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Bajaj Almond Drops Oil Reviews

Bajaj almond drops oil

13 hrs 59 mins ago Read (via Android App)

This hair oil is very cheap and best oil. I am using this oil. This is very good. It keeps our hair smooth and silky. There is a strong power of almomds in it. When I start to use it I saw many good things in it. It is a gorgeous product. I want to suggest to all of you to use this hair oil to k...Read More

Difficult For Styling..

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bajaj Almond Drops hair oil is very known product for Almond oil. Fragrance of the Oil is good and very refreshing. Fragrance is very lite and good. Shining of the Hair oil is very good and makes your very shining. Applying Oil before shampoo gives also good shines to your hair. But ...Read More

Good for healthy hairs

4 days ago Read

I am using this hair oil from my childhood. Loved the fragrance of this oil.It really makes your hair healthy and strong. The good thing about this oil is that it is not sticky, It is very light oil and after wash it gives a very good shine and bounce to your hairs. Good for daily use. It won't ...Read More

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Good for hair

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bajaj almond hair oil is a very good product. Its smell is very much fascinating it attracts people. I love to smell it's fragrance. It also makes the body, mind relax and makes the hair shiner and lead to its growth. It is the best oil I have used till date. But one thing that act as it's disad...Read More

Bajaj almond drops oil

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about bajaj almond drops hair oil.really friends this oil is really good by the using of this oil , if you use this oil then your hair not copy or oily like other oil.it's price. Is average and it's available in many quantity bottles from 50 ml to 500 ml.it'...Read More

Nice and cheap hair oil

8 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hai guys I am here to share about Bajaj hair oil.guys I am using this oil for past 8 months.It has nice fragrance and shine the hair the best not like other hair oil it does not stick to the hair and hand.But it directly stick to ur hair scalp.It grow the hair long.It grow upto 1cm a day.The fra...Read More

Almond drops

11 days ago Read (via Android App)

I have tried many oil on my hair, some were sticky and till the weekend my hair due to the dust were like some crap and I hated all that applying any hair oil on my hair then after watching the advertizement of bajaj almond hair oil and the way they said that it was not sticky I decided to try i...Read More

Bajaj Almond drops Oil

11 days ago Read

Bajaj almond drops oil, I am using it from 2 to 3 years this oil is awesome its fragrance is very good and after effect of the oil is very good I am using this and after using this hairs feels like silky smooth and it makes hair shiny. with the help of the this hair styling is so much easy becau...Read More

Bajaj Almond Drops Oil

11 days ago Read

The oil is very soft which cools the mind. The fragrance is very nice which is why even those people who avoid hair oil would love to use. The oil is a great source of nourishment to the hair. On applying the oil one feels relaxed since the head cools when the oil is applied. There is one draw b...Read More

Not good

12 days ago Read (via Android App)

This oil is not for straight and hard hair .this oil is so light weighted and shiny .this oil is give to hair so smoothness and flow .the quality of the oil is also not good . this oil gives lots of dandruff to the hair skcullp.this just ordinary oil .and not good for hair.


16 days ago Read (via Android App)

Guys here I am going to share with you my experience on this product BAJAJ ALMOND DROPS OIL which bring you lot of idea if you bye this product. Atfirst I tell you something, I use this oil last 2years and I attached with this review 2 photos of it. FRAGRANCE of this Bajaj Almond Drops Hai...Read More

Perfect for oily skin type consumers.

18 days ago Read (via Android App)

Let me admit taht I prefer to use bajaj almond oil in the first place. After using this oil the dull and curly hairs of mine look nice and shiny. Fragrance of the product is really good not so strong smell and its a good thing about this hair oil. After using this hair oil my curly hairs smooth ...Read More

Good Oil For Hairs

18 days ago Read

I would like to give my opinion on Bajaj Almond Drops Oil. My nearest friend using this hair oil last few months . Before using this hair oil he's hair was very roughly and hair fall problem .Then some one suggest him to try the Bajaj Almond Drops Oil so he was try Bajaj Almond Drops Oil but Now...Read More

Average product in high price

20 days ago Read

Friends. my today's review on bajaj almond drop hair oil. I am using this last 6 months. I changed my oil because my hair was falling, after useing this oil it has decreased. I am happy now, this oil fragrance is quite good, I like it's fragrance, it keeps you refreshing all day. hair s...Read More

Bajaj Almond Drops Oil

22 days ago Read

Bajaj Almond Oil is the one of real natural and pure oil. Bajaj Almond Oil gives your hair shine. It smell is very good. This is a old brand of hair oil. I like use hair oil. Bajaj Almond Drops oil contain pure almond drops. It is a very good product. We all know almond oil is overall good for s...Read More

Branded hair oil.

26 days ago Read

Hey guys! This oil is always in my personal care products. Firstly its fragrance is just WOW. A mild soothing smell will make anyone go for it. Even u can use this at day time as its light, easily absorbs in the scalp and it smells beautiful as if u have used a perfume. This smell will change yo...Read More

Magical Almond Oil

27 days ago Read

Bajaj Almond Oil is the one of real natural and pure oil which gives your hair a new look and energy.It control the breakage of hair and split ends.Bajaj Almond Oil gives your hair shine and healthy look with protection.It has natural properties like vitamin E which is best for hair growth and h...Read More

Very famous brand for hair oil

30 days ago Read

This brand is very popular and old brand of hair oil. Fragrance of this oil is awesome and unique. It contains almond oil, which makes hair very strong and smooth. After bath you should apply it very deeply whole through your head. Each and every hair should get the drop of it. You do good on yo...Read More


30 days ago Read

Hey guys. I am bhuvi. I do not like use hair oil. because if I use hair oil so I can not make a cool hairstyle. but I am feeling gud when I use almond oil. because this is good for skin and hair. in bajaj almond drops oil contain pure almond drops. and this is also very old product. if I use thi...Read More

Bajaj Almond Drops

30 days ago Read (via Android App)

Its bajaj Almond Drops is a very good Drops oil I have use this product its Non sticky Hair oil with vitamin _ e His a. Packed with thevgoodness of almond oil 300/, extra making them lustrous and healthy He is a very good product on hear oil I can feel the product or very goodness and v- e, His ...Read More

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