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Britannia Good Day Biscuits Reviews

Good day biscuits

3 days ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

This biscuits good for health.my baby like this biscuits.she eat daily 2 biscuits.im using this like snaks every day for my kids.im also eat this biscuits daily.this contains low fat.this gains u r energy back.this biscuits is good than other biscuits.im recmonde this biscuits for u and u r fami...Read More

Make ur every day With Good day Biscuits

3 days ago 61 Views

Hi friends, I makes my every day good day by taking Britania Biscuit in morning. I am just crazy of its taste from childhood. My favorite is choco-nut flavor, I just love this flavor as well as my both niece always demands for the same flavor. Its a record from the last decade that they pr...Read More


New Delhi, India, India

16 Reviews


Worst biscuit, so dry

6 days ago 109 Views

Britannia is a big brand but still some of its product are not satisfactory, if I talk about good day biscuits then I personally feel that its taste not so good. Flavor satisfaction good day biscuits included a dry flavor and it not much so tasty. there is no more doubt about their brand a...Read More

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Good day make your day good.

6 days ago 126 Views

Hiii friends.I love this britania good day biscuits because its make me too refresh. since it came in the market I tasted it and when I taste it at that time I was not beleiving that how can be it too crispy. It is too buttery and awsome. I take every day my bed tea with this britannia good bisc...Read More

My best time pass!!

6 days ago 206 Views

I love this biscuit from my childhood, even almost every member in my family loves it, from youngest to oldest. Thank god the flavour has not changed much over time, it still has the almost same taste it used to have 10 years ago. But still there is limit as agter some times it gets a little ...Read More

Good day biscuits makes your day better day..

9 days ago 155 Views (via Android App)

I love this biscuits.britania good day is always satisfying thier customers.i have been eating these biscuoys since my childhood and still I am loving it.they have maintained the same taste.in fact I would say they have improved the taste.so without thinking have them with tea, while travelling ...Read More

Very good taste

9 days ago 188 Views (via Android App)

The biscuits of brtraiNia is the famous biscuits according to their taste and flavor I like it sk kuch without tea or coffee we can eat this biscuits .it's faLovor reception is very very good.Color taste smell of the biscuits is very very awesome. If we talk about the quality then it is just ...Read More


New Delhi, India

29 Reviews

Britannia Good Day Biscuits

10 days ago 175 Views

Good Day biscuits, the taste of india. No doubt every single person including man, woman and child like the biscuits. The flavour of biscuits remind me my childhood day. It is the flavour that make it special as it satisfy every one who taste it. The product quality is high and because of its qu...Read More

If it is biscuit, it is Britannia good day

10 days ago 203 Views (via Android App)

I am fond of Britannia Good day right from childhood. Now I am 25 but still I cannot resist myself from taking one from the plate whenever it is served anywhere. It's taste is constant. No change over the years. Almost everybody in every age group loves this biscuit. Whenever my mother tells me ...Read More


Delhi, India

2 Reviews

Start day with britannia good day biscuits

10 days ago 209 Views

Lets the day start with britannia good day biscuits. u can enjoy with tea and milk as breakfast. for school going children and elder persons it is best. it is crispy and crunchy so most of eaters like that but one bad things is that is stick to your teeths as it is oily. if we talk abou...Read More

Have a good day !!

10 days ago 214 Views (via Android App)

Britannia company good day biscuit will make your day really good. because they are so crisppy and curuchy biscuit. even when you dip with tea it won't part it. this is why this biscuit is favoirte of all people. as we know about this company products are really good and have great coustmer sati...Read More

Very testy and very delicious

11 days ago 251 Views

Hello, friends Britannia good day biscuits are very tasty and yummy .i have tried several flavours of britannia good day biscuits, all are very good very testy and nutritious the biscuit is quite crispy and it testes the best when taken with a cup of tea my favourite is pista badam as it contain...Read More

Tasty and healty

12 days ago 203 Views (via Android App)

Good day biscuits are the tastiest biscuits. These biscuits are loved by young and old alike. These biscuits have a perfect flavour. The best thing about good day biscuits is that cashew nuts are added in a perfect quantity. These addition of cashew nuts provide the perfect taste to the biscuits...Read More

Have a pack of Good Day you will have a Great Day

14 days ago 281 Views

I usually find the small pack of good day with flavours of butter scotch, pista, cashew and cadbury a great buy. When compared to other products in the same category I finding eating lunch of four to five biscuits filling. I like the crispy and crunchy taste along with some water. I feel energet...Read More


Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India, India

3 Reviews

1 Follower

One of my favourite...

18 days ago 301 Views (via Mobile)

This biscuite is so good I hv tried butter good day and I feel like real butter melting in mouth. I love it. I have a adiction of having these buscuit every day with tea. simply love it.my husband also like it. Highly recommended biscuit for alll. It, s so beautifuly baked that every bite have a...Read More


Srikalahasti, India

6 Reviews


Popular biscuit in India

25 days ago 411 Views (via Android App)

Hi I am rajesh well I am using this biscuit since from 18 age are you know that Britania biscuit having many varieties liker britainia gold Britannia Marie Gold Britannia Horlicks Tiger biscuits moreover I'll be seen that the Good Day biscuits having the various rates like 5 rupees 10 rupees ...Read More

Good day - Healthy and very tasty biscuits....

25 days ago 424 Views

Hi all, Britannia Good Day Biscuits is a flagship biscuit product of Britannia Industries.Britannia Good Day brings alive its philosophy of Smiles through its new Logo, packaging and cookie, the New Good Day cookie comes with a smiley design on it as well. Take a bite and get an unparalleled exp...Read More

Not good tatste

26 days ago 433 Views

Hello friends I don't like the Britannia good day biscuits. because its more sweet inside it. also its poor taste, I don't know why they named it GOOD DAY, even after eating your day became WORST DAY. its very poor quality they manufacturing, even in the same price range or below price ...Read More

I love Britiannia good day biscuits

26 days ago 488 Views

This biscuit is nice in taste and very good biscuit. The prices are low and this biscuit has very good. Really nice because the first thing is that the cost of the biscuit is low and actually the flavours are very good and if we go with the quality and the biscuits is bitter in taste and t...Read More

Delicious biscuits made my whole day

27 days ago 426 Views

It’s a Smile that makes a Good Day! With our tagline of Har cookie mein kayi Smiles, we will give you reasons to smile everyday. The company was established in 1892, with an investment of ?265.[4] Initially, biscuits were manufactured in a small house in central Kolkata. Later, the enterprise...Read More

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