorite is Nuts Cookie as it has dry fruits that are good for heart. We eat at home casually, and we carry them on outings that involve strenuous exercises as Good Day Biscuits give i...Read More

Very tasty

28 days agoRead (via Android App)

There is no doubt that this will satisfy you.britannia good day biscuit taste is very good.this biscuit comes in many flavours.britannia comes in very good package.these have a great buttery taste and the smell is so good.britannia is a famous company and when I bought its biscuits from then til...Read More

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